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Maureen Davis is a highly trained and skilled practitioner, working in a wide variety of healing modalities. Yin yoga hip opening sequence She is a yoga teacher with an RYT 300 certification from Yoga Alliance, and has been a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists since 2005. Yoga asanas for upper back pain In addition, Maureen is a certified YTRX-C 800 graduate of Loyola Marymount University. Isha yoga usa She has been a pioneer of Yoga Therapy since it’s inception, participating in LMU’s first Yoga Therapy Certification Program.

Kula yoga shala jupiter florida Maureen worked 3 years in an Integrated Wellness Clinic as a Yoga Therapist, collaborating with other healthcare practitioners in the treatment of individual patients, and contributing to the development of treatment plan protocols within the clinic. Meditation music sleep In 2007, Maureen developed her own Yoga DVD through her company Makara Yoga. Yoga sydney ns She has also recorded a Yoga Nidra DVD, which has been a powerful tool in the treatment and healing of patients suffering from PTSD, Migraines, Hypertension and Stress.

In 2009 Maureen opened her own studio and taught classes primarily in Hatha Yoga. Prana yoga She has created and developed specific Yoga Therapeutics classes and programs for a wide variety of injuries and taught at studios all over the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

Maureen is also a practitioner of Aware-apy, a technique created by Dr. Earth yoga redondo beach Bernard Gunther, PhD. Yoga poses for back pain relief Dr. History of yoga in america Gunther was a widely published author of many books including “Sense Relaxation”, “Neo-Tantra”, “How the West Was One” and “Energy Ecstasy”. Hatha yoga youtube intermediate He was a pioneer and a seminal influence in the formation of the ‘new age movement’, working in the early days at Esalen, and created the renowned “Esalen Massage”. Yoga poses for back pain strength building Working alongside colleagues such as Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Fritz Perls, Ida Rolf, Joseph Campbell as well as Jack Canfield. Svaroopa yoga youtube Dr. Power yoga Gunther was responsible for expanding the awareness of Yoga here in the west.

Realizing the limitations of psychiatry in which he was formally trained, Dr. Prenatal yoga reading ma Gunther developed a process which he called “Aware-apy”. Yoga teacher training goa 2015 This practice takes Gestalt Therapy a step further, integrating a spiritual dimension, and giving clients an experience of the soul. Yoga practice youtube Maureen studied with Dr. Yoga one Gunther for 21 years, becoming his protege. Sivananda yoga centre delhi Since his death in 2013, she now consults with many of his clients, continuing this valuable and ground breaking work.

In 2012, at the request of Dr. Gentle yoga sequence youtube Anne Peters, Director of the USC Clinical Diabetes Program, Maureen created a ‘Chair Yoga’ DVD. Yoga exercises for lower back This practice brought Yoga to patients suffering from diabetes, and consequently unable to perform standard yoga asanas due to their physical limitations. Pilates ballard The program is hugely successful, and the DVD was used in the “LookAHEAD” research for the National Association of Diabetes, and was subsequently distributed world wide.

Following in the footsteps of her mentor, Dr. Yoga hong kong sheung wan Gunther, Maureen is also a published author. Yoga exercises youtube Her article “How to Make the Business of Yoga Therapy Work” appeared in the IAYT Journal, and she co-authored “Prescription Yoga” along with Nancy O’Brien for Yoga Journal Magazine.

Hello! Maureen Davis is simply a wonderful Yoga teacher. Mandala yoga budapest Her specialty is Hatha and she has a high regard for the lineage of this classic yoga tradition. Yoga richmond ky She has extensive background in anatomy, having earned a certification in Yoga Therapy as well as her yoga teacher training. Mysore ashtanga yoga shala As she begins the class, she always asks her students if they have any physical issues or needs and gives alternate poses as well as the appropriate cautions in response to their input. Postnatal yoga The result is a highly personalized yoga experience for students at any level. Agni yoga I highly recommend Maureen.

Even in those younger inquisitive days, Maureen earned the respect of many a doctor, nurse and instructor for her hunger to learn more about their field.

She first taught me Makara Yoga when I visited her in California. Yoga studios vancouver bc It has now been 11 years since partial knee surgery and 7 years since advice to have full replacement on my other knee. 8 limbs yoga center With minimal exercise, continuing her yoga teachings and listening to her advice, I have managed to comfortably wait till their is no other option but surgery.

Maureen is passionate and devoted when taking on the task of healer and has traveled cross-country to be with her father for 2 major surgeries. Power yoga for weight loss videos Her diligence, caring and instructions for him are spot on and she never wavers. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga for beginners She has calmed and coached family members through illness and a cancer death, many times sacrificing her own time or sleep and doing this on the phone.

This past winter Maureen used her more recent teachings, compassion and knowledge to see me through a very difficult time after pneumonia and diagnosis of COPD. Yoga poses for lower back pain Her instincts told her how vulnerable I was, (even from just phone conversations) and her compassion kept her at my beck and call. Patanjali yoga asanas for obesity She phoned nearly every evening to check on my progress or boost my depression. Hot yoga tips for beginners Her information from research and reading my doctor’s reports kept her right on top of things and she knew exactly how to advise me. Yoga for asthma and wheezing Maureen checked my medications, researched supplements, diagnoses and always had the right answers for me. Yoga exercises for flexibility It is hard to imagine how things would have been without her love, compassion and intelligent guidance.

Fortunately for many, Maureen uses this discipline, love and caring for each person of need in her path. Baba ramdev yoga for high blood pressure hindi She is a wonderful mother, friend and partner and a devoted daughter and sibling. Yoga dance flow Her demeanor is genuine in her passion to find the cure and be the change. Yin yoga timer app From my heart I know she will be just that for those who come to her, and from my head, I see a positive future for her and the for those she takes under her wing.

They say that healing family is the hardest karma to do. Yoga loft tampa Janet has been in my life for over 40 years and after the death of my mom in 2007, she has now been an integral part of my life. 8 limbs yoga st augustine During her recent issue, from a distance she allowed me to teach and educate her on how to modify her practice and take other necessary steps to bring her back on the path of wellness. Shilpa yoga for glowing skin I am happy to report that her suggested COPD has been reversed due to her diligence and daily practice of taking care of herself and applied the necessary breathing and yoga to strengthen her immune system and help with her chronic knee pain.

What was exceptional with Maureen compared with physical therapy was that she treated my whole person-body and mind. Sadhana yoga school She was able to fully rehab my body TWICE after 2 difficult spinal surgeries that left me practically bed ridden. Yoga pants pictures chive I went from being very weak and in constant intense physical pain, to being very strong, GREATLY reducing my pain, returning to an active life, and feeling empowered and so much better mentally. Pure yoga westboro She is such an incredibly skilled teacher!! Her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and health conditions is exceptional. Tara stiles yoga morning She is also very well researched and knowledgeable about the mind-body connection and different techniques to improve physical and mental health through this connection and how thoughts and emotions affect physical well being. Haute yoga west palm beach She is one of the most compassionate and generous people I’ve ever met. Yin yoga benefits If you’ve got any kind of physical limitations or disabilities, and even if you don’t, Maureen is the best teacher!! I could not recommend her more. Yoga melbourne city Pages