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The Yoga Space Level 1 Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training is a transformational course which will ground you in both the theory and practice of yoga.Through personal and practicum teaching, the course equips students to share the gift of yoga with joy, confidence and a greater understanding of the deeper dimensions of yoga practice. Yoga dance fusion Registered at the Highest Level with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia.

The course has flexible learning options so that people who work full time or have families can undertake the course.The course is suitable for students from all yoga traditions looking to radically deepen their own practice and share their love of yoga with others. Yoga ballsbridge We are now accepting applications! E-mail to request a prospectus today.

Odette started yoga at The Yoga Space in 2008 to help with stress and fatigue and has never looked back. Indian yoga poses Yoga is now an integral part of her life that helps her have more energy, handle stressful situations and live life more fully. Yoga west chester pa Mainly, yoga just makes her happy!

She started in the morning Mysore practice with Jean and Rob in early 2009 and her morning practice is now a special part of her day to just breathe and be with no interruptions.

In 2012 Odette travelled to Copenhagen to practice with Sharath Jois, grandson of Pattabhi Jois and she made her first trip to Mysore, India to practice with Sharath Jois in 2015 and her second in 2016. Yoga breathing exercises In 2010 Odette enrolled in the Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course and is now a loved teacher here at The Yoga Space. Qi yoga edgewater Odette is also the owner of The Yoga Space North.

Chandrika is a naturopath, experienced senior yoga teacher, lecturer and yoga therapist. Baba ramdev yoga for weight loss in english She is a member of ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association), Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance, SIO (Society of Integrative Oncology), AIMA (Australasian Integrative Medicine Association), former President of the AAYT (Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists) and member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists). Yoga download roku Chandrika has over 15 years clinical experience through her natural health business Surya Health. Yoga poses for sleep deprivation Her private practice of yoga therapy and naturopathy has become specialised in cancer care and she is a sought after presenter in this area. Yoga hawaii big island Chandrika completed a Master of Wellness degree at RMIT University in 2012 where her original research looked at the effect of yoga programs in cancer survivorship. Jnana yoga poses This follows on from many years teaching yoga to people affected by cancer, and acting in a policy and research role for program planning. Yoga youtube She continues to play a leading role in the fields of Yoga Therapy and Integrative Oncology, as well as coordinating the Living Yoga Therapy programs and being the lead presenter in Perth and Asia.

Michelle began yoga in 2004 in Los Angeles to balance out her stressful job establishing and managing her own Information Management consulting company. Dhyana yoga sadhana center Through yoga she was able to connect with a part of herself that she thought she had forgotten due to the busyness of her life. Baba ramdev pranayam video free download Her interest in a love for yoga has grown exponentially since 2004 and upon moving to Perth in 2007 she found her ‘yoga home’ at The Yoga Space where she practices in the Mysore program.

Michelle has undertaken the Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at The Yoga Space and has a particular interest in pre and post natal, and yoga for Active Birth. Moksha yoga edmonton south schedule Michelle has completed specialist pre natal yoga teacher training with Dr Jean Byrne and has completed a Diploma of Childbirth Education to become a certified Childbirth Educator with Childbirth International. Yoga paris tx She is also furthering her learning through workshops with Active Birth proponent Dr Sarah Buckley.

Michelle teaches pre natal, post natal and sometimes The Yoga Space corporate classes. Yoga dancer pose Michelle has made three trips to Mysore, India to study at the KPJAYI with Sharath Jois. Hotbox yoga west philly Michelle also delivers the Yoga Space Yoga Alliance Registered Pre Natal Yoga Teacher Training course in Australia and Asia. Yoga poses for tight hip flexors She is mum to Cassy, born in early 2010.

Laila began the practice of yoga while at high school and found the benefits to be so great that yoga became a regular feature of her life. Yoga for hair growth youtube Laila began with a flowing Vinyasa style of yoga, before she was drawn to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga shakti She is a dedicated student in the morning Mysore program and has completed a Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training course at The Yoga Space.

In 2011 Laila made her first trip to the K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India to undertake intensive Ashtanga Yoga, Sanskrit and Sanskrit chanting study, her second trip in 2012, third in 2013 and fourth in 2014. Yoga bristol nh Laila is also a specialist kids and pre natal yoga teacher, assisting Jean in the Yoga for Pregnancy Baby and Beyond Teacher Training Program.

She has undertaken Yin Yoga teacher training and enjoys sharing the quiet practice of Yin yoga as a complement to more dynamic practices. Yoga in daily life whitestone ny Laila teaches Mysore, Vinyasa and Yin at Yoga Space and her classes accommodate all level of practitioners. Yoga moves nyon She also teaches the Tuesday Ashtanga Beginners course and works at The Yoga Space as our Post-Graduate Mentoring program manager.

Stephen was introduced to yoga at the age of 16 and immediately felt a connection to its benefits. Yoga district dupont After some years of exploring the practice he dedicated himself to the traditional system of Ashtanga Yoga.

On his first trip to Mysore, India in 2006 he practiced with Guruji (Pattabhi Jois) before he passed in 2009. Yoga nyc chelsea On Stephens 3rd and most recent trip to practice under Sharath Jois he delved deeper into the study of traditional chanting and sanskrit. Namaste yoga farm gokarna review Over this three month period his knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga deepened both in theory and practice.

Stephen is passionate about teaching Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional format as taught to him by his teachers, Guruji, Sharath and in Perth by Jean and Rob. Yoga calgary sw He teaches the evening Ashtanga Led and co teaches the morning Mysore classes. Sup yoga houston He also finds Yin Yoga a complement to his daily ashtanga practice.

Stephen is registered with Yoga Australia and has completed Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training with Paul Grilley. Information about yoga and its types He is currently a student of Physiotherapy at Curtin University and is very experienced in working with injuries in a Yoga context.

Sam began the practice of yoga in 2002 in the USA. Bikram yoga richmond facebook She felt drawn to yoga and connected with the flow of Vinyasa practice and then later Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga body naturals She is a dedicated student in the morning Mysore program and made her first trip to the K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in 2010, where she studied Ashtanga Yoga, Sanskrit, Sanskrit chanting and anatomy for two months. Anusara yoga denver She also has a a background in meditation and pranayama.

Having completed her Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training at The Yoga Space, Sam qualified as a pre natal and kids yoga teacher and enjoys teaching yoga to kids, adults and families. Yoga music video download She has also completed training with Eric Schiffman.

For Sam the most important aspect of yoga is its value off the mat, in helping her work with the ups and downs of life and live more fully in the present moment. Yoga retreats uk 2014 Sam also runs ‘Pop up Yoga on Beaufort’ using interesting and diverse spaces in Mt Lawley to deliver Yoga Class.

Study and practice of teaching methodologies such as: Principles of demonstration, communication, assistance, correction, adjustments, instruction, teaching styles, student learning styles, etc.