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So the other day I was taking a break after my daily workout. Uptown yoga schedule Wearing yoga pants and my favorite “Recycle the Dolphins” T-shirt, I was browsing through the local paper while having a cup of no fat plain yogurt. Yoga journal conference san francisco 2016 Just as I was about to turn to the comics an article about yet another scientific study caught my eye.

It seems that a group of eminent psychologists, under the direction of the esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Yoga retreats 2015 california Robert Joseph Clapper, have completed a yearlong study and discovered several differences between men and women. Yoga poses benefits I know, I thought the same thing; I had to go back and read that line again.

Yoga for piles by baba ramdev The article stated one of the biggest differences between men and women found in the study led by Dr. Power yoga exercises for beginners Clapper is that men and women shop differently. Qi yoga perth You know, like at the mall. Yoga place Christmas shopping.

Well, just to be honest, I was a bit taken back. Postnatal yoga austin I mean, I thought everybody — at least all hunters and fishermen — knew that men and women do not shop the same. Yoga for hair growth results These differences all stem from many moons ago when our ancestors were living a nomadic life and their survival depended on hunting and being able to knock over an occasional Irish elk or Woolly Mammoth.

The men were out every day hunting, or at least acting like they were hunting so they could get away from the women for a while. Baba ramdev yoga diet weight loss The women stayed in camp, tended the fires, picked a few berries, and complained to each other about the men. Yoga hosers full movie So it is easy to see how in modern times when men go out to look for something, they go directly to the source, get the item they want and go home; they are tired of being on the trail all the time.

Women, on the other hand, are influenced by their ancestors who grew tired of hanging around the campsite all day, seeing to the fire and scraping mammoth hides. Yoga articles 2016 When they get a chance to get out in the wide world and shop, they are going to make a day of it and make it count.

So you are asking yourself once again, what does any of this have to do with an outdoor column? Well, glad you asked, because once again your intrepid outdoor writer (me) is at your service to help you during this stressful shopping season. Yoga poses for abs muscles You ladies out there are once again faced with wandering in the labyrinth of hunting supplies, trying to figure out what to get for husbands, sons, dads and uncles. Yin yoga at home For the guys out there, if a lady in your life hunts, you want to know where to go get it and be done.

Some picks that will bring smiles: CZ-USA Upland Ultralight Shotgun. Yoga room ideas You knew I could not do this list without adding a shotgun, so here goes. Yoga nidra network The Upland Ultralight is a well-put-together over and under shotgun and the 12-gauge model weighs six pounds, that’s right. Pregnancy yoga exercises for normal delivery Six pounds. Best yoga asanas for memory and concentration Longtime readers can refer to Case’s Shotgun Theorem No. Best yoga poses for hip flexors 4, “You do a whole lot more carrying a shotgun than you do shooting it.” Any bird hunter will tell you a lightweight shotgun is a blessing.

New for this year is the CZ Upland Ultralight Green; green on the receiver really sets this gun off; it is pretty. Yoga stretches for lower back and hamstrings As always, the price tag on CZ-USA guns is what really makes you take a second look. Yoga nidra steps You will not find a comparable over and under shotgun anywhere near this price. Yoga sequences intermediate Manufacturer’s suggested retail on this gun is $762.

Seth McGinn’s Can Cooker. Yoga magazine jobs This cooker is a slam-dunk gift for anyone, men and women. Prenatal yoga positions third trimester Based on an old tradition of cowboys cooking in a cream can on cattle drives, Seth McGinn improved on that idea and gave us the best camp-cooking tool since the iron skillet. Sadhana yoga In short all you do is throw your goodies in the Can Cooker —ribs, chicken, sausage, veggies, whatever. Music for yoga practice youtube Put in your favorite seasonings (the Can Cooker comes with its own line of wonderful seasonings), throw the Can Cooker on the fire, stove, or any heat source and sit back and listen to your buddies tell more lies.