Weekend switzer _ what’s in the bag for 2017_

Jacqueline Alwill’s business story might be just four years young, but she’s already managed to cement herself as a leading figure in the health and wellness industry. Prenatal yoga nyc Just ask her 64,000 followers on Instagram.

Her in-demand wholefoods catering company and nutrition practice – two channels of her business The Brown Paper Bag – kicked off by sharing health packs and nutrition on Facebook, setting up a stall at Sydney’s Bondi Farmers Market, and good ol’fashioned word of mouth.

These were just a few of the seeds that helped grow her Sydney-based business into one that’s now brimming with philosophies in good health to be accessed by all people – her ultimate goal.

“Health should be accessible to everyone, and I wanted to make it accessible to everyone, be it from the food they tasted at the market, to my catering business now, or my words in a magazine or when I do speaking and presentations to big groups,” she explains.

Now, Alwill describes The Brown Paper Bag as a business with three main channels. Gentle yoga poses There’s the whole foods catering side, her nutrition practice which includes Skype sessions with clients and corporate workshops, and her work in the media, be it through brand partnerships, writing, or presenting.

She has worked on nutrition and health campaigns with Jurlique, Bioglan Superfoods, and Breville Australia (just to name a few) and is also a regular contributor to Switzer’s RUSSH magazine.

And while it might sound like carrying this brown paper bag requires two arms and lifting from the knee, Alwill has clear systems in place to manage all of the moving parts of her business.

“If you look at say brand partnerships and media products, the planning around that is pretty important. Yoga for lower back pain baba ramdev I’ve got a structured plan about how I like to see the week roll out, whether it be posts, or writing.

Her in-demand catering business is not as easy to work through. Yoga loft london She has staff who support her in the kitchen where she overlooks the creative direction. Yoga practice georgetown ma And at this time of year, it’s all hands on deck.

Maintaining a presence in all facets of her business is vital to Alwill, who is mindful that her audience should always feel her personality – the DNA of her brand.

“I’ve learnt how to shorten my to do list and say no to things that don’t fulfil my purpose, and make sure I’m only saying yes to things that 100% fuel what I want to do for life.”

Speaking to Alwill, you get a sense that she has razor-sharp vision for where her business is headed. Apprendre le yoga Indeed, it has evolved each year since inception. Yoga basics for beginners video In 2015, she was busy recipe testing and creating for her book Seasons to Share, which was published this year. Bikram yoga chicago west loop Now, after four years, she says she still feels like she’s “only scratching at the surface” of what her business can do and that 2017 will be a big year for growth.

But she wouldn’t say the cards just ‘fell’ in her favour. Yoga practice benefits She notes she’s worked hard to ensure her business has a winning edge and stands out from the crowd.

What’s her winning edge? She says it’s her attention to the quality of her products and the way she presents good food and good health to her audience, clients and the media.

“Every job could be your last. Yoga beginner poses You always need to improve on what your last job was. Yoga moves reading ma schedule This industry is becoming very heavily saturated so you always have to reach out and find new ways to be creative with what you’re doing. Superbrain yoga snopes Which is perfect for me, because I love the creative side to things.”

This creative prowess is integral in making sure her message in health is communicated in a clear and digestible way. New yoga dvds 2015 She wants her communication to make people realise how achievable good health is.

While Alwill is aware that she’s far from alone in the health and wellness market, that doesn’t mean she’s constantly looking at what others in the space are doing for creative inspiration. Zenergy yoga toronto Her personal experiences are the ultimate inspiration for her flavours and tastes. Best yoga poses for flat abs From the ages of around nine to 13, she lived in Japan where she would ride her bike down to the shops and order from the locals. Yoga conference She also lived in Italy during university.

“If it’s your own business, you care about it so you want to make sure its running, 24/7, but that doesn’t mean you need to be running with it 24/7.”

Regular exercise, and “getting amongst things” with her six-year-old boy Jet, are the big ones. Yoga melbourne cbd She also practices meditation, and says creating mindfulness around what you do in your outside hours is key so you don’t switch back into work mode.

Despite social media being Alwill’s main marketing tool, she says she’s not a person that’s intermittently scrolling through her social feeds every two seconds. Reflections yoga center She’s got time for one or two posts per day, and says it’s the quality of what she’s sharing, rather than quantity, that’s important.

“The greatest thing you can do is stop comparing everyone else, and that goes so well in this business space, because there is that many other people in my industry. Yoga houston montrose You can sit and constantly compare [yourself] to what everyone else is doing and feel like you’re not keeping up, but that only creates more stress in your life.”

“When we sit back in fear, nothing can happen, you won’t fulfil what you’re dreaming of; but when you actually step into the fear and ultimately put yourself out there … the vulnerability is a really good thing.”

Another powerful message for someone stepping into business, she feels, is summed up neatly in the popular self-mastery quote: The master has failed more times than the novice has tried.

And Alwill will be practicing what she preaches in 2017, by stepping into the unknown with retail ventures in tow. Yoga toronto nsw The Brown Paper Bag could also be coming to a grocery store near you in the not-to-distant future.

“We will look also in the next three or five years at having a product on shelf in grocery stores, which is exciting.” The details of the product are under wraps for now, but she says it will be food-based, not a supplement.

P.S. Yoga en casa para relajarse Naming her favourite recipe ever made by The Brown Paper Bag was inconceivable to Alwill, with some 12 new recipes turned over by the business every week! But from the past seven days or so, she said it would have to be her “healthy golden gaytimes”. Apprendre le yoga seul chez soi Stay tuned for the recipe in next week’s Weekend Switzer.