Welcoming opinions on lan case idea

I run my own business and consultancy and have a CNC machine as it is, so if I can get it where I want it I’ll certainly think about putting it on MassDrop or KickStarter. Yoga funny pictures I have worked with Chinese factories on several jobs.

Problem is, if you make it portable you need to protect the monitor; and if you want a decent sized monitor (let’s say 24″ 16:9) the box is no longer portable.

You also have a logistical challenge, in that you have to carry a separate bag for your peripherals – mouse and keyboard, and some power and media cables.

The stand / base of the unit is a sturdy solid aluminium affair. Best yoga poses to lose weight It’s vented to draw air in from around the base. Nirvana yoga barrington il It incorporates a heat sink and a fan at the entrance to the main case chamber. Home yoga room design ideas The stand itself is a large heat sink, thick road-ready extrusion on the outside and more delicate radial fin array inside with maximum surface area inside the channel.

Instead of the motherboard mounting from offsets on the wall of the case, it is mounted directly onto the stand / heatsink with a solid back plate, and effectively floats inside the case, mounted via connection with the CPU.

The RAM and all cables / headers mount traditionally on the motherboard, but the GPU uses a PCIX riser and has its own chamber towards the top of the case, a bit like the Razer Core GPU housing. Best yoga classes for beginners nyc It draws air from a grille in the top.

The IO connectors are linked up to an inbuilt IO shield / interface with a few USB 3.0, DP, HDMI etc. Light on the yoga sutras of patanjali free download headers that can be accessed fro the outside of the case. Yoga mat reviews lululemon Remember, the MB is floating, mounted solely on the heatsink with a back plate.

This whole case will be a fairly small block, sonething about the size of a Mac Classic but strong and tough in all the right places and with a carry handle on the back, so you’re essentially carrying it “face down”, with the monitor to the floor – but don’t worry, the monitor isn’t attached. Ashtanga yoga sequence video Speaking of which, here’s how the monitor would work…

The monitor. Yoga pranayama breathing So picture a briefcase, like a fat home made lap top! You open it up and one side has the panel mounted in (rigid connection) and the other has yoir keyboard, mouse and peripherals in it, loose.

The briefcase actually inverts completely on a resistive hinge, like a laptop / tablet hybrid (Lenovo Yoga?) so that once you have emptied one side and flipped it around you mount it on the face of the case, a bit like putting your phone in a dock. Breath and body yoga Since this connection is between two designed pieces, it could connect with a display port when it clicks in (to be compatible with a range of different panels, there would have to be a simple interface when you mount the panel into the “briefcase” like a DP header).

Since you carry the briefcase “inside out” it can be made from tough moulded ABS like a gun case and this wouldn’t show when the PC is set up. Santa cruz yoga swift street The resistive hinge would allow for screen angle adjustment when the panel is in place, and by separating the two you have more options with one size briefcase for a 15″ monitor and 60% keyboard and another for 24″, full size keyboard and gaming controller.

Likewise, the feet and edge reinforcement of the PC case could be oriented so they are covered by the screen / briefcase when attached. Yoga classes uk Within reason they can be ugly and it won’t show when the thing is set up.

So including peripherals, you would be carrying one chunky heavy blocky tough cube thing with a handle (like a small guitar amplifier) in one hand; and a thin dense tough briefcase thing with the other hand.

Does this sound like a good idea to you guys? Does it sound like a stupid idea? Have I missed something, is there an easier or more sensible way you can think of which would address these challenges more effectively? I’d love to hear your opinions. Ashtanga yoga paris horaires I’ll work on a CAD model and post some renders soon to help communicate the idea without such a long-winded explaination! Speaking if which, thanks for reading! Edited by Dinkley – 12/18/16 at 8:49pm