Whitney_ building collapse survivor — ‘am i going to die_’

Emily Fodness survived the Copper Lounge building collapse after being trapped for three hours, poses for a portrait Monday. Yoga camp day 4 (Photo: Joe Ahlquist / Argus Leader) Buy Photo

Sometimes Emily Fodness pretends that it never happened, that her comfortable world didn’t cave beneath her and send her tumbling down to Earth.

As a celebrated survivor of the Dec. Hatha yoga poses 2 building collapse in downtown Sioux Falls that made national headlines and took the life of construction worker Ethan McMahon, Fodness knows that such normalcy is not possible these days.

“It’s all very surreal,” says the 22-year-old Harrisburg High School graduate, who spoke to Argus Leader Media this week about her harrowing ordeal. Best yoga poses for fat loss “You try to wake up like it’s any other day, but that’s pretty hard right now.”

Fodness was sleeping that day in her family’s third-story loft above the former Copper Lounge on the corner of 10th and Phillips, where construction crews worked to convert the street-level bar into a drugstore.

The 100-year-old building buckled as a load-bearing wall was reportedly being removed, caving in Fodness’ bedroom floor and burying her beneath the rubble, where she remained for three hours in freezing temperatures before being rescued by firefighters.

Her three dogs – a Siberian Husky, Nova, and two beagles, Molly and Mia – were all ultimately rescued by a cadre of first responders in a dramatic series of events that captivated onlookers, highlighted heroes and was darkened by tragedy.

Trauma from the collapse still lingers for Fodness, who walks on crutches and undergoes physical therapy for her hips and legs. Yoga beginner youtube She has bad dreams and gets skittish at the sound of sirens.

Her family lost nearly all its possessions and faces a lengthy process of insurance claims and legal entanglements. Yoga blogs tumblr With her parents and the youngest of her three brothers, Fodness lives in a twin home in southern Sioux Falls and hopes to resume classes this spring to become a nurse.

The death of McMahon, a 24-year-old former Marine who had two children, haunts her as she considers how their fates intertwined, but with a different outcome.

“I’m grateful that I’m here, but I’m mourning the life that was lost,” Fodness said. Tai chi chuan “We will be forever attached because of what happened. North shore yoga schedule Then you sort of think, Why? I’m thankful that I got out, but I wish the story was different with Ethan.”

For now, Fodness’ classes and her job as a server and bartender at Texas Roadhouse are on hold as she heals. Yoga loft boulder She cherishes time with her boyfriend, Harun Hadzimujic, and also her dogs, who provide her with glimpses of the life that existed before.

“I had a moment the other day where I was just watching TV, because it was too cold to go anywhere, and I had all three dogs on my bed with me,” says Fodness. Meditation music water “I appreciate those moments so much more since this happened. Yoga tattoo symbols and meanings All of us were in there and we’re all still here, and that felt pretty good.”

Mike and Chris Fodness moved into the loft above Copper Lounge in October of 2015, after Mike heard about the three-bedroom space from Tim Kant, a family friend who owned the building at the time.

The Zombie Walk took place the very day they moved in, and they had a perfect vantage point for Parade of Lights and other Phillips Avenue events. The yoga room nantucket Being so close to the downtown bustle had a big-city feel that made them feel more alive.

“It was a million dollar view and a very comfortable home,” says Mike, 51, who works as food and beverage director for GreatLife Golf and Fitness.

When Emily changed course on her college path and decided to study nursing in Sioux Falls, she moved in with her parents in January, with brother Kirby living there as well.

“It was exciting and fun,” says Emily, who graduated from high school in 2013. Fertility yoga atlanta “It was nice to be able to go out downtown and not have to worry about a ride. Yoga free download dvd I know my friends enjoyed it. Postures de yoga pour le dos Once PAve (the adjacent bar) opened, we could just walk next door.”

That’s where Emily was on Dec. Open door yoga weymouth 1, celebrating a friend’s birthday on a festive Thursday night that seemed to highlight the appeal of her current living arrangement, despite the ongoing renovations.

Mike Fodness was enjoying a cigar at Eastwold Smoke Shop with longtime manager Jerry Bowman when he heard a thunderous crash, just minutes before he planned to head back up to the loft for a shower.

“It looked like 9/11,” he says. Yoga stretches for lower back and hips “There was this white-gray haze all around, and the longstanding tree from the sidewalk was laying in the street. Dahn yoga putney Parking meters were sheared off and cars were covered in red brick. Intermediate yoga poses chart I heard the fire alarm from PAve going off with automated verbal commands, and there were bricks everywhere.”

“No thoughts can describe how you feel when something like that is taking place,” he says. Anchorage yoga in the park “It was the worst feeling I’ve ever had in my life. Yoga district i street When I looked up to where her bedroom was, there was no ‘up’ there. Charm city yoga columbia It was sky above and rubble below, and I lost it.”

Chris was out the door at that point, leaving her job at Avera Home Medical Equipment on Minnesota Avenue to race to the scene. Yoga stretches for beginners youtube After several calls to Emily went unanswered, the sight of her daughter’s name and number popping up on caller ID brought tears to her eyes, but the saga was just beginning.

“I parked as close as I could while on the phone with her, and I told her, ‘I’m trying to run to you now,’” says Chris. Benefits of bikram yoga vs regular yoga “When I saw that building and the total collapse, I just sort of stopped, realizing everything that was on top of her. My yoga works But I didn’t want her to know how bad it was.

“I found Mike and the police moved us across the street, and Emily was saying to me, ‘You’ve got to get me out of here, Mom.’ So I started running toward the firemen saying, ‘My daughter’s in there! You’ve got to get her out!’”

As word spread through media and family messages, Emily’s three brothers arrived on the scene as well as her boyfriend, who stopped his car and wept when he saw the extent of the damage before gathering himself.

Mike’s sisters and Chris’ former co-workers at the downtown Avera building showed up to lend support, joining a throng of onlookers hoping for a positive outcome.

As crews worked to assess the integrity of surrounding walls, Sioux Falls Fire Chief Jim Sideras approached the family and said they were using caution because two rescue missions were taking place at the same time.

As firefighters struggled to learn the whereabouts of McMahon, the construction worker, they closed in on Emily through phone conversations and discussions about the apartment layout.

The fact that her freedom was being obstructed by a 4,000-pound chimney stack and two commercial air handling units meant things did not move as quickly as she hoped.

For Emily, who knew her mother so well that she heard fear and emotion in her voice, interaction with first responders such as Rescue Division chief Brad Goodroad and firefighter Dustin Luebke had a soothing effect.

“My mom never once told me what it looked like from outside because it would have freaked me out,” says Emily. Asanas de yoga para embarazadas “I thought it would take maybe 15 or 20 minutes to come get me, so I didn’t understand what was taking so long. Yoga exercises for pregnant women I was crying to her and saying, ‘Are they coming in to get me? What’s taking so long?’

“(Goodroad) started asking me where I was in the apartment in relation to the TV or the kitchen, and they started narrowing it down. Yoga relaxation meditation I heard their power saws coming a little bit closer.”

The community responded by contributing to a GoFundMe account (which has surpassed $11,000), supporting a benefit at Texas Roadhouse and offering random acts of kindness, such as the well-wisher that dropped off a holiday ham downtown to be given to the Fodness family.

If there is a positive message to be found amid the wreckage, it’s the way citizens responded to the crisis and reached out to those affected.

“It was the worst day and the best day of my life,” says Mike. Hot yoga studios edmonton “This community has been my home for my entire life, and with everything that’s been done to help my family, there aren’t enough words or enough time to repay it.”

As for Emily, she thinks often of the McMahon family and Ethan, whose body was recovered the evening of the collapse. Basic yoga poses for beginners chart If she had been in another part of the loft and not been shielded from debris, would she have suffered the same fate?

When Emily later met with first responders, they expressed amazement that she survived and had the resolve to assist the rescue. Yoga en casa para principiantes But they were also impressed with Molly, the 4-year-old beagle who emerged from the wreckage that Sunday afternoon, a full 52 hours after the incident.

“We knew that she might not make it, but we got there right at the moment that she was being pulled out,” says Emily. Yoga sivananda paris “She was pretty dusty and had to go to the vet, but when I called to her, she came up and jumped on me and we were so happy to see each other. Yoga perth ontario I would say that was a pretty good day.”