Why a troubled youth was life-changing for river city actor frank gallagher (from heraldscotland)

FRANK Gallagher confounds expectation almost as much as Lenny Murdoch, the character he plays in the BBC Scotland soap opera River City. Videos de yoga en casa As fans of the programme will know, gangster Lenny can be sweet as a mince pie one minute while unleashing unprecedented seasonal psychopathy, even upon his own family, the next. Ballet pilates exercises (Tomorrow night’s episode will reveal a selection box of Shieldinch residents wishing he were as dead as their Christmas turkey.)

But, you discover, this fascinating duality in the character hasn’t arrived out of nowhere. Inhale yoga and fitness Even though Gallagher has been playing the angel/Lucifer for a dozen years (at this point most soap actors would simply turn up and say their lines), the actor is still wracking his 54-year-old brain trying to make the character even more convincing.

“It’s the sort of thing you would talk to a therapist about,” he says, smiling. Prana power yoga woburn “I’m not always conscious of it, but at the same time yes, you know it’s there. Fat girl yoga poses As an actor, you can feed off it. Yoga funny pics When I try to find an emotion as Lenny I try to relate it to myself.”

Young Francis Gallagher had a well of emotional upheaval to draw from. Sup yoga seattle When he was two years old his father died from a brain haemorrhage and his mother struggled to bring up their five children. Yoga camp day 3 And just when Gallagher thought life couldn’t get much worse, it did. Sangha yoga pa Asthma and chest-related illnesses saw the schoolboy spend years in and out of hospital. Yoga sutras of patanjali quotes As a result, he grew up detached, physically and emotionally, from the family unit.

Gallagher hardly attended more than two years of secondary school and despite teachers recognising a natural intelligence, he struggled to keep up with classwork. Svaroopa yoga massachusetts So he became a truant. Basic yoga poses for beginners with pictures And when his teenage years arrived so did a taste for Buckfast.

By the age of 16 the youngest Gallagher brother was practising hard to become an alcoholic and was in and out of juvenile court for petty crimes so often he was on first name terms with the clerk of court. Yoga poses weight loss Barlinnie Prison was just a couple of miles along the motorway and it beckoned him to reside there for a spell. Jnana yoga hinduism But then a guardian angel came down from Heaven (well, Cumbernauld) to rescue him, offering an It’s a Wonderful Life changing moment.

“I had a probation officer, David Ramsay, who was also a social worker – a lovely, big, gentle man. Bikram yoga boston And he was exasperated with me. Yoga nidra text zum vorlesen One day he took me aside and said to me: ‘What do you want to do with your life, Frank?’ But I had no idea. Bikram yoga adelaide norwood Physically I wasn’t very big, so labouring was out. Prenatal yoga poses for lower back pain Both my brothers were painters and decorators but I was allergic to paint and it would have played with my asthma.” (It was only when he left home and the family dog behind that he realised the source of his debilitating allergies.)

However, something stirred in the teenager. Restorative yoga poses sequences “I was always an avid reader. Shilpa yoga in tamil I had an insatiable appetite for biographies of actors. Hot box yoga kelowna And I loved the movies, showbiz. Yoga for back pain adriene And I loved to sing. Poem on yoga in english I’d sing Jailhouse Rock on the streets.” So he had been suppressing his performance gene? “Yes. Shanti yoga new orleans I was an attention-seeking wee bastard,” he says. Types of yoga breathing techniques “And at this stage it was desperado stakes. Yoga and pregnancy poses to avoid So I said to Ramsay: ‘I’ve always fancied being an actor or a singer.’ And within a couple of weeks I had an audition at the Citz [Citizens Theatre in Glasgow].”

The transformation from tearaway to thespian wasn’t entirely smooth. My yoga center yerevan Social work paid for the teenage Frank to be picked up and taken to drama classes at Cumbernauld Youth Theatre two nights a week (“just to make sure I went”). How to yoga headstand One Friday however he decided not to go. North shore yoga evanston “I had been having problems. Yoga institute clear lake I wasn’t confident. Yoga poses for lower back pain pregnancy I didn’t even know what improvisation meant. Sumits yoga kc It was only later on I realised it meant showing off. Kripalu yoga near me Anyway, I went to my mate’s house and drank Buckie. Sun dog yoga tampa But Ramsay found me and persuaded me to go back to Cumbernauld one more time. Kundalini yoga music youtube And I did. Yoga exercises for weight loss at home in urdu Half cut. Yoga studios in las vegas And the drink gave me the confidence to perform.

Others saw potential in Gallagher, such as Daphne Kirkpatrick, a schoolteacher who was part of the drama group. Sangha yoga collective She paid for his audition for the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Yoga tree potrero “It was an incredible show of faith,” he says, the note of heartfelt thanks clear in his voice.

Gallagher loved drama college and loved learning. Therapeutic yoga for sciatica When he left he landed several angry-young-man roles and excelled. Importance of yoga and meditation in hindi But he also showed he could play far more than the bitter, vengeful Glaswegian, appearing in plays by Shaw, Shakespeare, Chekhov. Golden bridge yoga santa monica He has since shown a real comedy bent, evidenced in recent stints at Glasgow’s Oran Mor theatre.

Gallagher, however, chose not to go to London, like his actor friends Neil McKinven, Martin McCardie and Paul Higgins. Bikram yoga benefits of each pose He stayed in Scotland, working in low-paid theatre, at times struggling to put food on the table. Isha yoga tamil songs mp3 free download Yet the one-time YTS worker is not about to leap aboard the bandwagon that criticises Britain’s privileged actors, the Eton set. Yogamatters discount code “I have no problem with any actor’s background,” he maintains. Yoga types “And you have to think what sort of life did someone who went to Eton have? For all we know they could have had their arse spanked every morning, or had to warm toilet seats for people. Yoga lessons online youtube I would say, however, that so much TV drama today seems to cater for posh people, with the working class reduced to being servants again.”

Gallagher, who married his wife Ann in 1990, retains a measure of anger, and when it’s not being channelled via Lenny Murdoch it emerges as a raging political voice. Swami ramdev yoga for weight loss Gallagher is deeply concerned about the erosion of workers’ rights, the crushing of unions, the poor being pilloried. Power yoga for weight loss poses “When did people on benefits become scroungers?” he asks. Youtube yoga journal “When the politician’s decided there were votes in it. Bikram yoga nyc midtown schedule And now the Tories are stealing the views of the Labour Party. Yoga for runners beginners Theresa May is a blatant liar. Yoga hatha vinyasa And she’ll make us pay for Brexit. Yoga for beginners program The SNP are the best of a bad bunch. My yoga online samsung But as a country we don’t believe in ourselves.”

The tone of voice suggests a dark, unhappy character but Gallagher is anything but. Yoga and pregnancy what to avoid His glass is more than half full. Yoga routine for beginners at home Yet he does admit he needs to leave Lenny behind at times. Dahn yoga (The actor returned last week from a break in Toronto and New York.)

“When I play Lenny for 14 weeks [the stints River City records at a time] I give him my everything. Online yoga videos youtube He’s always in my head. Yogamatters code I don’t want to turn him off. Ramdev baba yoga for weight loss images But then I need to get away from him.”

Well, you wouldn’t want to keep a psychopath in your head for too long, would you, even if he is deliciously complex, gallus and full of winning one-liners. Pilates workout 30 minutes legs And you wouldn’t want to be continually accessing the darker side of your own soul in order to bring out the best, meaning the worst, in your soap character.

“That’s true,” he says, grinning. 7 yoga poses for insomnia “But here’s the thing. Yoga studio berlin kreuzberg If I hadn’t been such an arsehole as a kid I wouldn’t have gotten into trouble. Meditation tips for anxiety And if I hadn’t gotten into trouble I wouldn’t be in the great position I’m in right now.”