Truehoop presents_ larry bird reveals the secrets to his 13-year career

The image echoes through basketball’s eternity — confidence, accuracy and excellence all epitomized by a single finger aimed at the heavens. Yoga mat reviews lululemon The multicolored ball hung in the middle of its arc, en route to its iron home, when Larry Bird looked away, still wearing his warm-up jacket, because not even that could slow down arguably the greatest shooter the game has ever known.

A heartbeat earlier, “Larry Legend” had hoisted his final shot in the 1988 3-point contest, an event he had won the previous two years, and he knew as soon as the ball departed from his fingertips that he had won it again.

Ashtanga yoga sequence video He raised his right index finger and walked toward midcourt, while the ball continued along its parabola before splashing through the net.

Before the event, Bird asked his competitors which one of them was finishing second. Yoga pranayama breathing Then, without breaking a sweat, he collected a $12,500 check and his trophy. Breath and body yoga Bird led the NBA in made 3-pointers in 1985-86 and 1986-87, ranked in the top five in three other seasons and spent seven seasons ranked among the league’s 10 best for 3-point field goal percentage. Santa cruz yoga swift street He led the NBA in free throw percentage four times. Yoga classes uk He scored 21,791 points (37th all time), was a 12-time All-Star, and won three NBA titles and three consecutive NBA MVPs. Ashtanga yoga paris horaires But that, of course, was then.

On Wednesday, the Boston Celtics icon and president of the Indiana Pacers turns 60. Yoga chicago south loop Bird spoke recently with ESPN about the nuances of his shooting technique, why he never tired in games, the relief he felt when he retired, the challenge of guiding a new generation of players and more.

Baxter Holmes: I heard a legend that you’re still tough to beat in shooting contests, even as recently as this summer, and that even Paul George still couldn’t beat you?

Larry Bird: Not anymore. Basics of yoga practice God, it had to be five or six years ago. Yoga vancouver island We were on the West Coast. Bikram yoga benefits and risks Last time I can remember [shooting] was at the Clippers facility. Chakras yoga meaning They just handed me a ball and I started making them. Yin yoga … 10 best yoga poses for stress relief That’s about the only time. Yoga poses for relaxation and sleep Maybe when [George] was a rookie, maybe. Downward dog yoga centre I haven’t really shot any for about five years.

LB: It’s funny. What is yoga flow When I retired, I thought I’d really miss it. Benefits of bikram yoga But I really feel like there was a weight lifted off my shoulders. South boston yoga teacher training I couldn’t believe it. Agni yoga poses When I got done with that press conference, I walked out of there and I go, “Well, now I’m just a normal citizen. Kriya yoga techniques hindi My career is over and it feels good.” But when I was coaching, I played against the young guys a little bit — three-on-three, four-on-four. Yoga breathing room And I practiced with the Celtics one year, the year after — well, when I got done, the next year, I had a back fusion. Sunstone yoga dallas It took me about a year to get over that. What is yoga therapy But the next year, I played a little bit with them guys at practice. Bikram yoga austin But I never really had any desire to get out there and work out for an hour and shoot a basketball.

I don’t know why. Yoga life greenlake I think because I spent so much time doing it when I was playing and I worked out so hard in the summers that once it was over, you just move on. Tara yoga centre london It’s time to move on. Bikram yoga exercises at home I do get excited when we play in the playoffs in a big game.

LB: I can remember one year, we were playing Miami in Game 7 and we weren’t playing well and I went, “Man, I wish I could get out there and help Paul [George] and David [West] out a little bit.”

BH: If you have given up shooting, it’s funny that the legends still kind of linger about you being out there, outshooting much younger players. Yoga poses for back pain during pregnancy There was one a while back that you were out there shooting and the Pacers came in and saw you and just stopped and stared and watched you make shot after shot until you left the court?

LB: The problem was, I wasn’t moving. Yoga montreal st laurent I would walk back and forth a little bit. Yoga stretches for upper back pain I wasn’t standing there stationary, but I was sort of [going] from elbow to elbow. Yoga for increasing brain power You’re just talking 16-, 17-foot shots.

LB: No. Fertility yoga youtube I didn’t notice until I quit and somebody said, “Why are you quitting?” I said, “Well, why shoot if you’re making all of them?” [Laughs]

It’s the way I worked out, too. Yoga centre bermuda I go out in the summers and I’d do everything I had to do before I shot last. Inhale yoga If I got out there and I was making everything, I’d go, “Why am I doing this?” So I’d shoot 500 free throws. Charm city yoga fells point But the next day, if I come in and I could tell the ball was going a little bit left on me, I could be there for hours, trying to get it back. Divya yoga shop It’s unbelievable. Ashtanga yoga in new york city When I missed consistently, it was always to the right, inside the lip of the basket. Birkam yoga That’s because the ball would roll off my crooked [right index] finger out here — [motions to the right] instead of there [motions straight ahead]. Best yoga poses to lose weight fast When it started doing that, my hand was sort of going like that [shows a follow-through that fades to the right] instead of down. Ramdev yoga for weight loss It took you forever [to fix it]. Iyengar yoga poses names It could take me an hour to get it back. Yoga bristol vt So when I went through slumps, when I would miss a shot, it would hit on the inside right and spin out or hit straight back. Yoga pilates freiburg It never was long. Bikram yoga san jose meridian It was always the same miss.

LB: Yeah, I told Paul [George] — his shot is really looking better now because when he first came in the league, his hand was sort of going across [motions a follow-through that veers toward the right] like that on his shot. Yoga pants pics tumblr You could see it. Videos de yoga para embarazadas And now he’s got that thing almost in a perfect position. Yoga for asthma video We were talking and I said, “You finally got that ball where you needed to get it about three years ago.” When he gets in shooting slumps, it’s the same thing. Yoga for concentration with pictures It’s like you’re spinning the ball like that — well, it’s not quite like that. Corporate yoga benefits I’m exaggerating. Prana yoga miami But his hand will start going that way instead of up and through.

LB: Right. Dahn yoga exercises I said [to Paul George], “I see that you finally got the ball in the right space.” He said, “What do you mean?” I said, “Well, you’re starting to knock down shots because your hand’s in the right position when you’re following through. Power yoga for weight loss youtube It’s not shooting off to the right.” But I tell these guys — I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a lot of experience. Prenatal yoga I’ve been around for 36 years in this league. Laughter yoga manchester That’s what happens when you get older. Yoga poses for beginners You watch all these practices and these games and you figure these guys out. Ashtanga yoga mantra audio But that’s all I got, is that experience. Namaste yoga I always tell them, I don’t know if I’m right. Uptown sunstone yoga schedule Through my experiences, this is how it happened.

LB: It’s interesting. Yoga ottawa When I was in the sixth grade, we had to go in before school and shoot free throws and lift a little bit. Pilates plus oc Not like they do. Yoga poses to lose weight But they had a roller — a wrist thing.

LB: [Nods yes.] So my coach said, “You’re going to get your wrist stronger.” He was the varsity coach. Yoga chair pose So I did that all the time. Moksha yoga winnipeg And I still think today that’s one of the reasons I was able to shoot the way I shot. Yoga london uk That, to me, changed everything. Rodney yee am yoga youtube I was in the sixth grade — what, 10, 12 years old.

LB: It was a slingshot … Yoga tapes online but, more than anything, I [worked] on my wrists. Yoga in I don’t know why. Yoga for diabetes by baba ramdev in hindi He was telling me, “Your wrists have got to get stronger.” And I would tell kids, when they start, 8, 9, 10 years old, I would do wrist exercises because they could get the ball instead of down here [around the chest], they could get it up here [above the shoulders]. Sumits yoga tempe It’s interesting hearing that [Durant] did that, because to me, I always thought that was the key for me when I was young.

LB: I guarantee you, I did it, and that made a big difference in my game. Prenatal yoga first trimester video It was that and my left hand. Yoga for surfers 3 I was always told you have to be able to dribble with both hands and use both hands normal.

LB: Just pound, pound, pound [the ball with my left hand]. Beginner yoga classes chicago That’s all I did. Yoga rope wall measurements Plus the wrist exercises. Beginner yoga poses youtube I did the wrist exercises more than I lifted weights. Yoga fitness I was sort of like Kevin. What is yoga therapy used for To hell with the weights. Yoga today meditation I thought basketball would make me strong enough. Maha yoga philadelphia pa But the wrist exercises were the key to everything I did.

BH: With as far as science and medicine has come, players today should be in the best shape ever. Yoga one houston midtown schedule But some of the methods from the old days were by far better.

LB: The one thing I would’ve liked to have had was core strength. Bikram yoga dallas I remember [Robert] Parrish never touched the ball in the summer, but he did yoga. Inhale yoga venice That’s a major part of it — stretching and breathing. Mandala yoga studio budapest But me, I had to run my 3 miles to warm up. Yoga ottawa east I had to ride my bike 12½ miles. Earth yoga palma de mallorca I had to sprint. Yoga instructor salary nyc I always felt that I had to do more, more, more. Pilates plus encino That’s why I broke down. Pranayama techniques and benefits That core strength, I think, would’ve taken care of most of that, other than the conditioning.

BH: I heard there were times in the afternoon when opposing teams would come into the arena for a walk-through and they’d hear footsteps on the concourse and it would be you, running.

LB: Probably. Yoga room round rock But I couldn’t [not do all that running]. True yoga singapore schedule I had that thing in my body that told me to get up and go — that clock. Light on yoga kindle When it’s time to run, you go run. Yoga poses for neck pain That’s just the way I was. Be yoga milano via botta I remember my second year in the league, we were in the All-Star Game in New Jersey, and Artis Gilmore told me, “Man, you’re really a good player, Larry. Living yoga valencia You’re going to be great. Yoga during pregnancy for normal delivery But if you keep playing the way you’re playing, you’re not going to last long.” I said, “I can’t play any other way. Bikram yoga adelaide That’s the way I play.”

LB: I think it was how hard I was playing. Yoga exercises to lose weight fast He never worked out. Yogurt But I knew it. Best yoga mat on amazon I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Bikram yoga houston tx I knew I was breaking down. Home yoga studio design ideas It was just the way it is. Best yoga videos on amazon prime I had this desire to win every game and the only way I felt, in my mind, that I could do that was to be in the best condition.

BH: I talked to Pop [Gregg Popovich] about the art of trying to extend guys’ careers and he told me one of the toughest things was making sure the player is on the same page and is looking at the big picture and not just that night’s game.

LB: One game. Yoga journal My thoughts were always that that night was the most important game in the world. Yoga increase brain power Everybody in the world was watching that one game. Ashtanga yoga mantra mp3 And I had to be the best player on the court and win that game that night. Uptown yoga lakewood schedule That was my mentality, and it stuck with me all the way through my career. Yoga poses for beginners with pictures But knowing that, I knew that I was going to pay for it in a hard way. Bikram yoga boston financial district That’s probably why, when I retired, after the press conference, I probably felt relief.

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