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We chose the holiday wish this year–“Wishing You a Body Positive New Year”–with a lot of care. Yoga source los gatos ca We hope people will participate in yoga as a way to celebrate and enjoy their bodies, rather than fix or change their appearance.

All the time, but particularly at this time of year (New Year’s Resolution time!) there can be many subtle (and not so subtle) messages from our culture about bodies. Yoga poses for upper back pain relief About what we should be eating, and not be eating.

Yoga relaxation breathing techniques About what we should be wearing. Karma yoga About how we should look and present ourselves. Best yoga practice for weight loss So much of these messages (coming from advertising, the people around us and even the voices in our own heads!) are focused on appearances, on what our bodies look like, or what they “should” look like.

For us, Body Positivity means re-orienting to our bodies as more than just their physical appearance . Yoga dot calm lawton ok Body Positivity means considering all of the wondrous ways that our bodies allow us to experience ourselves and the world, regardless of what they look like, or how they stack up to a cultural “ideal”. Yoga for athletes Body Positivity can also mean a practice and a process, much like yoga, that might not move in a straight line, and migh t take quite a lot of back and forth as we consider and re-consider the various beliefs we have about our bodies.

At Queen Street Yoga, you might hear some of our teachers talking about interoception — internal sensing. Pure yoga east This can be a focus of our practice that helps us become present to the the feeling of being in our bodies. Easy yoga To truly experience our bodies and our lives. Yoga hand symbols and meanings This focus asks us: what is your inner experience of being in a body? What might be wondrous or hard about that?

How can we reframe how we think and talk about our bodies in an appearance focused world? What else can we celebrate about our bodies? What else can we enjoy about our bodies?

At the studio, we’ve been thinking about all the ways our bodies are great, just as they are, in all their variety and difference, rather than flawed or in need of fixing. Best yoga for weight loss in hindi We’ve been asking ourselves how we might complete the following sentence: “My body is great because…”

We invite you to add your body reflection to the chalkboard at the studio! We truly believe all bodies are great: growing bodies and aging bodies, female bodies and male bodies and queer bodies, tall bodies and short bodies, disabled bodies, thin bodies, round bodies, injured bodies, athletic bodies, our bodies . Yoga tips for weight loss Tell us what’s great about your body!

Focusing solely on the appearance of our bodies, we are distracted from so much that is more fundamental. Free power yoga video download It can be hard to enjoy our bodies if we think their purpose is to look a certain way for other people.

From all of us at Queen Street Yoga, we wish you a Body Positive New Year. Gentle yoga youtube We hope our yoga practices might help us all shift our body focus from appearance to celebration, function, enjoyment and growth.

Pick up a Body Positive BINGO card at QSY to add some self care suggestions and community involvement to your New Year. Yoga para iniciantes videos We’ve got three different BINGO cards to represent the three aspects of our vision statement : Rooted in Practice, Growing Community and Cultivating Vibrant Lives. Nidra yoga for sleep Complete a BINGO and you can bring a friend for free to a drop-in class in January or February!

Emma Dines is the creative director of Queen Street Yoga. Shilpa yoga for weight loss video She loves writing, visiting thrift stores and going for walks in the woods. Yoga beginners nyc She also loves cartwheeling, sewing and making her own kimchi. Bali yoga barn #selfcare body positivity holidays interoception

A few years ago, my yoga teaching went through a big shift. List of yoga poses with pictures and names Research was emerging about stretching and biomechanics that challenged the way I thought about the benefits of yoga. Easy yoga poses that look hard There were many assumptions about the body and yoga and movement that I had to re-examine. Yoga vinyasa flow video For a time I felt like a fraud, like I shouldn’t even be teaching yoga, if so many of my core understandings were being challenged! It was difficult, but ultimately I am glad that I went through it. Fertility yoga seattle I feel like I have emerged with more humility, and an understanding of how little I know, how little is known about the incredible diversity of embodiment, how much there is left to discover. Yoga poses images for glowing skin And at this point, I am committed to being a forever student of human movement, and I am actively seeking out different influences, paradigms and teachers to add to my understanding, my movement practice, and my teaching.

A year ago I took my first Axis Syllabus class in Toronto, and I have been seeking out this kind of movement exploration ever since. Meditation music youtube From January through May I regularly drove to Toronto for Axis Syllabus labs, and in June I flew down to Boston for a 5-day workshop with the initiator/founder of the Axis Syllabus. Invoke yoga Since returning from my 4 month sabbatical, I’ve been studying privately with Axis Syllabus practitioners in Toronto. Yoga loft mb I’ve created the upcoming Movement Explorations workshops happening in January and February as a way to share some of what I’ve been learning about this past year with the community at Queen Street Yoga. Yoga edmonton north Continue reading → Axis Syllabus Exploration Movement QSY workshops Variety

If you like to celebrate this time of year by gifting friends and family with tokens of your care and affection, stop by Queen Street Yoga for a few gifts. Yoga retreat india december 2015 You might leave with some sweet-smelling beeswax candles or a gift certificate to treat someone to a yoga workshop or class. Pure yoga upper east side prices ALL RETAIL IS ON SALE!

Get 15% off all retail items at QSY between Nov 27-Dec 24. Yoga tips to lose belly fat If you want a product in a different colour or pattern, we can also special order any props from Halfmoon for you. Yoga austin free Our last order will go out in time to have all items arrive before Christmas.

My friends and family were super-supportive of my deep dive into yoga through teacher training, and I’ve been enthusiastic to talk about my experience overall. Maha yoga center city Though my physical practice wasn’t consistent directly leading up to the start of the program, few people expressed surprise that I would pursue my yoga teaching certification. Yoga shelter west bloomfield mi However, for reasons that I will attempt to share, I kept my plan to apply for teacher training on the down-low initially.

While I’d practiced at QSY many years ago, I was by no means a regular face-about-the-studio in 2014, when I first learned about QSY’s yoga teacher certification program. Yoga frog stand That year, I took notice that the course was being offered, gave it some surface-level thought, and then proceeded to dismiss it, rhyming off the many reasons why the timing wasn’t right.

Fast-forward to Spring of 2015, and I was creeping the QSY website once again, keeping my eyes peeled for teacher training updates for the coming Fall. Yoga mudras for health When I saw that an info session was being offered later that year, I decided to attend.

The info session was a casual and intimate gathering facilitated by the directors of the studio, Leena and Emma. Prema yoga studio We sat on the floor in a circle—more on this format later—introduced ourselves, our individual interests in teacher training, asked questions, and got answers. Yoga in pregnancy benefits Continue reading → community connections sharing teacher training vulnerability YTT

I work as a mediator with a local organization called Community Justice Initiatives (CJI ). Yoga for weight loss Our work is rooted in the principles of Restorative Justice (RJ), which looks at unique ways to repair the harm done to people and relationships by engaging the individual who caused the harm, the people affected by the harm, and the community. Run sup yoga barcelona By creating a safe place for conversation to happen, meaning and understanding can occur between the people involved and the community to restore relationships and allow for healing.

Recently, at the Waterloo Region Restorative Justice Circle, a collective of like minded individuals promoting RJ, we discussed how Waterloo Region is a hub of Restorative Justice. Yoga classes berlin ct Rooted in strong aboriginal and Mennonite traditions, Restorative Justice principles are ingrained in much of the good work that is done throughout our Region, and elsewhere. Yoga poses and their benefits There are local organizations we naturally look towards for leadership around Restorative Justice, CJI and Conrad Grebel as examples, but we wanted to cast a larger net and identify other organizations who approach their work and role in the community from a restorative perspective.

For me, Queen Street Yoga (QSY) exemplifies this restorative approach to community. Simple yoga exercises for weight loss Take a look at their vision statement . Bikram yoga boston harvard square The three sections of QSY’s vision statement are Rooted in Practice, Growing Community, and Cultivating Vibrant Lives.

This blog post was written by studio director Emma, who has been travelling across Canada and in the United States for the last few months on a sabbatical from teaching. Yoga poses to help lose weight Emma will be back to teaching at the studio in November, and wishes to share this update about her trip with the QSY community. Yoga exercises for flat stomach with pictures This post relates to the recent work Queen Street Yoga has been doing on Indigenous land acknowledgement and educating ourselves about the cultural genocide of First Nations populations in Canada.

At a contact dance workshop this summer, I participated in an exercise that included walking backwards along a forest path. Qi yoga manly The exercise encouraged us to sense the space behind us, which is a useful awareness to cultivate in dance. Yoga yoga poses I walked backwards for over an hour along a winding forest path, over jagged rocks, bumpy tree roots and clumps of moss. Yoga shelter rochester schedule The sensation was fascinating. Prenatal yoga video first trimester I realized that I have had a habit of looking down at the ground as I walk, in order not to trip. Yoga asanas for concentration and memory Facing away from where I was walking to required me to slow down a great deal and sense carefully with my feet the texture and topography of the ground. Yoga abs workout youtube Looking down was no longer a helpful strategy. Yoga akademi mersin My gaze was up and my awareness surrounded me like a sphere. Yoga sequence ideas for teachers I was no longer focused on moving ahead, on getting somewhere; I was filled up with the view of the landscape I was moving through, and an energetic sense of the landscape I was backing into.

One of the most noticeable differences in the experience of walking backwards is that your view is constantly widening. Yoga sri lanka galle Rather than things disappearing from your peripheral vision (which is what happens when you move forwards) the landscape appears slowly at your sides and seems to bloom out and emerge from the edges of your vision. Yoga centers in indianapolis What you see seems to grow in context and size, rather than shrink in anticipation and pursuit of your destination. Baptiste yoga wiki Walking backwards, one is not preoccupied with the destination, rather, with having the fullest sense of the landscape, and of treading carefully on the ground. Yoga pranayama techniques Continue reading → acknowledgement awareness community connections diversity Environment Land Acknowledgement moving nature Reflections Posts navigation