Your guide to swimming over the christmas period

It’s Christmas time across Europe, which means different things in different countries. Sun yoga dortmund But whether you give and receive gifts on Dec 24 th , Dec 25 th , or Jan 6 th , whether you eat seafood, turkey or meatless meals, there are some common themes for all of us: colder, darker and wetter weather, lots of eating and drinking, and, for many, a bit more time to train!

Begin now to work towards the stronger body that you will need as you step up your training and racing next season. Yin yoga hip opening sequence It won’t take up a lot of time, 15-20 mins is all you need, you can do it at home without fancy equipment, and the long term rewards will be well worth it. Yoga asanas for upper back pain Start with 30 secs on each exercise and build it up.

Strengthening the core will give you the stable foundation upon which the entire body can make its movements. Isha yoga usa It will also improve your posture.

Kula yoga shala jupiter florida Aim to do core work or a simple circuit 3 times a week.

If you are not sure about any of the following exercises, look them up on youtube so you can do them properly. Meditation music sleep Relax, keep the head in line with the body and remember to breathe.

Superman (raising arm and opposite leg), do this one either kneeling or lying on your front (in both cases, squeeze your glutes and draw your belly button towards your spine)

Yoga Always do a simple yoga routine like the sun salutation. Yoga sydney ns Aim for 3 times a week, then do it every day, preferably when you get up, but could be any time. Prana yoga You will get up feeling 50 and then start the day feeling 30.

YTWL exercises (look them up so you know exactly how to do these) are now becoming standard among better swim clubs. Earth yoga redondo beach Done regularly, this will help posture, swimming position, and above all, hugely reduce the risk of shoulder injury. Yoga poses for back pain relief Always do them after a swim workout, but this is injury prevention so should be done even when not swimming. History of yoga in america Do them after yoga, or after the core work, or in the evening. Hatha yoga youtube intermediate Stand tall and straight, stomach in and remember to squeeze your shoulder blades together. Yoga poses for back pain strength building Hold each position for 10 secs.

During the winter it is sometimes difficult to make very long rides outside, and that’s ok. Svaroopa yoga youtube Don’t try to do the long aerobic sessions on your indoor bike, instead work on some power/strength with short repeats after a good warm up.

Technique is difficult to master and if your swimming is weak, don’t do more of the wrong things just because you have time. Power yoga Contact and use any coaches and teachers you can find to help with your drills and stroke technique.

Do a lot of VERY SLOW swimming. Prenatal yoga reading ma Swim with fins, with a pull buoy, with paddles, full stroke swimming, whatever you like, but do it slowly. Yoga teacher training goa 2015 Do it so slowly that you think this can’t be doing me any good and why aren’t I bashing out 4km. Yoga practice youtube Do it so that you feel every part of the stroke and think about how you can change it to make it better. Yoga one Experiment all the time with the hand position, elbow position, depth of pull, shape of the hand and arm on the recovery, the speed of acceleration through the pull phase, more rotation, less rotation, slow sculling, fast sculling, etc. Sivananda yoga centre delhi etc.

Long doggy paddle (really feel yourself accelerating the pull through so that you exit by the hip at maximum speed, and ALWAYS avoid over-rotating.)

Sprinting – go 15m absolutely as fast as is humanly possible, then swim easy to the end of the length, rest as much as you need, then go again. Gentle yoga sequence youtube Do 6 in total. Yoga exercises for lower back When you think you are going as fast as you can…go faster!

The winter is a good time to rest mentally and physically from racing. Pilates ballard But, you don’t want to hibernate or lose touch entirely with the high of a race.

There may be some 5k, 10k or cross country events to enter over the winter. Yoga hong kong sheung wan Do one or two to keep motivation up and feel a bit of adrenaline in a race again.

The winter time can be hard enough by itself. Yoga exercises youtube Triathlon training during winter is often harder for everyone. Mandala yoga budapest So find friends with whom you can share the colder training sessions to make them easier and a bit more fun. Yoga richmond ky Maybe join a running or a swimming group if you find it difficult to train by yourself.

And if work and family allow, organise a weekend or a few days somewhere with warmer weather, take your bike and do some nice long rides for a quick boost to keep the spirits up.

The BEST Centre in Mallorca was founded by two Olympic swimmers in 2009 and has become the go-to place for swimmers and triathletes from beginners to Olympic medallists. Mysore ashtanga yoga shala The Centre provides warm weather triathlon training breaks year round, as well as an Olympic distance race and week-long open water swim festival. Postnatal yoga The site is the perfect place to train and relax, with a heated outdoor Olympic pool, crystal clear open water, soft running trails, legendary biking and track due to open in 2017. More information can be found at The BEST Centre and a review of the BEST Centre can found here.