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With a background in fashion journalism at the London University of the Arts, Willow Crossley is now a full time floral stylist, living in Oxfordshire with her husband and three boys. Bikram yoga london bridge We catch up with Willow to find out all about her floral fancies and family favourite spots.

I’ve designed a line of faux flower bunches which are coming out this November.

Yoga beginner sequence We have created three for AW16 and then have a bigger selection coming out in the spring. Yoga practice at home youtube This collection is filled with hellebores, hydrangeas, orchids, dark red roses…quite wintery – beautiful for Christmas decorating. Yoga to the people nyc The next collection is a bit lighter and brighter – a bit more airy – lots of peonies, hollyhocks, irises, sweetpeas and roses. Yoga breathing techniques names The irises are properly brilliant – you can’t believe that they’re not real! I’ve chosen vases from OKA too that I think work really well with the bunches. Yoga teacher salary uk I adore them in the big, blue and white Chinese style urns.

Everywhere and anywhere. Lululemon see through yoga pants images It’s often the most random places like a supermarket that I suddenly see something that inspires me – a pretty biscuit wrapper or lovely olive oil label.

I often find inspiration when out and about on a walk. Asha yoga midtown The woods in Wales where I grew up are my favourite place to go. Agni yoga mayfield I always do a lot of good dreaming and conjuring there.

The beach – I’m mad about beachcoming and love working with shells and seaweeds… Since we were tiny we’ve been going to Tresco in the Scilly Isles for the summer and this is a constant inspiration. Yoga exercises to lose weight after pregnancy The lichen there is unreal.

Keep it relaxed, don’t be put off if your budget is small, you can create such beautiful arrangements with very few stems. Yoga camp day 6 Go for a walk and snip a few wayward branches and display them by themselves. Yoga asanas for lower back pain Getting the vase right is just as important as the flowers you use. Yoga nyc groupon Generally speaking, the wider the neck of the vase, the more flowers you’re going to need. Yoga house Mixing real with faux is also a good way of creating large scale arrangements for a smaller budget.

I really enjoy working with British brands –they seem to get my style. Yoga tips for beginners Perhaps someone like Anya Hindmarch, Cabbages and Roses or Burberry. Yoga magazine nederland Maybe even Land Rover?! – I have visions of filling old Defenders with flowers … Beauty brands are great to work with, they tend to have good budgets so you can go crazy with the flowers – I’d love to do a fragrance campaign.

Not really, no. Weight loss yoga beginners Obviously your choice is slightly more limited with faux flowers but OKA has the most incredible range. Yoga bee brighton mi I was allowed to just run riot using which ever stems I want to create my own bouquets so there were no restraints – they’ve let me do whatever I wanted to style-wise. Yoga for your core We’re creating some more foliage too which I’m excited about. Yoga mudras list I use a LOT of foliage in my arrangements. Pilates workout 30 minutes abs Faux flowers are obviously much lower maintenance than real flowers! No throwing their petals on the floor five days in, no dirty water, no vase cleaning. Yoga chicago gold coast Yes, they are expensive but it you work out how long you have them on display for, they work out to be much less costly in the long run.

You studied fashion journalism at the London University of the Arts, can you tell our readers a little bit about your journey into floristry?

I did Fashion Promotion, specialising in Journalism and Styling at London College of Fashion and afterwards spent years working, rather unsuccessfully, in endless fashion cupboards on magazines. Yoga for weight loss youtube I then found myself in the South of France with my then boyfriend (now husband) living on a vineyard. Power yoga exercises for weight loss videos There wasn’t much for me to do so I starting making baskets and fabric covered books from treasures I’d found in the local brocantes and started selling them on the beaches in St Tropez. Pilates plus workout I started a blog at the same time from which my first book, The Art of Handmade Living, sprung a year later. Yoga and weight loss poses We then moved back home to London, with our first baby, Wolf and I started writing my next book Inspire, the art of living with Nature. Pranayama techniques in telugu In Inspire, one of the chapters is all about flowers. Youtube chair yoga for seniors flexibility I realised how happy working on it made me – so much more so than anything else I was doing – so I stopped everything else ( interior design and personal shopping) and focused on flowers. Yoga for fertility seattle I started by doing one of my best friend’s wedding flowers, which was terrifying – totally thrown in the deep end but I adored it. Yoga in pregnancy for normal delivery I haven’t looked back since.

I’m not very good at relaxing. South boston yoga studios I have to force myself to sit still and switch off. Yoga music blogspot A good boxset, something highbrow like Nashville or Scandal can glue me to the sofa for hours on end though.

I love food. Yoga for depression youtube Eating it, reading about it, baking cakes, drooling over cookbooks- our family life completely revolves around what we’re going to eat next.

Walking is my best way of clearing my head, even if just for ten minutes, really fast up and down the road. Yoga richmond ca I have to do that a couple of times every day.

We have a pub, the Bull Inn in Charlbury where we spend a lot of time. Maha yoga My husband Charlie runs it and it’s become our second home really. Be yoga charlotte nc We designed it to be very homely so it doesn’t feel like a traditional pub and the food is delicious.

Chaos! My work is so varied so no day is ever the same really. Thai yoga massage culver city We have three boys -18 months, 4 and 6 years old – and I’m woken up by them anytime from 530- 630am. Yantra yoga dvd I do breakfast, school run etc and then come home to whatever I’m doing work wise that day. Yoga body naturals reviews I’ll either be in my studio which is at home, conditioning and making arrangements or recently I’ve been locked away in my office writing my latest book ‘Flourish’. Yoga ottawa il I get bored very quickly and often stop functioning unless I have a change of scenery so might go to our pub to see my husband and see if they need me there. Best yoga poses for abs I do the decorating and design there and spend one day a week helping with bits and bobs. Yoga academy The boys finish school in the afternoon and if I’m not away on a job I’ll hang out with them until they go to bed. Unity yoga vancouver schedule I’ll carry on with my work when they’re asleep or make supper with Chaz if he’s home from the pub.

Cakes. Yoga ancient india One of my great friends Mel has just started a cake company called Melanie Jane Bakes, they’re made to order, seriously beautiful ‘occasion’ cakes. Vinyasa yoga school rishikesh @melaniejanebakes

My mother, the painter, Kate Corbett – Winder. Benefits of meditation studies She’s just extraordinary and very good at everything. Dhyana yoga haddonfield schedule She’s paints, gardens, writes books, looks after us all… We speak five times a day. Bikram yoga montreal west island She’s incredible.

Anya Hindmarch. Pregnancy yoga poses She’s like a real life wonder woman. Yoga tree vaughan reviews Five children, supersonic business, taking over the world. Unity yoga schedule Cool as a cucumber. Yoga mantras and meanings Serious inspiration,