Welcoming a good old dog into our lives _ living it forward

Back in May, after we made the sad decision to say goodbye to our lovely, 16-year-old lab-mix dog, Lucy, Douglas and I agreed to take a break from dog ownership. Yoga software reviews Although both of us have loved dogs all our lives and welcomed many of them into our respective families, it seemed like a good time to be deliberate about adopting another pup.

Today, I’m here to introduce you to Molly, a sweet, 12-year-old terrier-hound-something mix who last weekend found her way to our door and into our hearts, just in time for Christmas.

But I also felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of choosing just the right companion from this vast array of damaged and needy dogs.

Yoga in daily life buford And I was surprised by the cost of adoption, which typically ranged from $350 to $500 or more, to cover the costs of transporting the dogs, vet-checking them and placing them in temporary foster homes.

Both Douglas and I were leery of bringing a dog into our lives that had been abused, that might harbor dark fears and prove unmanageable, untrustworthy and aggressive. Bikram yoga adelaide timetable In truth, though we felt deep compassion for the plight of these poor rescue dogs, we didn’t need a project. Baby yoga exercises We just needed a pet.

So we stepped back from the juggernaut of the dog-adoption machine. Bikram yoga perth joondalup Maybe after the holidays we’d try again. Ryan giggs yoga youtube Surely, we said, there must be a good dog nearby — a friendly, local dog who just needs a friendly, local home. Chakra yoga What we really wanted was for a nice dog to choose us , to just show up, scratch politely at the door and ask to move in.

L ast Thursday, Douglas was notified by email of a new posting on the electronic bulletin board of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Belfast.

“A friend who is now at [a local nursing facility] for an indefinite period of time is looking for a home for her 12 yr. Bikram yoga nyc groupon old lab mix female companion named Molly as soon as possible. Ashtanga yoga sequence Molly is healthy and playful, gets along with dogs and cats and is up to date on shots with the exception of Kennel Cough.”

You know how this story ends, right? We made a few phone calls on Thursday and Friday to learn what we could about Molly and her situation. Yoga shelter royal oak On Saturday, we drove to Belfast to meet her, knowing in our hearts she would be coming right back home with us. Hatha yoga paris 13 Which she did, blanket, kibble, toys and all.

Molly Molasses — named by her previous owner for a notable figure of the Penobscot nation — is just about perfect for us. Yoga exercise for weight loss pictures At 39 pounds, she’s fit, lean and energetic. Yoga and pregnancy third trimester Her coat is a wiry grey-brown color, like a terrier’s. Kundalini lighting Her ears are big and floppy, like a hound-dog’s. Yoga poses for insomnia I don’t see a particle of lab in her, and I don’t care. She’s friendly, smart and eager to please.

She’s also a little traumatized by having been removed from the only home she’s ever known, with a kindly human companion who very evidently loved her dearly. Yoga travel jobs In that home, she was isolated from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world. Yoga vinyasa music She was cosseted in her diet and forgiven for occasional toileting transgressions. Ejercicios de yoga para la espalda As it turns out, she’s a bit of a project, after all — but a manageable one, we think.

We feel very fortunate to have intersected with Miss Molly, a good dog who needed a human family just when we needed a dog with whom to share our safe, loving home. Prenatal yoga near me We feel sure we can resolve any small points of friction and we look forward to having several good years with her.

Maybe this is what dog ownership will look like for us in the years ahead — not a 15-year commitment to a cute puppy, but a series of three or four-year commitments to good old dogs who need us as much as we need them. Dru yoga scotland There’s an idea to celebrate, and one I feel sure sweet old Lucy would cheerfully endorse.