Simply you — with products and services to help nourish the mind, body and soul — opens in gibson city _ paxton record

GIBSON CITY — Kristin Hendricks sees the challenges in her life — from her experience delivering a full-term still-born baby 15 years ago to her time battling breast cancer earlier this year — as opportunities to grow and evolve, rather than burdens to carry.

Customers at her new shop in downtown Gibson City — Simply You — might notice that about her when they pick up her business’ brochure and read the italicized quote directly under her photograph.

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift.

Yoga during pregnancy 2nd trimester Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. Face yoga exercises poses You get to choose.”

It is with such an outlook that Hendricks carries herself each day. Yoga video download janelle And it’s that kind of mentality that Hendricks wants to instill in others through her new business venture.

Hendricks, a certified natural health counselor, opened Simply You at 122 N. Yoga dvds 2015 Sangamon Ave. Yoga for dummies daily dozen on Nov. Yoga brighton sa 8. Yoga richmond il The business offers unique products and services supporting the health and healing of the mind, body and soul.

Hendricks can attest to the value of her products and services, noting that she has used them for her own benefit in trying times. Yoga richmond hill ga When she was diagnosed with breast cancer and ended up completing six rounds of chemotherapy and then having a mastectomy in August, Hendricks stayed mentally, physically and spiritually strong.

When asked if her breast cancer was in remission today, she said: “I wouldn’t call it remission. Ananda yoga center palo alto I’d call it done,” adding that her cancerous tumor was “resurrected from my body.”

“It could be health or illness, a traumatic event, just going through a big change — really anything that’s causing people to feel stuck in their life,” Hendricks said.

— Essential oils and candles that are used for aroma therapy. Anusara yoga poses “They can uplift the mood, and they have healing properties, as well,” Hendricks said. Yoga poses for weight loss and flexibility She said the candles and oils can be used for “any illness or physical symptom,” including trouble sleeping, distress or headaches. Yoga space nw Hendricks said she can teach customers how to safely use the oils and candles to “gain the natural benefit” desired.

— “Earthing” and “grounding” products, which transport the earth’s healing energy to a person’s body. Ashtanga yoga london “The earth itself has therapeutic healing energies,” Hendricks said. Yoga breathing exercises for anxiety “These products can plug into a grounding outlet in your home, and then the fibers attached to the various products are able to transport that healing energy in the earth.” Also available are DVDs and books that educate people about earthing and grounding.

— Herbal remedies, including a line of products made by Complete Natural. The yoga room tulsa “They’re all-natural, herbal-based products that support various conditions,” including acid reflux or arthritis, for example, Hendricks said.

— Bach flower remedies, which help people make a “mental shift connected to various conditions,” Hendricks said. Yoga during pregnancy by ramdev Hendricks noted that she did an in-depth study about Bach flower remedies as part of getting certified as a natural health counselor.

— Individual consultations. Yoga for good sleep at night Hendricks’ “intuitive” consultations provide counseling for people dealing with illness, trauma, anxiety, relationships, parenting, or lifestyle changes. Yoga to increase brain power “Health and healing” consultations help people connect with “the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.” She also provides “tools and techniques to dial into your inner guidance,” as well as assistance in helping people find the “specific practitioners and resources best-suited for your healing.”

The individual consultations and small-group consultations are held in the store’s back room, which is called “In Touch.” Hendricks said she hopes to eventually open up that space to the public, as well, as “a place to come and quiet their mind and relax.” At In Touch, people can write in a journal, draw, color, or play with mosaic tiles, rocks and seashells in sand. Sunstone yoga schedule plano All are things for people to do to “get out of the business of their mind and unwind,” she said.