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Yogendra Sunder Desai, better known as Yog Sunder, has the distinction of being India’s senior most dancer today, being in his tenth decade. Hotbox yoga west philly At 95, he has seen change over not just one era, but several. Yoga poses for tight hip flexors And that is just the start of his very interesting story.
Yog Sunder’s maternal grandfather was the Diwan of the State of Limbdi in Gujrat, which enjoyed a nine-gun salute during the British period.

Yoga for hair growth youtube His father ‘Darbar’ Gopaldas was the Inamdar of Baroda state, in addition to being ruler of Dhasa state. Yoga shakti Because the state was small, it allowed the aristocracy closeness with the ordinary people. Yoga bristol nh This closeness was reflected in the king and his subjects dancing the Dandiya together. Yoga in daily life whitestone ny In any case, in all Vaishnavite homes, singing and dancing was the norm. Yoga moves nyon Of all the four brothers, it was only Yogendra who took to the arts in a big way.
Watching a performance by Uday Shankar in the 1930s, Yog Sunder realised instantly that the arts were his calling. Yoga district dupont Inspired by Gandhi, his father was one of the first royals to renounce his title and join the freedom movement. Yoga nyc chelsea The boy participated in Gandhiji’s ‘Vanar Sena’ while studying at Kashi Vidyapeeth, Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Dakshinamurthy and Santiniketan, all nationalist institutions as opposed to British schools.
Tagore’s university was very popular then because of its connection with the freedom movement. Namaste yoga farm gokarna review “Shantiniketan was a craze among Gujaratis, as it was the first institution that introduced dance, music and painting in the midst of nature, in a gurukul kind of system. Yoga calgary sw Once, when Gujarati students complained about the food, Gurudev said that we need to go with the majority. Sup yoga houston When the count was taken, the Gujarati contingent was found to be the largest. Information about yoga and its types In fact, Gurudev introduced the Garba in Santiniketan,” recalls Yog Sunder.
Life at Shantiniketan was spartan but culturally rich. Bikram yoga richmond facebook They studied painting with Nandlal Bose, Manipuri dance with Guru Thambam Thamba and Kathakali with Guru Kelu Nair. Yoga body naturals It was at the prodding of his Kathakali guru that Yog Sunder decided to travel to Kerala for advanced training in Kathakali. Anusara yoga denver Those were years where little was known about different parts of India and even less about the arts of those parts.
With little money at hand, Yog Sundar rented a place near Kalamandalam, where he met the poet Vallathol, and began intensive training. Yoga music video download To fund his training he lived by his wits, showing immense enterprise by selling the well-known bags from Shantiniketan and occasionally going off to Bombay to dance as a guest artiste in the many groups that were set up in the flush of the nationalist movement.
In one production created at that time by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, ‘Jai Somnath’, he partnered Nayana Jhaveri, the famous Manipuri dancer who played Chaula Devi to his Raja Bhim Dev.
In Kerala, the young dancer broke many taboos. Yoga retreats uk 2014 He learnt Krishnattam secretly from a guru whose name he has never disclosed, because outsiders were not allowed to be taught this temple-ritualistic dance done only by Brahmins of a temple attached to the Guruvayur temple. Yoga source santa fe schedule In fact, there was so much secrecy around this art that non-Brahmins were not even allowed to watch! What he has no hesitation in sharing is the fact that he paid his guru the princely sum of 8 and two mundus (lower garments).
He also learnt some Mohiniattam from 80-year-old guru Kochmalu Amma. City yoga st augustine He even underwent a course of extensive traditional massage that stretched over seven years, to bring flexibility to the body, which may well be the cause of his good health today.
When he took to professional dance, it was in exciting times. Lotus yoga loft He worked with the path-breaking group of the iconic dancer Ram Gopal in Bangalore and partnered the actress dancer Sadhona Bose, working on new ideas, concepts and choreographies. Yoga asana sanskrit names It was a time of great research, study and ethnographic discoveries of arts that would have otherwise languished. Earth yoga palma It was a time when India was getting to know itself in all its diverse cultural glory, and learning to take pride in her heritage. Yoga manly vale For five years, Yog Sunder wrote a column in a Guajarati paper called , in which he wrote about the ideas contained in the Natyashastra. Easy yoga exercises for losing weight In practice and theory, he was democratising the cultural knowledge and wealth of India, making it easily available to many.
In 1948 he founded the Indian Revival Group (IRG), as he was full of ideas and needed his own group to work with. Lotus yoga retreat goa india Of course, this decision brought a huge financial burden, but as he had lived spartanly for so many years, Yog Sunder thought it would be possible. Yoga hareketleri resimli His first production was ‘Mahabharat’ but it didn’t do well.
He then created a mosaic of folk and classical dances called ‘Dances of India’ which was well received, not just in India but overseas as well. Yoga hareketleri isimleri This was performed for soldiers in inhospitable border terrain, on makeshift stages made of tin trunks roped together with the lights of trucks serving as illumination. Yoga montreal west They loved it. Yoga for you dedham It was performed in jails, industrial townships and for farmers in the interiors and for students. Surya yoga venice After all, he was driven by the Gandhian spirit of upliftment, not profit! The respect that the group received with drums and pipes playing in their honour was enough for the IRG.
Dance scholar and historian Ashish Mohan Khokar, who has recently dedicated one edition of his annual dance journal ‘Attendance’ to Yog Sundar Desai writes, “In 1954, Yog Sunder›s IRG went to Egypt through the Indian National Theatre of Bombay to entertain a chartered cruise ship SS Independence of over 500 Americans. Yoga teacher training dubai 2013 Indian artistes had to join the ship in Port Said and give six dance shows on each day of that travel from Port Said to Bombay. Yoga poses for neck shoulder pain One lecturer Ajit Mukherjee also went to introduce the shows and a yogi to teach yoga! The shows were a raving success, but earned little for Yog Sunder”.
The reworked version of ‘Dances of India’, called ‘Rhythms of India’, created first in 1955 has stood the test of time, and continues to dazzle, both Indian and foreign audiences, even as it is continuously evolving. Sahaja yoga He had the honour of performing before the first prime minister and President of India at Rashtrapati Bhawan in 1957.
He has represented India in many countries along with his Indian Revival Group (IRG), winning awards at dance festivals in Iraq and Turkey. Yoga instructor jobs nj For a tour of the Middle East in 1959-1960, the troupe went by land via Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza to Kuwait. Christian yoga youtube In Kabul, they performed at a girl’s college. My yoga journal On seeing that Indian girls where performing freely on stage, the Afghan girls decided to remove their burqas when they went home, in protest against the fact that they did not enjoy similar freedoms! In Kuwait, no public shows were allowed, as women’s dance was believed to be against the tenets of Islam, but they gave shows for the Indian community and oil companies. Bikram yoga voorhees groupon In Gaza, they even performed for UN forces. Yoga shops at legacy Desai remembers fondly the performance they did before Jackie Kennedy and heads of state. IRG was the first dance group to be recorded by Doordarshan.
Personally, Yog Sunder Desai has sacrificed a lot for dance and the cultural life of India. Hatha yoga description He did it as ‘nishkama karma’: duty with no care for rewards. Baptiste yoga training Possibly that was the reason he was ignored by the Establishment for a long time. Divya yoga products list However, in 2008 the Sangeet Natak Akademi conferred on him an award that dance aficionados felt was too little, too late.