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Recently, I was interviewed by YogaCityNYC’s Alystyre Julian about making playlists for yoga classes. Yoga international yoga nidra It’s always an honor to be interviewed by YogaCityNYC, and I love to hear the philosophies of the other teachers featured. Yoga house groupon See the article here.

The article text is actually quite abbreviated, understandably, so here is the full text I wrote about my playlist philosophy, which stems from the guidance of all my teachers at Jivamukti (scroll down to read it).

I teach vinyasa yoga in the Jivamukti Yoga lineage.

Yoga toronto groupon In our method, using sound* as well as silence is an integral part of the class experience. Iyengar yoga manly vale One the five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga is Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound. Doing yoga everyday for a month My teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life, have inspired us to use sound creatively in class in order to support the rhythm of breath and movement, to uplift the spirit, to inspire the students to go deeper into their practice, and to teach deep listening. Open doors yoga plymouth In the Jivamukti teacher training, we experimented with practicing to different types of music and observing the effect that it has on our bodies and minds.

Natalie Ullman, my first Jivamukti teacher, once spoke with me about the idea of the music in class creating a “force field” around the students. Descargar musica mantras kundalini yoga gratis That idea and the way she phrased it has deeply inspired and shaped the way I create playlists. Best yoga dvd for beginners 2013 I hope to create an atmospheric, hypnotic feeling with music that takes you inside, that can bring about a meditative state, devoid of thinking. Vinyasa yoga studio The music has to be at a certain volume (not too soft, not too loud) to create that dimensional, immersive experience. Isha yoga news It’s as if the music is wrapping around the practitioners and protecting them.

Every class I teach at Jivamukti has a philosophical and asana theme, and I always choose music to support that theme. Yoga source los gatos schedule Sanskrit mantras have a powerful resonance that builds that force field in the mind. Yoga works Longer ambient tracks work best to maintain a trance-like state. Yoga types chart (Shorter tracks can create a choppy, interrupted feeling, which is counter productive for the continuous flow of vinyasa). Yoga journal magazine free download It’s very rare that I use a track with English lyrics; it’ll only be in the playlist if it has a message that’s connected to the theme of the class.

Otherwise, I find lyrics to be distracting. Pilates plus studio Music that the students might already know from another context could take their mind off the practice, out of the present moment, and bring them into prior associations and memories, encouraging the mind to formulate thoughts, likes, and dislikes. Absolute hot yoga gerrards cross Music has a vey powerful influence on the mind, the emotions, and the nervous system, so I think it’s important, as a yoga teacher, to be a caretaker; not to be aggressive and manipulative in the use of music in a yoga class.

My mentor at Jivamukti, Narayani (Nicole Nichols), is an expert on the subtle body, and she uses music as a way to connect with the subtle body and its energies. Ejercicios de yoga para bajar el abdomen Her way of thinking inspires me. Yoga day images free download Sometimes, when I make a playlist, I think of it as the expression of the crackling of energy through the nadis (the subtle body’s channels), the energy moving up through the chakras. Yoga studio app review That energy has arcs, spirals, highs, lows, and finally a still point.

Swami Satchidananda coined the phrase “unity in diversity” and this is something my teacher David Life has emphasized too. Baptiste yoga sf Using diverse music from different sources and styles (electronic, ambient, world, mantras) and music in a variety of languages and from different sacred traditions, creates an atmosphere that unites the class.

I used to do a lot of research on iTunes to find ambient, atmospheric music, and in the past I’ve used music from lesser-known, subtle film soundtracks, because they usually have a sense of a story and atmosphere. Yoga styles and benefits But nowadays, the main source of music is my wife, Nora Heilmann. Pure yoga She’s an artist and a Jivamukti yoga teacher and an avid music researcher. Best yoga youtube for beginners She listens to new music all the time, and shares it with me. Power yoga manly But we put our playlists together quite differently, so they’re never similar. Tara stiles youtube yoga solution Nora plays the Didgeridoo and harmonium, so sometimes she’ll play live music in classes I teach.

Jivamukti means free spirit, so it was fitting that I kicked off my Independence Day weekend at Jivamukti Union Square with Tamar Samir. Yoga today Auspiciously, I discovered that July 4th is also the birthday of Jivamukti founder Sharon Gannon. Ananda yoga poses Tamar Samir began class with reverence to Sharon. Yoga living “She dedicates her life to helping others be free,” said Tamar who then led us in call and response and then unison chanting of a mantra honoring the guru.

As Tamar shared the English translation, I learned that the guru is not only a literal person who guides us, but also the inner presence that is always with us, leading us toward enlightenment.

I tried to connect with this inner guru throughout class as an antidote to my common feeling that I am somewhat lost and in need of outer guidance.

We also chanted Patanjali’s Sutra 2:29 listing the eight limbs of the yogic path. Kripalu yoga poses “Dedicate your practice to the benefit of someone,” Tamar suggested as we paused in Tadasana. Prenatal yoga classes brooklyn As we lengthened into our first Downward Facing Dog, Tamar translated the eight limbs for us. Yoga for stomach muscles “The first four are active, having to do with our outward relationships with self and others,” she said. Mysore yoga paris This was a lot of information to take in, and she let it settle while we moved more vigorously through Sun Salutations, including Warrior Poses and Chair.

Then Tamar continued, “The second four, beginning with ‘Pratyahara’ are less physical; they relate to control of our senses, concentration, meditation, and ecstasy. Yoga for Pratyahara, which means drawing our senses inward, is the focus of the month at Jivamukti. Pregnancy yoga poses for back pain In yoga class we intentionally choose to limit our sensory input. Yoga brighton and hove This can inform our choices in life. Jnana yoga meditation We are always deciding what to take in and what to avoid, and we can do so consciously.”

Having given us this rooting in yoga philosophy, Tamar left off from talking and led us into a meditative flow. Yoga timer app iphone Her hypnotic music, the poses, and the rhythm of breath became my focus. Baba ramdev yoga for gastric problem in hindi She guided us calmly into challenging poses including Firefly and a seated variation of Marichyasana that involved wrapping our leg behind head (“just try,” Tamar said encouragingly).

In keeping with the theme of Pratyahara, the class included a lot of inward-focused forward bends and deep hip stretches like Pigeon and Ankle to Knee. Yoga akademi bursa I especially enjoyed a variation on Lizard where we turned the front leg in and out for extra sensation. Yoga arthritis This preceded an intense version of Tortoise Pose, where Tamar invited us to cross our ankles and wrap them behind our head, once again admonishing us in a gentle voice to “just try.”

She seamlessly wove in a reference to the Bhagavad Gita 2:58: “When she draws in her senses as a Tortoise withdraws her limbs into her shell, she becomes established in wisdom.” By this point I seemed to be more established in sweat – but I hoped that this might also somehow lead indirectly to freedom. Shanti yoga ashram Sitting back up, we moved into Blossoming Lotus and a Balancing Straddle before descending to the floor for Bridge and then fifteen breaths in Full Wheel.

In a Jivamukti class you’re guaranteed to get some kind of juicy assist, and mine came fortuitously in Uttanasana and Salabhasana where I can always use a little help. Thai yoga bodywork We lingered for several minutes in Shoulderstand, and then Tamar told us to choose either Fish or Goddess for our counterpose.

As we finished with Headstand, Tamar guided those who were unfamiliar with the pose. Yoga centre With legs overhead facilitating a fresh perspective, she tied the theme of Pratyahara to our everyday choices, noting that “eating is an intimate act. Exhale yoga Each choice we make about what to eat can fuel compassion or cruelty.”

The inward focus of the class and the music without lyrics facilitated a deep restful state during Savasana. Yoga londonderry nh I was able to sit more quietly than usual in meditation too. Yoga postures for weight loss After chanting OM three full, long times, Tamar thanked us for practicing with her on Independence Day, and concluded by serenely saying, “May all beings be happy and free.”

What a beautiful weekend in DC. Yoga hosers premiere party Thanks to Flow Yoga & Buddha B Yoga for hosting us. Face yoga method reviews and for all the wonderful yogis that showed up to classes. Yoga symbols om meaning Love!! “At the heart of you, me, every single person, and all other creatures great and small, is an inner radiance that reflects our essential nature, which is always utterly positive. How to yoga handstand Tibetans refer to this inner light as pure radiance or innate luminosity….this luminosity is birthless and deathless. Kundalinishop It is a luminescent emptiness, called “clear light” and it is endowed with the heart of unconditional compassion and love.”