Sahaj marg raja yoga meditation – set 6 discipline handout 4

We are all familiar with the idea that people think they are disciplined. Yoga works boston But somebody else finds they are not so disciplined. Yoga in indiana pa I have found that people are by and large very sincere. Teacher training uk ucas And, even their apparent indiscipline springs, not from the intention to be undisciplined, but because they don’t really understand what it is. Yoga for thyroid baba ramdev in hindi I have found that when we meet in Shahjahanpur, or in places like this, it generates a great deal of love and a consequent discipline.

Purple yoga honolulu But it seems to evaporate when the function is over. Pure yoga wien It is because people do not realise that discipline is not something of a momentary interest or a momentary need. Yoga fit shawnee It cannot be said that discipline is necessary here but not on the street; or that discipline is necessary in the Ashram but not at home; or that it is only among abhyasis but not among the general public. Barefoot yoga paddington It is an unfortunate fact of our education – educational system I should say – that we are taught that discipline is a need of the moment for certain situations and not others. Living yoga center schedule For instance, when our son goes to school we tell him, “Don’t misbehave in school,” which can possibly give him the implication that he need not be well behaved in the house.

So, discipline is a way of life . Yoga diet It has no specific situational impact or need. Yoga nidra mp3 free download hindi Nor is it limited to the need of a moment. Hatha yoga poses pictures It must be the governing factor of our 24 hour daily existence; and what it really means is regulation. 10 best yoga poses for weight loss Discipline does not mean enforced rules, obedience – all that is nonsense you see. Exercice yoga That is why most people rebel against discipline. Yoga en casa ramiro calle They think it leads to lack of freedom. Bikram yoga hawaii kai But what discipline really gives is an orderly life. Bikram yoga langley coupon Everything should be done when it should be done. Yoga district teacher training Because you will appreciate that you cannot put out today’s fire tomorrow, or cure yesterday’s illness next year. Antigravity yoga So the first thing to be understood is that, each thing has to be done when it must be done. Spirit rising yoga brighton michigan See, Babuji used to be quite upset when people would come late for meditation. Yoga for diabetes baba ramdev video He never gave public expression to it. Big yoga houston tx But after the meditation He would ask me privately; “Can these people afford to go late for a train, or do they go late for a cinema?” So, everything in its time.

Second requirement is to lay down an order of priorities of what should be done, when and where. Ashtanga yoga primary series That means, ascribing to each activity its relative importance. Prana power yoga What is the most important thing I have to do? That should be done first. Anahata yoga mason The next important, the second and so on. Bikram yoga vancouver vancouver bc But we find students when they should be studying they are at the football ground. Yoga hawaii magazine And then, they are upset when they are told, “You should not be playing now.” And they will even quote, “A healthy mind in a healthy body,” all these things! But people do not explain to them: “Yes, my dear son, you need exercise, but this is the time for study.” Similarly meditation. Yoga asanas for weight loss videos If an abhyasi understands that the spiritual life is the most important thing for him, then he will give the greatest importance to Satsangh. Y2 yoga But they have not yet understood the importance of the spiritual life; therefore they are willing to sacrifice sadhana for a brief moment of pleasure or fun. Yoga for weight loss and flexibility So, when we have a list of priorities – “What is most important, what is the second most important,” we have become accustomed to dealing with our situations, life situations, in a relative grade of importance. Nidra yoga So, relative importance governs every activity of our lives.

All that discipline means is, following it. Bikram yoga vancouver city square For example, when a pilot is about to take off in a plane, they have a check list. Sumits yoga tucson No. Dharma yoga 1,2,3,4……. Yoga studio design ideas pictures he has to press every switch and see it is functioning. Yoga quotes And, when the complete check list has been gone through and every thing is okay, then only can he take off. Best yoga positions for lower back pain What do we do? We go to the station, we have no tickets; they are left at home! Because, we have not bothered to check: “Do I have my money? Do I have my ticket? Do I have myself with me? Or, have I left myself at home?” The last statement is not a joke, though it appears amusing. Yoga journal conference Because, Babuji once told me that most of us leave ourselves behind when we come for Satsangh. My yoga online free video What it means is that my body is here but my mind is at home.


Physical discipline: Sit where you should sit. Artistic yoga poses Sit in the way you should sit. Yoga westfield nj Maintain silence during meditation, in fact, at all times. Iyengar yoga edinburgh When it is not necessary to speak, you should be silent. Yoga stretches for neck and back Now, because we are unable to be silent, we speak. Ballet pilates yoga workout Most people who speak today speak because they don’t know how to be silent. Yoga poses for upper back pain When you can learn to be silent, you don’t need any admonishment to be still, because a still mind makes for a still body. Yoga stretches for runners But we have to start. Yoga studio tel aviv Sit: we must sit. Pilates plus studio city groupon Sit still: We must be still. Sun yoga friedrichshain If you are able to do this, we are able to still the mind to a certain extent, which is the purpose of meditation.

Mental discipline: Don’t think of other things when you are meditating. Yoga for eyes Am I able to discipline my mind? Then the next step is given. Yoga asanas for flat stomach If your mind is straying, bring it gently back to the object of our meditation. Prenatal yoga sequence second trimester You are taught how to do it. Yogi meditation techniques “No, no sir, I get too many thoughts.” “Yes, why do you allow yourself to get so many thoughts?” A technique is there. Facial yoga exercises for fuller higher cheeks When the first disturbing thought came, if you got your mind back to the meditation, I dare say, the second disturbing thought would not come.

But what is important to understand is that if there is no mental discipline, physical discipline cannot exist. Lotus yoga dallas That is why we meditate; to achieve regulation over the mind, make it disciplined, make it possible for us to apply the mind where we choose, apply it, not use it, apply it – and thereby achieve a 100% strength of mind, which makes possible that promise of yoga, that a yogi will be skillful in anything he does.

Moral discipline: I have often said that in India , this unfortunate concept, that morality is only in the sex life of the individual, is a tragedy in this country. Down dog yoga That is not a proper understanding of morality. Kundalini yoga kriyas for beginners Morality is in everything that we do. Pranayam video free download in hindi Am I doing what my Master would have done in this situation? It has nothing to do with truth or lies, it has nothing to do with celibacy or non-celibacy, even adultery. Yoga bristol tn Is it what the Master would have done in this circumstance, in this situation? Let me do that. Free online yoga training videos I believe this is to be the test of morality.

So, discipline is not something of the moment, for the moment. Best yoga youtube channels for beginners It is like our breathing which supports our circulation. Yoga breathing techniques It cannot afford to stop for even one minute. Yoga postures to lose weight fast A man who has stopped breathing for a few minutes is a man who has stopped breathing forever. Kundalini yoga poses for beginners Similarly, when a man has stopped being disciplined for some time, he has stopped being disciplined forever.

So obedience must be exact. Yoga routine for weight loss Not just like the children in school obeying. Yoga workout videos on netflix WE are adults and we should have some sense in our head. Images yoga poses Obedience means exact, specific obedience. Yoga district h street “Meditate for one hour” and we must meditate for one hour. Bikram yoga richmond uk “Do the evening cleaning after the day’s work is done” – we must do it. Bikram yoga dublin 7 “Read the literature” – we must read it. Sri sri yoga Night prayer-meditation- how many people do it? I have a very strong suspicion that most people don’t do it. Yoga austin ranch Do we know the process? Every time I have seen Master asking just for fun you know, “Can somebody tell me the fifth of the Ten Commandments?” few people can immediately answer. Yoga tree valencia Because most people don’t know it!” No, Ni but did you not read so and so’s article in the Patrika published last month?” They scratch their heads! “No, Babuji! You see I come very late from the office.” Then you don’t meditate? You don’t meditate for one hour; you don’t do evening cleaning; you don’t know what prayer-meditation at bedtime is about, and you don’t read the articles in the Patrika. Bikram yoga surrey scott road Then what are you doing in Sahaj Marg?


Whenever we talk of the practice, we must start with the practice, if for no other reason than obedience to the Master. Pilates yoga youtube He has said it, therefore I must do it. Laughter yoga Well, we go to the doctor; the doctor says, “take twenty four tablets of this, three times a day for eight days and then come back.” We are usually prone to taking one tablet and looking for the results. Bikram yoga dallas mockingbird Some will take two and then look for the results. Divya yoga raspored Some patient ones will take three. Amazing yoga southside Then we say, “What is this, Sir, there is no benefit. Pilates matwork esercizi video This tablet is not doing any good for me.” But we forget that the doctor said, eight days, twenty four tablets. Yoga life quotes So, we have to have patience, you see. Yoga center columbia It is not enough to just practice. Back bay yoga teacher training I practice because of my obedience to the Master. Moksha yoga winnipeg schedule Am I thinking of light in the heart for one hour, as I am supposed to, when I sit for meditation? This is the first question we should ask ourselves. Pregnancy yoga classes chicago Obedience is not enough, is not sufficient. Yoga classes in greenwood indiana It is not compliance, by just sitting with eyes closed and thinking about the price of rice, and saying, “Babuji! I do sit for one hour with my eyes closed.” Are you meditating?


Total obedience is what is demanded of one who chooses to be or wishes to be perfect. Yoga camp day 7 Which means, perfection goes together with obedience. Triyoga soho Perfection, in the perfect state, goes with perfect obedience, ultimate perfection with ultimate obedience.