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It would not take much debate to establish that the original goal of freedom of the press was to keep the voting public informed. Yoga for fertility video It would take even less time to arrive at the agreement that today’s press is incredibly biased — split along ideological issues they ironically have helped create. Bikram yoga wien schottenring They are not fulfilling that goal of simply informing the public.

It reached a crescendo in the latest election with the anti-Trump press clearly treating his opponent, who spent $1 billion and lost, as if she were the anointed winner.

Now as the eve of his term approaches, Mr. Yoga edinburgh scotland Trump essentially asked the media to play fair and properly report his actions to the public to help him heal the country. Yoga a luka providencia horarios They told him to pound sand, so he did what anyone in his position would do and is going to focus on speaking directly to the American people. Yoga in hindi essay I ask you, David — what could be better than the President speaking directly to the people? If the instant, cheap and widely available communications of today’s internet, Twitter, and a President speaking into cameras beamed across the nation were available when the Constitution was written, I suspect they’d have REQUIRED the President to keep us informed in real time. Yoga forum india Directly.

It accomplishes exactly what the Founders wanted — keeping the American public apprised of the President’s actions, his plans and his agenda. Yoga asanas to lose weight Back then the only way to accomplish broad information dissemination was through regular contact with the media. Kundalini yoga mantra music Unfortunately, that route has become a morass of distortion that does the American public no favors.

So now we’re back to basics. My yoga One man speaking to a nation. Pure yoga hong kong Suddenly in this brave new world there might be no “middleman” distorting what the President says to the people. Yoga video online weight loss The liberal press are going to flip!! And clearly so are you, Mr. Yoga feet over head Adler. Yoga space hyattsville In a couple months, you will see Mr. Yoga tips for weight loss in urdu Trump regularly and clearly speaking directly to the American people. Yougamers He will set goals for himself that will be meaningful and actionable. Yoga mat buying tips Then he will go accomplish them. Ashtanga yoga primary series cheat sheet I think we are going to see actual results plainly communicated to us — job numbers, economic indicators changing, energy independence forming.

If the founders of this country could have seen the monstrous impact “the press” has grown into, they’d have picked up their pens to qualify freedom of the press to prevent the abuse of its power. The yoga room astoria If they’d been able to see just a little bit further in the future to the day Donald Trump took the office of President and short-circuited all the press’ bloated powers to re-establish dialogue directly to the American people, they’d have put their pens down, sat back and had a good laugh. Shilpa shetty yoga english Turns out their document covered the bases quite nicely.

I don’t understand all the hate over direct communication to the people. Free yoga videos online youtube I’m excited at the prospect of knowing what’s going on in Washington and I suspect a lot of people will feel the same.

You are referring to a series of reactionary legislative measure made against organized labor during the ‘red scare’ of a hundred years ago. Yoga space kerrville Those laws, even if they are on the books, are no longer valid due to subsequent SCOTUS rulings and superseding federal laws such as the National Labor Relations Act. Desk yoga poses BTW: The ‘losing citizenship’ stuff was aimed at immigrant Roman Catholics and jews.

I have to disagree with you. Yoga edinburgh meadows I do not believe most people are “angry”. Yoga breathing techniques for anxiety I do believe that because of this past campaign, things that were said, things we now know happened, etc. Yoga poses for sacral chakra that it left a large difference of opinion among the voters. Anahata yoga Donald started off with a very negative campaign. Best yoga poses for weight loss for beginners He said things about his competitors to embarrass them, show them in a bad light, made unnecessary personal comments about them. Yoga blogilates I am talking about his fellow Republican contenders. International yoga journal magazine And the people applauded and encouraged this “childish” school type behavior. Yoga free download mp3 When he won the nomination again he responded as a pre-teen ager might with name calling, ugly comments about the various people in the Republican party. Yoga for youth Then he hammered on Hillary, her e-mails and Benghazi. Best yoga poses for weight loss Benghazi, after nine investigations finally concluded that congress had more to do with those dying there, by their lack of appropriating funds for needed things, like defense, than Hillary or the State Dept. Yoga studio calgary downtown Hillary’s e-mail scandal became a big deal but when Powell said, in his e-mail to Hillary, that he used AOL and didn’t save anything, there was never an outcry and especially from the Republicans. Hot yoga edmonton downtown Then the way the FBI released their last letter and it became known that someone, Russia it turned out, was hacking and releasing things to put various people in a bad light and, again…no out cry from the Republican party. Yoga ukiah The party that claims it is so patriotic, so much for America first, so wild in it’s charges of protecting America and it’s people. Yoga practice yakima Now Donald is on another divisive tour. Asanas de yoga para adelgazar He is not trying to unite or put any of this behind but to continue to try to wedge a division in the American people. Bikram yoga san jose Democrats mad because they lost? They are mad at the thought half of the voters applauded and agreed with the divisiveness that their candidate bought forth, spewed during and since the campaign. Ashtanga yoga shala halifax What is wrong with America? Why do so many Republicans feel they have been left out? Out of what? Donald has put forth making America “great again”…how? What needs to be bought back? What is America losing or lost that it needs to be made “great again”?

We can’t blame this on Obama as we have started down a road so different than any in our history except perhaps during Lincoln’s time. Yoga tropics pb What are we missing and how do we fix this? Or do we continue to try to put each other down and keep the divisiveness going?