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After only 8 weeks, season 7 of The Walking Dead is paused! Are you feeling helpless? Your screen remains desperately black? Here is what we advise you to mater!

For all tastes ! For eight weeks, AMC (and OCS in France) delighted us with season 7 of The Walking Dead, for which we wondered about the next dead! But this Sunday, no episode! The series, like many others, has paused and will not return until 12 February. Dhyana yoga center In order to fill this sidereal vacuum which assaults our meltynautes, we decided to advise you some shows able to make you hold the next weeks.

With the hiatus of the Christmas holidays, hardly any of our series is broadcast. My yoga works reviews This period is therefore the ideal opportunity to embark on one or more binge watching.

Face yoga method ebook If you missed the phenomenon Westworld , it is time for you to find out why the latest addition to HBO as much done talking. Yoga in reading pa The 10 episodes of the first season may look like a long film that does not make you pleasantly missed his head . Basic yoga poses beginners chart However, you will not have to torture yourself before getting the answers to your questions … well almost. Yoga tree stanyan Another series that will surely ask you: The OA, the novelty of Netflix for which we give you 3 reasons for binge-watcher.

Some of you must love these series in which our heroes are caught in the midst of a conspiracy they can not get rid of. Yoga mudrasana wikipedia This hiatus may be your chance to catch the first part of Season 2 of Quantico , but the first part of the first season of Designated Survivor . Yoga poses benefits each pose The latter continues to surprise us from episode to episode and do not fail to remind us 24 . Bikram yoga montreal Not just because the two share the same main actor, but also by its construction and evolution of its twisted plot. Pilates plus malibu In this registry, our latest favorite is called Shooter . Hyp yoga Only 5 episodes have been broadcast so far and as much to say, the suspense is at its height. Postpartum yoga poses Not a single episode fails to surprise us and offer us a good rebound. Yoga routine for weight loss and toning The story tells us to follow Bob Lee Swagger, one of the best snipers in the world, accused of trying to kill the President of the United States. Sunstone yoga austin While the authorities tried to find him, some tried to kill him and tried everything to prove his innocence. Acro yoga by equinox Small bonus, the series just got a Season 2 and allergic to the VOSTFR, Shooter is already available in VF.

Three new features have landed in the American television landscape in recent weeks: Mars, Incorporated and Falling Water . Kundalini yoga poses pictures photos The first is a creation of National Geographic Channel and consists of only 6 episodes that take you on a mission to the red planet. Yoga sports science The series is anchored in the real with documentary passages, which does not lack originality. Open space yoga The second led us in 2074, where multinationals took control of the Earth following several climatic disasters. Full yoga workout for weight loss In this context, a young executive from one of these companies tries to destroy the system from within. Morning laughter yoga exercises Finally, the third plunges us into the realm of dreams. The yoga room cleveland Here, three strangers realize that they dream of different parts of the same dream. Sumits yoga chandler Little by little, they realize that the future of the world is in their hands. Ashtanga yoga primary series chart It’s beautiful, well written, well done and well played and we recommend it. Yoga a luka manuel montt Note that it does not fail to make us think sense8 , the Christmas Special, previous season 2, will be available on December 23 on Netflix!

The revelation of the season is undoubtedly Speechless , we highly recommend! But there is another comedy that debuted much talked less: American Housewife . Yoga bodybuilding The story takes us into the daily life of a housewife in a suburban town where all women are addicted to Yoga and Healthy food … which is not the case with our good heroine Rounder than the local average and having much more difficulty managing her family and husband. Yoga pictures for 1 The series does not fail to make us laugh and we offers a secondary character gallery all the more delicious than the other . Yoga for you The radius binge-watching, feel free to melt for Mom, Younger or the last born: the delirious People of Earth !

If there is a series to catch up if you have not seen, there is obviously the sumptuous This Is Us . Yoga house of charleston While we might think that it is over-sold, this is definitely not the case and you just need to run the pilot to get yourself trapped. Jivamukti yoga Another series that captivates us for several weeks is called Eyewitness . Beginning yoga moves This one proposes to follow Philip and Lukas, two young adolescents in love, witnesses of a triple homicide, but desperately want to keep their relationship secret, they decide to be silent. Yoga classes london city However, Philip’s adoptive mother is the sheriff, determined to discover the identity of the killer, who is ready for anything to erase her traces. Absolute yoga schedule The scenario is extremely well put together, the imagery is neat and actors are definitely good . Yoga software for pc Finally, lighter, feel free to discover Star , the novelty of creative Empire . Yoga timer app Music, murder, guetto and hairdresser are at the rendezvous!

You noticed, no zombiesque series among the few series proposed during the hiatus winter. Asha yoganandan However, it is not lacking blood: the formidable Vikings . Pure yoga west prices For four seasons, she continues to delight us with her neat writing, her talented actors, magnificent scenery and magnificent imagery. Prenatal yoga sequence third trimester Besides, you can now discover the synopsis and promotional photos for episode 14 of season 4 of Vikings, who offer us new hope for Ragnar! Note that other new products have been launched in recent weeks as Pure Genius, Good Behavior and Chance ! What are you going to watch while waiting for the return of The Walking Dead?