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“Now that gambling addiction is currently the #1 addiction with the highest suicide rate than any other and over 16 million problem gamblers in just the US alone, I want to share some of my story and devastation in my life due to this cunning addiction,” says Catherine Townsend-Lyon, today’s guest author.

Bestselling Kodel Empire Publishing author of the book, Addicted To Dimes: Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat, Catherine is a freelance recovery writer and a columnist for “In Recovery Magazine’s ‘The Author’s Café’.” She also writes for several addiction/recovery publications, including: “Keys to Recovery” and “The Sober World,” and most recently was a contributor to a major media article published by and magazines titled; “Addicted to Anticipation: What goes wrong in the brain chemistry of a gambling addict.” Cathering is an Expert Recovery blogger of Gambling Addiction Recovery for Addictionland and is the author of the blog, Recovery Starts Here A Bet Free and Sober Blog, covering gambling addiction and recovery. Inhale yoga studio Recovery from Gambling Addiction by Catherine Townsend-Lyon

My name is Catherine, and I am a recovering compulsive addicted gambler. Hata yoga Jan 29th, 2007 will be my 10-year mark in recovery, but will never forget where I have come from with gambling addiction.

Open door yoga north attleboro I came from the depths of hell, hopelessness, and despair. Music for yoga Gambling addiction took just about everything from me like family, friends, reputation, jobs, my home, car, almost my marriage and cost me way more than money; it almost cost me my life twice from suicide.

At the same time, I was also suffering from undiagnosed mental & emotional health issues and disorders I had no idea about until 2002. Yoga paris france My first failed suicide attempt. Hatha yoga poses chart I woke up in the hospital with bandages wrapped around both my wrists and could hear two people talking about knives all over the living room as I blacked out again. Hatha yoga youtube All I remember was everything going dark in nothingness. Isha yoga nyc Now I know it was a complete mind and body break down. Asanas in yoga for flat stomach A mental/emotional blackout. Open door yoga taunton From there I went to an addiction/mental crisis center. Yoga poses for solar plexus chakra Was on suicide watch the first few days.

Shortly after, a psychiatrist started working with me. Best yoga studios vancouver And of course, I was also a compulsive gambler too. Yoga one houston schedule So, I start working with an addictions counselor as well. Purple yoga fullerton schedule I had attempted to stop gambling on my own but felt I could control it on my own and I failed with many relapses and binges even while in outpatient treatment. Benefits of meditation at work I guess I had not reached bottom yet. Yoga walldorf Even after a 20 day stay in a crisis center and suicide attempt! What was wrong with me?

It’s called ADDICTION. Sunstone yoga frisco It is a sickness that is very hard to overcome. Moksha yoga edmonton schedule But possible. Bikram yoga dublin ca And this wasn’t my last time I would worked this circuit. Bikram yoga nyc yelp Not due to actively gambling, due to the financial pressures from this disease, I had another suicide attempt in 2006 as it seemed I had not done enough work in all areas of recovery, including my financial inventory. Yoga relaxation music First lesson? A well-balanced recovery plan.

But in 2006 I also just wanted to be normal, live life in recovery without having to take medications for mental/emotional issues. Mantra yoga danvers So, I stopped taking them thinking it was just the gambling that was causing my mental illness problems of PTSD, manic depression, mild mania anxiety and bipolar insomnia cycles and OCD. Y2 yoga reviews So, within two weeks of no meds? I was back to severe depression and suicidal. Yoga district promo code My answer? I took all my meds at once. All yoga asanas and their benefits in hindi I had gotten to that dark, black hole of hopelessness again. Yoga styles chart Back in the hospital again, another 16-day crisis center stay and days of suicide watch. Yoga free download janelle monae When released this time, I had learned the hard way that I need to take meds to maintain my mental/emotional health and well-being as they call this being “dually diagnosed or dual diagnosis.”

Recovery with even negative experiences, sprinkled with some “faith” can show us many life lessons in recovery. Bikram yoga chicago If we are not learning them, we won’t see our growth. Thick yoga mat vs thin Even when you are not participating in your preference of addiction, we can still have problems arise and life challenges in recovery, so being prepared is vital. Yoga house kingston ny Where can I be going with this part of my story?

Several places. Sun yoga tampa lutz fl First, the habits and behaviors that we learn and pick up within any addiction and “the cycle” of any addiction needs to be interrupted and taken away for us to have a chance at a real honest recovery. Yoga for eyes youtube Balance is the key in your recovery path as well. Wild lotus yoga downtown schedule Learning the skills and tools in treatment and therapy to break the cycle of addiction and clear a path for dissipating control, denial, excuses, and more. Baptiste yoga Second, come to accept that recovery is a life-long process. Anahata yoga studio It is as important to accept as Step-one, total surrender.

And third, having a firm ‘Relapse Prevention Plan’ is a must for anyone who comes into recovery and wants it long-term. Bikram yoga nyc ues We all know that life events happen. Ejercicios yoga principiantes Even happy or positive events, not just negative or tragic ones. Dru yoga reviews I feel it is why Gamblers Anonymous asks the question in our combo book of “The 20 Questions” to see if you have a problem with gambling. Sun yoga hawaii It is why they pose #19.) “Did you ever have an urge to celebrate any good fortune by a few hours of gambling?”

YES! For me, even when things good happened, I would want to celebrate by going supposedly to have some “fun” by gambling. Jivamukti yoga jersey city However, my addiction was so bad I needed anything I could grab hold of to recover, not just Gamblers Anonymous. Free spirit yoga long beach I used my meetings and connections there for my support and listening to other like-minded addicts and keep my perspective of how insidious and cunning this illness is. Yoga hawaii And GA taught me how important it is to be there for others through recovery service as others were there for me when I was a newcomer.

We need to start a conversation about this still hush, hush addiction. Yoga poses for weight loss youtube Let’s dismantle the “myths” about it. Hatha yoga poses youtube It is one way to shatter the “stigma” around it, and around those who live dual diagnosed as well. Meditation portal Yes, mental/emotional illness in recovery can be a challenging task, but I hope by sharing some of my experiences, strength, and hope, and sharing some of my stories can be an example that recovery is possible, and we can lead happy, healthy, and productive lives in recovery!

Lisa is the author of hundreds of articles and 11 books, including “If You Loved Me, You’d Stop!,” “Addiction Recovery: What Helps, What Doesn’t,” and “Secondhand Drinking: the Phenomenon That Affects Millions.” She is a national keynote speaker with over 25 years speaking experience, consultant, and founder of Yoga freeport She has spent more than 13 years studying 21st century brain research in order to write, speak, and consult on substance use disorders prevention, intervention and treatment; mental disorders; addiction (aka substance use disorders) as a brain disease; adolescent addiction treatment vs adult addiction treatment; effective treatment for co-occurring disorders (having both a substance use and mental disorder); secondhand drinking | drugging; help for the family; and related subjects.

In 2015, she founded SHD Prevention, providing training and consulting to companies, public agencies, unions, nonprofits and other entities to address the workplace impacts of employee secondhand drinking and alcohol misuse.

—Cool! Wow! Amazing! At 6 years old, this is how I described my first experience on a “Slip N Slide.” This is as close as I can get to communicating my excitement with Lisa Frederiksen’s presentation on “Secondhand Drinking (SHD)—The Other Side Of Alcohol Misuse” in Houston this month. Zenergy yoga iowa city Lisa breaks down the vicious cycle of abuse, violence, and tragedy, which are all components of Secondhand Drinking. Prana yoga la jolla I am excited because Lisa identifies the suffering of family members who are directly affected by SHD, and then outlines a prevention strategy to inform, educate, and take a stand against dangerous drinking behaviors. Best yoga universities in india How many of us have been affected by drunk drivers, for example? My cousin lost her life to one. Yoga paris 13 It affected not only her through the tragic loss of life, but effects rippled through the family—mom, dad, and sister, whose lives will forever be changed. Yoga poses weight loss pictures How many wives and children hide or become scarce when daddy is drinking? Lisa’s message is life-changing and life-affirming!

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