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“A well-designed approach to meditation makes it easier to quiet the everyday mind and helps us reach the same deep level of meditation day after day” (Rolf Sovik, Moving Inward). Yoga yoga poses The Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh offers a course on meditation consisting of four classes. Yoga shelter rochester schedule Each class offers theory and practice.

Prenatal yoga video first trimester Please join us as we explore posture, diaphragmatic breathing and breath awareness, systematic relaxation, and the use of mantra to establish a personal meditation practice. Yoga asanas for concentration and memory Students will receive an audio file to help reinforce the lessons at home.

Whether you’ve never taken a meditation class before, or you would like to reinvigorate your existing practice in community, this course will meet you where you are and provide an opportunity for growth. Yoga abs workout youtube We will come together in community to practice mindfulness meditation. Yoga akademi mersin In our daily lives, we may find ourselves often preoccupied with our inner voice, thinking about the past or future, feelings of social comparison and self-judgement. Yoga sequence ideas for teachers These thoughts contribute to stress, anxiety and fear, which may take a toll on our mental and physical health. Yoga sri lanka galle Simply put, mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in the present moment, a practice in awareness. Yoga centers in indianapolis By focusing on awareness, we create a space to respond rather than react, fostering a more compassionate relationship with our experience, with ourselves and with others.

This course will provide methods for developing your innate capacities for wisdom and compassion, giving you skills to support your own well-being.

In today’s world, young people are under more pressure and experience increasing levels of stress, more so than ever before. Baptiste yoga wiki Through advancements in technology, devices, apps, academic pressures, work, they are inundated with demands for their attention. Yoga pranayama techniques We tell our children to pay attention, but to we teach them to pay attention? The demands they live with often lead to stressors that may contribute to irritability and anxiety, impacting their physical and emotional well-being. Ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss An important skill in managing stress is their ability to deal with change, whenever it occurs. Yoga mudra asana In this course, students will learn to increase their ability to focus and pay attention, develop skills to experience life situations with less emotional reactivity, learn effective strategies for making better choices, and increase compassion for themselves and others. Yoga diet chart for weight loss The practice will include gentle stretching and simple yoga practices, mindfulness meditation, group discussion and self-reflection through journaling.

Tina Raspanti, M.Ed, CAPP, is a Psychology teacher at Mt. Haute yoga san diego Lebanon High School in Pittsburgh, PA. Yoga symbols text Tina is a mindful educator with a growth mindset for herself and others. Yoga london bridge She continues to lean into the opportunities and lessons life presents both in times of joy and struggles. Yoga instructor salary Her specific interests in education are mindfulness, social emotional learning, positive psychology and mental well being. Yoga center of chico She wants to create mindful and compassionate environments for educators, students, businesses and communities. Yoga relaxation script Learn more about Tina at

Mastering the Basics is an eight week session class designed for students who may prefer to be introduced to the fundamentals of yoga in a smaller setting. Prema yoga flow It will be a rudimentary introduction to all aspects of yoga, with an emphasis on breathing techniques, stretching, systematic relaxation, and beginning-level posture work. Sumits yoga chandler classes Mastering the Basics will be limited in size to one or two students, and is intended as a session students will attend only one time. Yoga sequences Students must pre-register.