[yoga] affiliate niche research

From what I found researching yoga affiliate programs and yoga keywords, I think almost any sub-niche of yoga could serve as its own niche website. Santa monica yoga donation Here are a few ways you can divide things up into sub-niches.

There are a ton of long tail keywords in every one of these sub niches as well. Nirvana yoga edmonton It’s easy to mix and match to make keywords apply to any niche like:

As far as affiliate opportunities go, there’s lots to think about here as well.

Yoga positions You can promote yoga gear, yoga DVDs, virtual yoga courses, or even local yoga studios. Power yoga for weight loss In fact, helping local studios rank in search engines or creating a local site for yoga and selling ad space is another potential source of revenue. Yoga richmond tx Top 3 Affiliate Programs My Thoughts

It’s possible to monetize your website with one or all of these types of products. Prenatal yoga san diego Most programs pay about 10%, but range from 5%-30%. Core power yoga highland park mn Clickbank products pay 75% a lot of the time, but be sure to check the quality before you start promoting, as I saw a lot of marketer rhetoric in some of their sales pages.

There are many more affiliate programs and business out there than I listed here, but here are my favorites. Yoga poses for weight loss and toning Even the “other” section below is cut down from an initial list about double the size it is now. Best yoga dvd for beginners 2012 Stay At Home Yoga

Signing up includes a 14 day free trial, and membership is $8/month, with an option to upgrade to $80/year. Bikram yoga chicago wicker park This is an awesome business model, and I’ve had a lot of success promote a similar affiliate program in a different niche. Prema yoga schedule People can sign up with no risk to ‘try before they buy’. Moksha yoga winnipeg groupon They can then do the monthly subscription. Easy yoga poses for beginners If they really like it, they’ll upgrade to yearly to save some money.

You get recurring subscription fees for 6 months, and if they upgrade to yearly within 6 months you get 30% commission on an $80 sale. Yoga pants photoshoot Those recurring subs really add up for passive income.

I contacted the affiliate manager for this company and she responded with in the hour (on a Sunday). Yoga dance song Having an active, supportive affiliate manager is definitely something that stands out among other affiliate programs in general, which can sometimes take 2+ weeks to answer emails.

There’s a huge variety of recorded classes showcasing different styles of Yoga, taught by different teachers, for everyone in the spectrum of yoga-interest. Bikram yoga canberra city I really like the setup that visitors can purchase a single class for about $10, or a whole set for about $50. Living yoga center temecula ca Recorded classes are great to play at home on smartphones/tablets for people that cannot access or afford a studio. Yoga poses for weight loss beginners 18% commissions are also higher than average. Yoga positions for runners Manduka

There are a lot of different brands out there that offer the basics of yoga gear, meaning mats, towels, clothes, and props. Yoga houston midtown Manduka made my top 3 affiliate programs because I liked the design of their website and they have a good looking brand in my opinion. All about yoga las vegas Yoga Outlet (below) was a close 4th since they have a wider variety of goods, but they have a $25 minimum payout and only 8% commissions if you want cash instead of store credit. Yoga relaxation techniques stress Other Affiliate Programs

Though Google’s Keyword Tool has improved in recent years, it still gives inflated (inaccurate) traffic numbers. How to yoga nidra The keyword tool I use takes data from a variety of search engines, not just Google. Gentle yoga sequence for beginners Remember that Bing + Yahoo own 30% of the search market. Yoga for life setauket Other Great Keywords (high traffic, low competition)

If I was starting to do a yoga related niche, I would probably pick something really narrow, with plans on expanding to broader topics later. Kundalini yoga kriyas For example, I think Yoga for body builders could be a cool way to start, and as I grew the site I could cover all of the 8 main types of Yoga and how they could benefit a body builder.

That’s thousands of posts right there, covering the styles, opposes, benefits, risks, etc. Best beginner yoga video youtube After that, I would get into more tangentially related topics like eating habits, meditation, mindset, and things that while they aren’t directly related, can still be shown to have an affect on body building.

The same idea could apply to all “subsets” of people interested in yoga. Yoga pictures for 2 I could imagine doing the same thing with Yoga for pregnant women, the over 50 crowd, or kids.

I have always experienced my greatest successes with recurring subscription services, so those would be my main targets for making money. All about yoga henderson nv A paid yoga forum, or frequently updated yoga instructional group.

It would be best if you actually like yoga. Santa cruz yoga classes Posting video tutorials, high quality pictures, and other original photos will make it easy to show your visitors what you’re talking about.

If you don’t have the means of doing this, YouTube videos are good since you can embed anyone’s video on your site. Free online yoga challenge It may be difficult to find creative common photos that fit the exact pose or style of Yoga you want to demonstrate so hopefully you have an iPhone to snap a pic of yourself.

Addition: Some private yoga studios have affiliate programs like these. Yoga chair pose sequence Locations vary widely, so if this is interesting to you, you’ll have to follow up with some research on it. Yoga stretches for neck and shoulders Need Extra Help?

I think Yoga is a great place to start affiliate marketing. Nada yoga It’s a growing industry, with lots of content potential, and plenty of opportunity to build your own brand in this space.

If you want help getting started with your first affiliate website, I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate online business training center. Youtube fitnessblender yoga This is where I learned how to build my first niche website about computer software!

Thank you so much for this post! I feel as if you’ve done all my homework for me. Restorative yoga sequence I’ve been here for several months and started with the Bootcamp program which has been the focus of all my attention up to this point. Yoga for stomach gas And will be until I’ve completed it. Yoga for beginners youtube videos But I’ve begun thinking about a second website and as someone who has been practicing yoga faithfully for decades, it naturally popped into my head as a possible niche. Kaliyalla pranayam video songs free download However I hadn’t gotten as far as researching it and frankly I’m very surprised (pleasantly so) that there’s still so much potential. Divya yoga zagreb I’ve been looking at yoga websites for a long time and based on the sheer number I encountered I just assumed the market was saturated or close to it. Pilates yoga workout 30 minutes You’ve certainly breathed new life into that idea! Thanks again.