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Lots of Android games want to wow you with crazy, hair-raising action, speed, and wild graphics. Simple yoga routine for beginners with pictures Their mission is to pull you in with the promise of a frenetic pace, testing your reflexes and concentration in the face of unrelenting distractions.

stayZen is an Android game that tries to go in another direction. Yoga diet plan weight loss This is a game that is trying to be a bit of a meditation app. Yoga ballston Or it could be a meditation app masking itself as a bit of gaming fun. Amazing yoga oakmont It comes from Canadian developer PeaceOut Games.

Yoga journal conference florida It is suitable for all ages; though young kids may have trouble keeping the game going, while even tweens may not appreciate the purposeful speed of this title.

Install and setup is very straightforward. Yoga jobs san diego Simply download from the Play Store and fire it up. Beginners yoga classes plano tx Once in the title screen, you have a couple of choices. Bikram yoga perth scarborough “Levels” shows you the level map with all the different worlds & levels you’re in for. Yoga brighton beach “Options” lets you choose some gameplay preferences such as music on/off, player avatar, and both gravity & enzo strength (more on these in a minute).

As I stated before, stayZen gameplay feels like a mix of game and zen-practice app. The idea of the game is to move your avatar (which starts as a Japanese-style painted circle but can be changed as you progress through the game) along a predetermined path on your screen to a unopened lotus blossom. Yoga camp day 2 Upon reaching your goal, your blossom blooms into a flower. Yoga games Your main antagonist here is simple gravity; your avatar will always be pulled downward, and it’s your job to fight gravity while not veering off your line.

You move your stayZen avatar by ‘painting’ it along the path by repeatedly making small swipes in the direction you want your avatar to go. Videos de yoga para el estres While going in a straight left-to-right line, you need to swipe up and to the right to counter gravity and to move your avatar closer to your goal. Ashtanga yoga research institute This swiping is your ‘enzo’. Restorative yoga benefits So as stated before, you can (slightly) adjust both the gravity and enzo strength in the game to change things up.

The idea behind this game is not to blast through the levels as fast as you can or to acquire as many power-ups/coins/avatars as possible; rather, it’s to find a “zone” in which you are painting your avatar safely along its path. Charm city yoga baltimore md Slowly is just fine here; you won’t find any points or timers here.

After finishing a level, you are simply treated with a philosophical quote from various public figures….everybody from Gandhi himself to Mia Hamm (seriously!).

As you can imagine, the paths start as rather easy in the early levels, but quickly increase in difficulty. Yoga for concentration In addition, the game will add obstacles that you have to steer around (such as scorpions) and other path variations that turn it into more of a platformer.

Graphics in this game are very high-quality, with the backgrounds getting a nice vellum or scroll paper treatment. Yoga teacher training rishikesh 2014 Most items shown in the game are simple black silhouettes, adding to the sunset-esque quality of the game lighting.

Music is also very well done, in the form of a soothing flute playing continuously throughout your experience. Purple yoga tustin class schedule The only jarring moment comes when your avatar becomes separated from your path; a jarring gong indicates that your round is over along with your avatar free-falling off the bottom of your device’s screen. Yoga symbols copy and paste Conclusion

stayZen is a rather soothing variation on a platform game, to the point where you could use this title as a game or as a relaxation app. Yoga studios london ontario I have to say, I rather enjoyed playing through the levels. Bikram yoga nyc The combination of the relaxing visuals, music, and “painting” gameplay mechanic did tend to settle me while playing.

If pressed, I would say the main critique I would have is that the level variation could start to happen a bit earlier than it currently does. Yoga space portland It takes several levels to start to see some truly different levels (at least for my preference). Divya yoga website But then again, that is probably exactly as the developer intended the game to be to allow for a deeper and longer engagement in the zen-like quality of the presentation before testing you with more varied and difficult levels.

As a bonus, the developer has just recently updated the game,with smoother gameplay and controls, which shows a good commitment to the title for the foreseeable future. Yoga body types In the end, I do highly recommend this game, and feel that you can’t go wrong with giving it a try. Yoga poses for sleep Download here and see if you feel the same.