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The landscape was transformed! Fields of tall grasses were suddenly negotiable, and pathway intersections were somehow less obvious. Yoga poses for weight loss in a week The snow encouraged us to move differently in this space, brushing off every bench and bridge that we passed, and slowing down to notice animal tracks. Meditation music for kids We found slugs under bushes, and even a vole! We are careful to let the snow geese eat in peace so they will have the strength to migrate, rather than chasing them to watch them dramatically take flight. Yoga poses for abs This is children learning to self-regulate, Nature-School style!

At our last team meeting, Heidi shared an observation that was thought provoking for all of us. Yoga asanas for beginners weight loss Most days, but certainly not all, we bring quite a lot of equipment with us; scarves.

Youtube yoga with adriene play dishes, working tools, ropes etc. Hot box yoga west philly She noticed that once we stop our wagon to settle in a play space, the children madly rush to the wagon, grab at various materials and use them in a rather frantic way. Power yoga for weight loss in hindi We all agreed that we had also noticed this reaction. Yoga nidra text deutsch We wondered, is this reaction useful and productive for their play? Are the children getting ‘stuck’ in their play, re-creating the same scenes, rather than exploring new avenues? What could we do differently to entice and provocate the children to new learning paths?

Many years ago, Kate and I were privileged to take an inspiring workshop with Dr Sylvia Kind; for one intensive week, we explored materials, digging deep into the core of creativity. Iyengar yoga berlin This workshop affected us both in a profound way and has woven throughout our work. Ramdev yoga for weight loss after pregnancy Sylvia urged us to think about “What can materials do” not “What can we do with materials?” These sentences might seem the same but they invoke an entirely different experience. Sivananda yoga centre toronto Bridging this idea to Heidi’s observation was completely natural. Purple yoga fullerton class schedule Rather than us bringing things to the natural environment, we want to open the door for the environment to bring more to us.

This concept is something we have discussed and worked with before; the land provides opportunities all the time; the change of seasons, the presence or lack of certain animals/plants and the changing landscape all allow for rich experiences. Yoga for surfers 1 But, we had drifted away- just slightly, but we had drifted. Power yoga poses to lose weight fast So we are now in a new mindset- less is more. Wild lotus yoga new orleans Bring less, allow the magical land to bring us to new places and build our relationships in a meaningful way. Prenatal yoga video youtube We will still bring “stuff” but when we do, it will be with a lot of reflection and thinking about purpose.

Given the major political event that occurred this week, it seems timely to discuss and introduce the idea of our preschool children being citizens of our community; our municipality; our province; our country; our world. Yoga baby This term is something we have discussed in depth at team meetings in the past as it is an integral part of the core teachings in Reggio Emilia. Bikram yoga dubai schedule Now, more than ever, I think we need to see these young children as powerful and able citizens who can contribute to our community both now and in the future. Prenatal yoga exercises third trimester Working together to create citizens who are open minded, respectful to the natural world, kind, generous in spirit, positive, deep thinkers, supportive of varying ideas and ideologies, and rule breakers ( in the most beneficial ways) are just some of the attributes we want to develop. Open doors yoga taunton Walk with us, please, hand in hand, to support this type of growth in our young citizens!

It had been a long time coming, and I mean a really long time coming! I had been thinking about wheat day for over a year and yesterday it finally happened! It truly was like a dream come true for me– sharing my passion for growing wheat, processing it and cooking with it, was something very important to me. Open door yoga studio I don’t know why exactly; perhaps it is the sheer delight of growing something so basic and being able to incorporate it into our lives; perhaps it is the connection to the outside world since wheat is grown all over the world; perhaps it is the beauty of the wheat stalk when it rustles and sways in the wind on a hot summer day before its harvest; whatever it is, wheat is captivating and alluring. Yoga pictures And, not just to me, but to all these other folks too- hurray!

We learned about wheat, we threshed it and made very loud noises in the barn, we experimented with winnowing, we ground the kernels into flour and used it in our lunch. Absolute yoga amsterdam schedule Chef Andrea brought the wheat to life in a delectable flatbread with caramelized onions and a wheat berry salad fit for royalty! Her flavour combos were delectable and everyone enjoyed many helpings of each- thank you Andrea!

I think, underlying all of this experience, is the way that food connects people. Yoga one houston heights schedule I am enchanted by our community– children of all ages and their dedicated parents coming out on a rainy Saturday to share in something that really was quite magical. Yin yoga definition I believe everyone who joined us yesterday would give thanks for our land, our ability to grow food, and our City for providing spaces like the Red Barn to gather together. Yoga hareketleri youtube This week will commence with deep gratitude.

Tree painting with water – the impermanence of the water marks doesn’t seem to matter! We wonder what is appealing about this activity: the water marks that disappear? the novelty of materials, including the act of painting on trees, rather than the usual paper? Partly, we think, but we also wonder if the act of transforming the physical appearance of the tree trunk offers the children a sense of empowerment? What other opportunities can we find to support their sense of self as powerful and transformative?