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Gifted tarot card reader, Cristina Jimenez, will be the special guest on this month’s edition of “Metaphysically Speaking”. Ashtanga yoga mantra audio Be sure to join host Mike Holloway and Cristina for a wide ranging talk about metaphysics with emphasis on tarot cards and what they can show you in regards to daily life and your future. Namaste yoga They discuss what certain cards mean, how Cristina does her readings and much, much more. Uptown sunstone yoga schedule We would also like to thank Cristina for being a participant at our recent “Festival of Enlightenment Holistic Fair”!

Host David Twichell welcomes Mr. Yoga ottawa Jan Harzan, the Executive Director for the International Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which is now producing the History Channel program, “Hangar 1: UFO Files.” He holds a degree in nuclear engineering and enjoyed a career with IBM. Pilates plus oc Mr. Yoga poses to lose weight Harzan will relate his own personal UFO sighting as a child and his subsequent lifelong exploration of the truth behind the mystery of the phenomenon.

On April 29 to May 3, 2013, the “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” was held at the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, DC. Yoga chair pose More than 40 UFO researchers, military witnesses, high ranking political figures and Dr. Moksha yoga winnipeg Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, presented 32 hours of testimony before six former Congressional representatives and one Senator. Yoga london uk In this installment of We Are Not Alone, we will hear a few sound bites from some of these witnesses and the ultimate reaction of the distinguished panel members.

December 21, 2012 is almost upon us. Rodney yee am yoga youtube This is the end date of the Mayan calendar and some say the “end of days”. Yoga tapes online Do these prophesies hold water or are they just all wet? Our guest will be Joseph Marra, a Doctor of Nursing Practice with an established practice at his Urgent Care Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Yoga in Joe is also a hypnotherapist, reiki master, intuitive healer, and spiritual counselor. Yoga for diabetes by baba ramdev in hindi Joe’s teachings have been heard all over the globe through his Universal Talk Radio Show. Sumits yoga tempe Mr. Prenatal yoga first trimester video Marra believes in curing the body, mind and spirit. Yoga for surfers 3 He is also well versed in the 12-21-12 prophesy.

Host Mike Holloway and his special guest, Palm Reader Darlene Denning, discus the aspects of palm reading and what all those seemingly innocent lines, bumps and shapes on your hands really mean. Beginner yoga classes chicago Darlene will tell how she became interested in palm reading and how “reading” your palms can reveal things about love, life, career and health as well as opening up new vistas for you to explore! She also discuses the connection between palm reading and other modalities such as numerology, etc.

Host Ned Apigian, a Dearborn Heights councilperson, interviews two of the five candidates competing for election to the Michigan House representing the new District 11, which includes Dearborn Heights. Yoga rope wall measurements This show features two of the four Democrats competing in the August 7 Primary: Bill Kaledas and David Knezek Note: all candidates were initially invited: Democrat Cody Bailey and Republican Kathleen Kopczyk were scheduled but, at the last minute, did not make themselves available.

Dr. Beginner yoga poses youtube Jesse Marcel Jr. Yoga fitness joins host David Twichell to share his personal experience in 1947 when his father woke him up in the middle of the night to show him the strange debris that was retrieved from a field near Roswell, NM. What is yoga therapy used for Was the material found from a downed “weather balloon” or an extraterrestrial craft? And why couldn’t the most elite officers of the only nuclear base in the country at the time tell the difference? You be the judge. Yoga today meditation Dr. Maha yoga philadelphia pa Marcel retired as a full bird Colonel in 2005 after serving his country as a flight surgeon for the 189th Attack Helicopter Battalion.

Bill Weber is a Field Investigator for The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Yoga one houston midtown schedule Weber supports MUFON through participation in their Pennsylvania State UFO conferences and will be speaking there this October on the subject of UFOs and Technology. Bikram yoga dallas Weber has been the State Section Director for the 13 counties representing South-Eastern Pennsylvania since January of 2010. Inhale yoga venice His background is in Electrical Engineering where, as a designer, he holds 3 U.S. Mandala yoga studio budapest Patents. Yoga ottawa east Have some of our technologies been back engineered from crashed UFOs?