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Steve Cook is the world’s number one fitness model and has inspired millions to get into the shape of their life. Tri yoga flow But he won’t be satisfied until everyone gets the message that real success comes by loving what you do and having the desire to do better today than you did yesterday. Bikram yoga balham Get that right, he tells Coach’s sister title Men’s Fitness, and the six-pack will take care of itself.

After his Men’s Fitness cover shoot, Steve Cook tweeted to say he would be at St Paul’s Cathedral the following morning at 11am if anyone wanted to do some sightseeing with him. Yoga nyc midtown east His followers turned up in droves. Yoga wallingford ct The 31-year-old from Boise, Idaho, didn’t see many sights in the end because he spent the rest of the morning talking fitness and posing for selfies with his fans.

To say that Cook is the most popular man in fitness is no understatement. Back bay yoga groupon He has more than 1.2 million Instagram followers, 600,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, and every event he attends – whether it’s the world’s biggest fitness show or an informal weekend meet-up – brings people from miles around for the chance to speak to their idol.

But what he tells them isn’t necessarily what you’d expect. Moksha yoga markham groupon With so many self-proclaimed fitness experts on social media banging the drum about how you should smash yourself in the gym every day – hashtagging every post with #BeastMode or something equally hardcore – Cook’s message is loud and clear: health comes first. Nirvana yoga sunderland After all, he says, what’s the point of having a rock-hard six-pack if you go to bed every night starving and miserable and dreading the 6am alarm to go to the gym? For Cook, as it should be for us all, his fitness isn’t defined by his body-fat percentage, nor is his happiness measured by the circumference of his biceps.

Cook’s ethos is simple: to be healthy you have to be happy, and he’s a man on a mission to spread that message far and wide. Bikram yoga dallas schedule Steve, you started out as a pure bodybuilder, but over recent years you’ve branched out into many other areas of training. Bikram yoga vancouver commercial drive Why?

I decided about two years ago that I was done with competing [in bodybuilding shows]. Iyengar yoga poses for scoliosis I could see major holes in the way bodybuilders were training. Kundalini yoga youtube videos Most of them use improper form and they’re not looking at movement patterns.

I realised that the [bodybuilding] industry was and is behind the times – they’re not using mobility and not getting the greatest value out of it. Nada yoga tinnitus They’re not doing stretching, yoga, incorporating Olympic lifting. Yoga everyday benefits I think it could be done in a way that all works together. Sunstone yoga schedule That’s my goal.

That’s why I’m doing triathlons and half marathons, to show people you can be big, strong and athletic. Jnana yoga practice You don’t have to train like a bodybuilder just because all the old-school bodybuilding magazines tell you to. Prenatal yoga youtube What did you learn from competing?

I competed a lot and really got my name out there, but I also learned that as I got more into bodybuilding I was actually becoming less and less healthy. Yoga west katy I wasn’t flexible. Yoga for upper back pain relief video I wasn’t in a good place mentally either. Be yoga paris You get this idea you have to look perfect and that you need to look like you do on stage all year round, which is just not the case.

It’s much better to concentrate on the performance in the gym and the looks will take care of themselves. Yoga breathing techniques for beginners For me to do a show I needed to concentrate on every little detail, literally everything.

But now year-round I concentrate on trying to improve my squat or my power clean, or my half marathon time or triathlon time. Nidra yoga guided meditation I’m constantly pushing myself to find new ways of getting fit because it’s a better way for me to stay in shape. Yoga symbols and meaning Are you concerned that too many people are too focused on the way they look, and don’t pay enough attention to how they feel?

Yeah. The yoga room auburn I realised if you obsess about how you look you have no balance in your life. Nada yoga school reviews You’re placing unrealistic expectations on yourself and when you do that you’re going to end up unhappy and never satisfied with what you have.

I now focus on performance and my goals are what I can see on paper, not in the mirror. Living yoga center I’m at a point where I’m happy with the size I’m at and I’m trying to push myself in other ways, like improving my cardio fitness with swimming which is killer because it’s all about breathing. Simple yoga poses for weight loss When you’re in the gym you’re pushing and tensing and flexing, and being fluid is the opposite. Bikram yoga adelaide pulteney st That balance has been great. Yoga forum uk You’ve got a huge following on social media and people travel miles to see you. Yoga and pregnancy second trimester Why do you think your message resonates with so many people?

I’m about people being healthy and what I love most is when someone comes up to me and says, “Steve, you helped me lose 20kg” or, “Because of you I started to do this and now I have confidence”. Yoga teacher salary australia I’ve been that person who felt I had nothing. True fitness singapore schedule My message is telling people that if I did it, then they can do it too. Yoga for fertility video Hopefully they can see what I do and what I’m about and use that motivation to start something themselves. Bikram yoga wien schottenring So many people see exercise as a chore or a means to an end. Yoga edinburgh scotland How can people switch that mindset to a positive one?

Think about being happy today. Yoga a luka providencia horarios So many people say “I’ll be happy when I hit my goal” or when they lose a certain amount of weight. Yoga in hindi essay Actually it’s about learning to be happy today but not content where you’re at.

If I could change anything it’d be to change people’s minds about training and having fun with it. Yoga forum india Learn to do new things. Yoga asanas to lose weight Find a way to have better life balance. Kundalini yoga mantra music Why is that so important to you?

I’ve know a lot of people who’ve struggled with addiction, including two of my friends – one committed suicide and one overdosed. My yoga I played college [American] football with them and they both passed away about five months ago. Pure yoga hong kong One thing I want to do is find people who are struggling and get those people to realise they can make positive changes to your life through the gym or through exercise.

We need to learn to be happy in ourselves and not look at what other people have whether that’s cars or money or fame. Yoga video online weight loss We should never say that we’ll be happy when we have that person’s life. Yoga feet over head You need to be happy today, happy now. Yoga space hyattsville For me it’s about trying to get people to appreciate how important that outlook is.

Now I’m stronger. Yoga tips for weight loss in urdu I might not be stage-ready right now but what I found was I used to bulk up, I’d get really lean for a show and I’d win – I won nine out of my first ten shows – and it was cool but it was the same thing: diet down to this extreme level, do your stepping on the treadmill, over and over again.

I wasn’t doing it because I enjoyed it any more – I was doing it because I needed to better the results I’d always had. Yougamers And it got really old. Yoga mat buying tips I decided to do a Tough Mudder and a half marathon in Saint George, Utah. Ashtanga yoga primary series cheat sheet How did you get on?

It was all right. The yoga room astoria My goal was under two hours and I did an hour and 54 minutes – not bad when I weighed 215lb [97.5kg]. Shilpa shetty yoga english For me I needed a goal.

Next I did Olympic lifting which I liked, did CrossFit for a little while but didn’t love it. Free yoga videos online youtube I liked Olympic lifting, and I like gymnastics and calisthenics, but I don’t necessarily think CrossFit is the best way to go in terms of programming. Yoga space kerrville Elements of it are great. Desk yoga poses It’s a sport, though, and in sports there’s always a risk of injury. Yoga edinburgh meadows When you’re doing stuff that has a high degree of difficulty, like Olympic lifts, under stress and for time there’s a good chance of getting hurt eventually. Yoga breathing techniques for anxiety But I tried it and I love aspects of it. Yoga poses for sacral chakra Has there always been an athlete under your bodybuilding exterior?

I always played sports growing up. Anahata yoga I played baseball, basketball, football and track. Best yoga poses for weight loss for beginners I wrestled to eighth grade [around age 14]. Yoga blogilates My dad was a high school athletics director so that probably played a part but sports was just something I did.

I got into bodybuilding when I was playing college football – I’d go back later at night and do arm curls and stuff like that because I loved both. International yoga journal magazine After that I got married, then got divorced, and the thing that got me [mentally] back on track was having a goal to work towards and that goal was a bodybuilding show. Yoga free download mp3 How old were you?

I was 23. Yoga for youth Yep, I was young! I got married at 21. Best yoga poses for weight loss After the divorce I hadn’t finished my degree so I moved back to my college to study. Yoga studio calgary downtown I was a biology/psychology major and my whole senior paper was on how exercise affects college students. Hot yoga edmonton downtown Not just physically but also in classroom performance.

While I was doing that I was prepping for one of my very first shows, a male model search. Yoga ukiah There were 300 guys that entered. Yoga practice yakima It was the first time the event had been held and it was in Las Vegas at the Mr Olympia contest. Asanas de yoga para adelgazar I won and part of the prize was a magazine cover and it launched my career. Bikram yoga san jose Will you ever compete in a bodybuilding show again?

I might get back on stage but I’m going to have fun with it. Ashtanga yoga shala halifax If it’s not adding value to my life I’m not going to do it. Yoga tropics pb Every fitness thing you do should make you feel better. Different yoga poses photos You should always feel better after working out.

I got to the point when I was just going through the motions – doing it because I felt I had to. Best yoga videos 2016 I wasn’t enjoying it and I didn’t have any balance, and that kind of manifested in that I would cheat on my diet and it became very unhealthy. Yoga kula wien Now I don’t diet. Yoga poses for weight loss pictures I eat and train, I don’t diet and exercise. Bikram yoga richmond va schedule That explains the doughnut you just ate…

Ha! Exactly. Bikram yoga wien 1130 It’s about balance. Yoga for piles For example, today people brought doughnuts. Jnana yoga definition If that had been a couple of years ago when I was in my bodybuilding mindframe, the whole day would have been a wreck because I had that one doughnut. Facial yoga exercises pictures I would have binged the rest of the day, eaten myself sick because I messed up.

I don’t count [but] I have a rough idea of what’s in things. Yoga centre slo With protein I try to hit about 250g a day. Down dog yoga kalamazoo I’m carb cycling now so on days I’m active I’ll be on 300g of carbs, days I’m less active I’ll be at about 200g. Yoga training in india 2015 With fats I shoot for about 80g – a little higher than in my bodybuilding days, but fats are so important for hormone balance and staying healthy. Yoga wall poses I’m doing so much more cardio now that I’m actually getting leaner on those macros so I might have to bump them up. Hot yoga studios london ontario I heard you were lactose intolerant. Yoga in reading uk How does that affect your diet?

I’ve never actually been assessed – I just feel I get bubble guts with milk, so I have almond milk. Yoga instructor jobs boston Don’t get me wrong, if there’s a good ice cream I’m going to have it and pay the price! With supplements I have hydrolysed whey protein that’s really low in lactose. Yoga yoga rosendale My stomach is a lot happier with me on things that are low lactose. Ejercicios yoga espalda How about booze? Do you drink?

I did last night! That’s because I was out with the Optimum Nutrition [Cook is an ambassador for the sports nutrition brand] guys to celebrate their 30th birthday. Absolute yoga burlington ia But I never drink at home. Yoga breathing quotes So maybe once a month I drink. Restorative yoga poses for back pain There’s been occasions when I’m out on the road travelling and there’s events… but fortunately for me I don’t crave it. Yoga in pregnancy second trimester Does it affect your social life?

I dated a girl who loved a glass of wine. Viniyoga That’s fine but for me I’d rather splurge on pizza or something, use my calories differently. Yoga pose downward facing dog If it gets to a point when you can’t get up the next morning and work out… I never want to be that way. Prenatal yoga poses third trimester My happiness comes from my body feeling good so if something starts interfering with that then it’s too much.