Why travel to thailand to practice yoga

Blending travel and yoga is a potent recipe for total mind and body renewal. Yoga exercises for beginners dailymotion Yoga in itself is a powerful total mind/body renewal tool, but the added benefit of traveling and leaving behind all of the headache and stresses of daily life helps us fully reset, unwind and rejuvenate so we can come back feeling refreshed and re-inspired.

Nick named “The Land of Smiles” It’s hard to look past the Beautiful country of Thailand for yoga retreats, or even yoga trainings. Yoga blog deutsch The sparkling beaches and majestic mountainsides offer the perfect setting of serenity for yoga classes connecting you straight to nature.

The country is known for its gracious hospitality and tranquility which often bring visitors a sense of gratefulness for everything is so often taken for granted in daily life, it also allows people to delve into a deeper state of peacefulness, bliss and self-awareness for the length of their stay in Thailand.

The beautiful scenic backdrops and the amazing generosity and peacefulness that comes with Thai culture are not the only reasons to make your way to Thailand for some yoga practice. Chair yoga exercises hip replacement The variety of high quality yoga instructors in Thailand is abundant, so much so that you are almost guaranteed to find an instructor who’s style, technique and energy really click with you… and you may feel as though want to take that instructor home with you 😛

but in all seriousness some of the best yoga instructors in the world frequently visit Thailand running retreats, workshops and teacher trainings. Svaroopa yoga Some of these instructors have even made Thailand there base. Pure yoga hong kong locations So whether you visit during high, low, rainy, dry, or cold season you can be sure there will be numerous quality instructors, retreats and workshops on offer to choose from.

On the flip side, when your yoga is done for the day, Thailand offers an abundance of daily trips, activities and sights. Yoga symbols dictionary There is too much here to include in one post but picture this if you can. Exhale yoga venice ca Pristine, untouched waterfalls with fresh flowing spring water from the mountain peak. Bikram yoga Fresh tropical fruits on a blazing hot day, secluded tropical beaches lined with coconut trees. Ananda yoga center nepal Delicious Thai cooking classes, ancient and majestic Buddhist temples, mediation classes, kind helpful locals who will go out of their way to help a foreigner enjoy their stay and the best traditional Thai massages you have ever had in your life!

Most likely you’ve heard or seen pictures of the Thai islands. Triad yoga greensboro schedule They deserve every ounce of fame and popularity as they truly are amazing places to visit. Sadhana yoga hudson Boasting crystal clear turquoise waters, a buffet of delicious fresh seafood and lines of splendid coconut trees providing much needed shade and fresh coconuts to help keep the islands inhabitants happy and hydrated. Shanti yoga The warm temperature and sunshine often set the tone on the islands immediately allowing its visitors to loosen up, enjoy nature and let your worries go.

Most of the commonly visited islands such as Koh Tao, Koh Lanta and Koh Samui have yoga studios, yoga retreats and wellness communities. Exhale yoga venice However the main island that attracts serious yogis is Koh Phangan.

You may have heard Koh Pangnag mentioned before by some young 18 year old backpackers raving on about the full moon party’s and the party culture on the island, but there is really much, much more to this island than only the small party scene that most travelers seem to associate it with. Yoga in indianapolis The island is home to some of the worlds most renowned yoga centers including Agama Yoga ( http://www.agamayoga.com) and The Sanctuary ( http://www.thesanctuarythailand.com), a breathtaking resort that also offers detox and spa treatments. Yoga nidra meditation art of living If you’re interested in completing your yoga teacher training in stunning southern Thailand, check out Jivani Yoga( http://jivaniyoga.com).

Bangkok is probably not a place that makes you think about yoga, calmness or peace of mind. Sahaja yoga centers in india But its craziness provides the perfect reason to roll out your mat and go against the grain. Ananda yoga dunedin In a place of noise and chaos why not challenge yourself to stay grounded? To stay focused and really apply your yoga practice to your day to day life.

Obviously Bangkok does not offer the scenic yoga environments that you can find elsewhere, but the nation’s capital houses some of the best yoga studios in the country. Yoga therapy seattle The instructors are motivating and the studios dedicated with huge daily schedules with something for everyone. Ejercicios de yoga para adelgazar Try a class at Yoga Elements( http://www.yogaelements.com) considered “Bangkok’s best yoga studio” or Absolute Yoga ( http://www.absoluteyou.com/lifestyle/yoga) to stay sane in the big city.

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city; however it seems to be worlds apart from Bangkok. Yogamatters jersey Still quite unknown to many travelers, who prefer the sunny beaches of Thailand’s southern islands, Chiang Mai has so much to offer and it seems to attract people who like to avoid the high end tourism of Southern Thailand, along with many solo travelers on their personal journey of discovery.

Although the city can become busy and noisy at times, Chiang Mai never seems to lose its charm and uniqueness. Yoga sutras translation And as many people can agree, its seems to bring a peaceful and tranquil vibe upon its visitors opening them to a slow paced, quiet lifestyle that more often than no, starts to spark interest in health and wellness practices such as Yoga, meditation, qi gong, Thai chi, Reiki and other healing arts, which by no coincidence at all, are all available to practice and learn in Chiang Mai

It seems Chiang Mai has slowly become a hub for all of these spiritual practices, and to be honest you cannot go wrong here. Good yoga youtube videos There are some very good Yoga studios and there are even better Yoga teachers. Yoga for neck and shoulder pain relief Experienced teachers who don’t just practice yoga for the 1 or 2 hours they spend on their yoga mat, but teachers who continue to practice yoga when off the mat through their day to day lives dedicated to spreading their experiences and positivity with others.

For a wide variety of yoga classes in Chiang Mai visit Freedom Yoga( www.freedomyogachiangmai.org ) a cute studio In an old lanna style teak wood house that hold a maximum of 24 students per class so get there early to reserve your space. Yoga beginners youtube They also run regular workshops and yoga retreats with guest teachers from around the world.

If you feel like a break from yoga why not give thai chi ( http://www.taichi-chiangmai.com) a go? This practice is similar to yoga in that it is designed to get energy centers of the body activated however it is very gentle and mellow practice

Adam Domine: After being involved in extreme sports such as bodybuilding and kickboxing for many years, Adam began to notice his physical health deteriorating. Yoga routine youtube Five years ago, after a string of injuries, Adam started his yoga journey and has since reversed his deteriorating health and completed his 200-hour teacher training in both Hatha and Ashtanga yoga in Rishikesh India. Yoga reading Adam now runs Freedom Yoga in Chiang Mai http://freedomyogachiangmai.org where he teaches daily yoga classes and workshops in the hope of guiding other on the path of yoga.