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Sophie Gajnik, 24, from Melbourne, was introduced to sport at a young age, but she claims the pressure of university left little time for exercise and soon the student had gained almost five kilos. Simple yoga postures for weight loss In a desperate bid to get back in shape, she started scrutinising her diet and exercising until she collapsed in exhaustion.

RELATED: Aussie model hits back at trolls who called her anorexic RELATED: This young woman is sharing her anorexia journey on Instagram Sophie’s strict regimen quickly spiralled out of control and over the course of a year she’d gone from a healthy 56 kilos to around half that, developing serious medical conditions like liver damage and osteoporosis along the way. Yoga music artists Sophie has revealed she suffered from anorexia and her weight plummeted to 30kgs. Best yoga dvd uk 2014 Photo: Caters

But it wasn’t until her hair started falling out that she realised she needed to make a change and instead of eating lettuce and shunning fatty foods Sophie now polishes off chicken schnitzels and dozens of eggs in her bid to build muscle.

Prema yoga groupon Now a healthy 66kgs, her new found muscles mean she can squat an impressive 105kgs – the equivalent of almost four of her former anorexics selves. Yoga shop chicago Sophie said: “I was never convinced that I had anorexia, but how could I? I was so hungry and delusional. Yoga asanas for flat stomach in hindi I was dying. Sivananda yoga centre new plymouth “I meticulously counted every calorie and would only eat if I ‘earned’ it through exercise. Pilates Even then, I wouldn’t eat anything that was less than 90 percent water-based. Yoga walldorf baden “I had no muscles and rarely could I get up in time to go to the bathroom. Ashtanga yoga primary series practice sheet Usually I’d just wee myself and my mum or boyfriend at the time would have to clean up after me. Yoga pants pictures facebook “I had long pink hair and if I ran my fingers through it, 50 hairs would come out. Yoga positions for beginners “It was devastating.” Her diet and exercise routine caused her to collapse from exhaustion. Mommy and me yoga Photo: Caters.

Growing up, sport was always Sophie’s favourite part about school and at home her dad introduced her to swimming and tennis. Moksha yoga winnipeg regent With two French parents, the family’s diet was rich and butter and Sophie would snack endlessly on Doritos and lollies, claiming that at that point she didn’t even know what a calorie was. Office yoga sequence Still, her active lifestyle kept her skinny and at 170cm tall she hovered around 50kgs. Patanjali yoga durham But when it was time to enter university at 19 years old, Sophie’s world began to change. Sadhana yoga retreat centre She said: “I decided to study psychology because I wanted to be a psychologist or a social worker, but I quickly realised that I couldn’t be those things because I’m too much of an emotional person. What is yogalates “So after about a year, in December 2011, I cancelled my courses. Prenatal yoga poses third trimester pictures My parents were quite concerned and told me I was ruining my life. British wheel of yoga “They came to Australia from France not speaking any English, so I felt like a failure. Earth yoga nyc schedule Like garbage. Inhale yoga with steve ross “On top of that, I noticed I’d put on about 5 or 6kgs and my jeans were a little snug so I though, at least I can get on top on this. Yoga signs and symbols meanings This is something I can control.” When her hair started falling out she realised she needed to make a change. Yoga for beginners youtube Photo: Caters.

The changes were small at first for Sophie cutting out the junk food and going for short runs around the neighbourhood and four months later, Sophie was back to her pre-uni weight of 50kgs. Bikram yoga teacher salary per class But the sense of achievement was a feeling she hadn’t felt in too long, so she decided to set another goal of 45kgs, cutting out olive oil and fatty meats from her diet. Ramdev yoga for blood pressure control No longer was Sophie’s diet a way to lose weight, but a serious disorder fuelled by her obsession with achievement. Tara stiles yoga youtube She said: “On a typical day, I’d wake up and exercise so I could ‘earn’ my breakfast. Bikram yoga richmond “That meant a three kilometre run, skipping for two minutes, push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks until I passed out or nearly threw up. Dahn yoga sedona The whole routine would take me two or three hours. Open space yoga honolulu hi “Then the voice in my head would say, ‘don’t eat breakfast! You’re going to ruin your workout!’ “When I did eat, which was usually three times a day, I’d eat 20 grams of spinach, 15 grams of mushrooms, 20 grams of zucchini, and one green pea, never going above 100 calories at each meal. Viniyoga youtube “I’d even count the two calories in my Lipton tea. Free yoga classes in arlington va I was so scared of keeping food in the fridge because I thought my mum’s food would seep out of the plastic and get onto mine. Isha yoga drums music mp3 free download I was so delusional.” Growing up sport was always Sophie’s favourite part of school. Dahn yoga center oceanside Photo: Caters.

Instead of going out to parties with her friends, Sophie would lock herself in her room and spend hours researching ways to lose weight. Youtube yoga with adrienne Yet despite the red flags that were beginning to creep up—fur on her body, painful joints, and yellow skin—Sophie decided to go on holiday to Thailand with her then-boyfriend. Yoga asanas for flat stomach with pictures She said: “While we were there, it was at least 30 degrees every day with 90 percent humidity, but I had to sleep with the heater on and two blankets. Meditation tips for sleep “We were walking around all day and because I couldn’t measure my food, I cut everything in half just to be sure. Yoga for golfers “Not surprisingly, I lost 5kgs while we were there. Patanjali yoga asanas for weight loss And I was so excited. Yoga relaxation “My parents, on the other hand, didn’t even want to see the photos from our trip. Yoga bristol ct To them, I was just a skeleton on the beach.” Now too weak to exercise, Sophie continued to cut calories and before long she had plummeted to an eye-watering 30kgs. Yoga asanas for runners The health signals continued to crop up— Iron deficiency, low blood pressure, liver damage, and the loss of her period—but it wasn’t until Sophie noticed her hair falling out that she decided to seek help. Balance yoga frankfurt kursplan However at university Sophie’s life spiraled out of control and instead of going to parties with her friends she stayed in her room and researched ways to lose weight. Yoga studios in arlington va Photo: Caters.

With the doctor in front of her, there was nowhere to hide and Sophie had to admit to herself that she had anorexia. Best yoga pants fails She said: “I was out of options. Power yoga poses I had to start eating or I would die. Be yoga carmel “But I decided I wanted to do it myself. Nirvana yoga montville I didn’t want anyone interfering with my food or feeding me high-calorie shakes. Yoga poses for hot flashes That was my worst nightmare. Yoga for healthy back “In the beginning, I stuck with the same foods I felt comfortable with, but would eat an extra 50 calories at each meal. Yoga breathing “Eventually I started adding foods back into my diet, like carrots, apples, and capsicum. Bikram yoga dallas uptown They tasted so sweet and flavourful!” Slowly, though, the number on the scale began to creep back up and by the start of 2014, after nearly a year of recovery, Sophie was back to 50kgs. Yoga cd 2500 By then, she was slowly getting back into her fitness routine—starting out slowly with stretching and watching yoga videos and later progressing to jogging. Hatha yoga pradipika quotes She said: “Cardio is great for your heart but I also wanted to get stronger, so I started lifting weights. Yoga techniques for anxiety “I was so weak and self-conscious in the beginning, so I’d wait until midnight before going to the gym. Divya yoga products uk “I was addicted. Sadhana yoga south end I loved the positive relationship with food that came with it, as you have to eat protein to see results. Yoga melbourne road wodonga “Around the same time, there was a new gym that was opening closer to where I lived, so one day I took a jog there and put in my resume. Purple yoga schedule “I knew it was going to be hard finding work because I’d been out of action since 2012, but they offered me a job in reception. Yoga for runners “It was the perfect opportunity to re-join society and I was finally becoming my bubbly self again.” Now she’s a body builder and loves nothing more than showing women around the gym how to do weights. Yoga techniques to lose weight Photo: Melita Jagic and Matthew Nicholson

After a year of working at the gym, Sophie was offered the position of manager in February 2016. Beginner yoga poses video She’s well-known on the floor and admired for sharing her story openly and honestly. Yoga youtube vinyasa For Sophie, if she can help even one boy or one girl consider recovery, it’s all worth it to her. Different types of yoga and benefits She also loves showing women that it’s okay to lift weights, and loves to lead by example. Patanjali yoga quotes She said: “I’m addicted to the weights and obsessed with keeping strong and active. Yoga diet plan I don’t weigh myself anymore or count anything I eat and I even eat treats again. Bikram yoga melbourne locations “I consider myself fully recovered, but eating disorders are a real addiction, just like drugs or alcohol. Information about yoga day I’m always wary that I could slip back into old habits, but I’m enjoying where I am right now. Center for yoga “I’m glad I went through what I did. Qi yoga mona vale It was painful, but it taught me a lot. Yoga tv series If I can help anyone by sharing my story, then it’s worth it.”