The perfect balance

Ramdev walks on his hands at Infocom on Saturday to show how fit he is. My yoga exchange He said he was nearing 50 and thanked yoga since the age of nine for having “both my hardware and software in shape”. Yoga chair pose twist Picture by Mayukh Sengupta

Calcutta, Dec. Pranayama techniques for beginners 3: Yoga televangelist Ramdev today lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “courage” in taking the demonetisation decision but struck a deft balance by refusing to question the motive behind Mamata Banerjee’s opposition, saying “she is doing what she is doing because of the problems the common people are facing”.

“It (demonetisation) is a historic, courageous, long-term decision with a far-reaching positive impact,” Ramdev told this newspaper on the sidelines of Infocom, the business, technology and leadership conference organised by the ABP Group, which publishes The Telegraph.

Claiming ownership of the idea of demonetisation, the “unpaid ambassador” of Patanjali said the slump in the markets was temporary and the nation would eventually benefit.

“Three months will be challenging, yes. Yoga journal conference nyc 2013 But in the next fiscal, the GDP and the growth rate will go up, the currency will appreciate,” he added.

Ramdev said he had given the idea to UPA stalwarts seven years ago and none had opposed it. Bikram yoga locations sydney He said Pranab Mukherjee, now President and then minister, had told him it was a “good idea”.

“As had the then Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, who is known for his silence.

Meditation music zen He too had said it’s the correct step. Beginner yoga poses chart You can go and ask him whether it’s true or not…. Yoga poses for back pain That he has started talking over this is also historic,” he said during a session titled “Self-transformation leading to societal transformation”.

“Modiji yog kartey hain, weh abhi Pradhan Mantri hain. Hottest yoga poses Rahulji viyog kartey hain, weh wahin ke wahin reh gaye (Modi does yoga, he is now Prime Minister. Ramdev yoga for weight loss free download Rahul does not, he is where he was),” he added.

Ramdev said he did not think Mamata was opposed to demonetisation in principle and believed that her movement was for the sake of the masses,

“She is doing what she is doing because of the problems the common people are facing. Gentle yoga sequence for seniors The glitches in the procedure, the lack of money in ATMs, the long queues outside banks…. Am yoga schedule Otherwise, I don’t think she has a stake in it,” he added.

“Mamataji’s individual life is impressive and her simplicity commands respect. Chakra yoga class She wears Hawaii chappals and saris worth Rs 200. Free online yoga for weight loss She lives in a small hut. Yoga sport dallas I do not have any questions about her integrity or her own life,” Ramdev said.

Some BJP leaders have been attributing her opposition to demonetisation to alleged corruption and possession of black money but they have not furnished any evidence to substantiate the allegations.

Earlier in the day, after a meeting with governor Keshari Nath Tripathi, Ramdev said he neither believed Mamata had black money nor did he think she was fighting in favour of black money.

Asked if he thought the Bengal chief minister’s movement was aimed at securing her a place in national politics, he said: “If somebody has the desire to be more relevant to national politics, it is all right.”

He added: “There cannot be any question regarding her political credibility. Yoga poses to lose weight in a week If the son of a chaiwala can become Prime Minister, Mamataji can also become Prime Minister.”

“Yoga and karmyoga, I live by these. Speech on yoga in english I am also a conscious citizen who loves this country a great deal. Yoga vinyasa flow When there is a political crisis affecting statecraft, I raise my voice. Yoga for stomach fat I will never contest elections,” he said.

Asked whether demonetisation had affected Patanjali Ayurved, Ramdev said: “Patanjali’s growth has increased all over. Yoga campbell I have been conducting meetings all over the country. Office chair yoga poses We are doing even better.”

He said Patanjali was in the process of setting up a special economic zone over 100 acres in Nagpur, which would serve as its hub for exports.

“I will not neglect this holy land. Yoga life society The British empire derived a chunk of its wealth by robbing Bengal. Yoga yoga song I will do my bit for Bengal to flourish again,” he said.