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I am used to doing bikram yoga (90 minutes, heated), so this was a big change from what I am used to. Yoga and weight loss diet If you are looking to yoga for a solid workout, this yoga will most likely not meet your needs. Video de yoga principiantes However, if you are looking to yoga as a source of relaxation and stretching, or if you are simply curious and want to start with a gentle yoga, this is a great resource! (Also, if you’re like me, and struggling to have the desire to work out while pregnant, this is helpful for getting back in the saddle!)

I am not a fan of the “om” chanting and new age qualities that are inherent to yoga, and some of that IS present in this video (e.g. Yoga stretches for neck and upper back pain the background track), however, I liked it anyway. Lotus yoga studio If you know you can’t stand that, then, again, skip this one. Yoga works sf I didn’t mind it because the mindfulness is about your baby, and that appealed to me :)

I ordered a lot of other DVDs for maintaining fitness and while this one was gentler than I was looking for, I am going to keep it in my rotation anyway. Hatha yoga vs vinyasa I may update my review after I’ve done it more regularly.

The quality of the video is top-notch. Music for yoga flow Jane Austin is a great instructor and the modified poses are front and center and easy to follow. Christian yoga exercises Note that you’ll want to have a heavier blanket to sit on and perhaps a firm cushion for support in some of the poses (I just used some items I had around my house).

p.s. Yoga shakti wellness center irvine ca If you are looking for a DVD that is more of a workout, I highly recommend Suzanne Bowen’s Long and Lean Prenatal Workout – it isn’t yoga but the exercises seem to be dance-inspired. Yoga relaxation breathing It is a true workout and has great stretching, too!

This video has been a real saving grace! Pregnant, working full-time, and caring for my 3 year old made fitting in exercise very difficult. Video de yoga para iniciantes By mid-pregnancy, I was stiff and achey and concerned about complications and recovery time after birthing. Yoga tree toronto bay and dundas This video was the perfect antidote. Bikram yoga nyc downtown I’m able to fit it in 3-4 times a week and the regular yoga completely eased aches and pains, minimized stress and anxiety, and helped me build strength throughout my body. Bikram yoga diet for weight loss I’m 3 weeks away from my due date now, and feel great – both stronger and more mentally prepared for birth because this video.

The routine is engaging and feels fresh even after a lot of repetition. Yoga poses for flat tummy with pictures I used the Shiva Rea video during my first pregnancy, but I’ve liked and used Jane Austin’s dvd a whole lot more. Yoga poses names in english and sanskrit In fact, I’ve only done the Shiva Rea dvd once during this second pregnancy. Laughing yoga for stress Jane makes yoga down-to-earth and fun. Yoga types for beginners She has a great sense of humor and her words are heartfelt. Isha yoga dallas Plus it’s a good mix of relaxation, stretching and strength building poses. Bikram yoga melbourne australia You can easily challenge yourself or dial it back if you’re wiped out.

The Prenatal workout is fine. Iyengar yoga poses for insomnia I did Bikram and Vinyasa for years with teachers and from DVD’s, and this is on par with what I would expect for a home yoga DVD. Yoga instructions audio But, I actually had to step away and DELAY starting my workout to express the frustration I feel each time I load this DVD into my bluray DVD player–it does not work correctly! I always have to stop/start/restart/stop/start in order to make it play. Yin yoga hips And, then it only plays from the intro, so I forward to the workout. Prenatal yoga poses Basically, in my bluray the menu does not function (and my computer and other DVD player are located in too small a space to do this workout). Pilates plus So, that’s annoying.

Also, as a professional television producer, I would have to say the production value of this video is poor. Yoga games online The editing and shot selection is not use-friendly or edited to maximize the instructional format. Haute yoga For example, when doing poses that you may not be familiar with the video focuses on Jane Austin who is talking but NOT doing the pose! Why would you do that?! when there are likely many woman out there like myself who are looking up at the screen at that very moment to make sure they’re doing the pose correctly–but then we have NO visual reference point for the pose. Musica mantras kundalini yoga youtube Whoever edited this video clearly does not understand the point of a fitness video and that you have to cut to the action during instruction!

Other than these two things that seriously bug me–which I think are a pretty big deal, i.e. Yoga routine for abs technical and production value, the DVD is okay. Yoga classes london fields I am 5.25 months pregnant and I’ve been doing it once a week since 4 months. True yoga taiwan But, it’s mostly because I cannot go to Jane’s class which is hard for me to get to most times. Ashtanga yoga poses Jane is a pretty decent teacher, and I’m pretty sure we used to live in the same neighborhood in SF, so I would love to go to the class in person. Yoga instructor resume This DVD is just a substitute for Jane and the class–and a just adequate substitute at that (I’m sicking of fighting with my player remote).

I am 3 months post partum with my 4th child. Yoga stretches for back I used this dvd 3x/wk throughout my 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Antigravity yoga lab I have done prenatal yoga classes with a previous pregnancy but I have not used any other dvd so I don’t have a whole lot to compare this one to. Yoga poses yoga journal But I can say it felt wonderful on my aches and pains and did a great job keeping my hips loose. Yoga source palo alto schedule I have no doubts yoga contributed greatly to a fast, easy labor.

Pros of this dvd for me were: an enjoyable sequence that was not particularly challenging in the 2nd tri but became increasingly challenging as I got bigger in the 3rd. Daily yoga routine youtube I always felt relaxed and loosened afterward. Youtube videos kundalini yoga basics I still use it and it still feels great to do. Yoga exercises for beginners dailymotion Much of the time is spend sitting but it is easily modified to be done standing should you want to do it after birth but can’t do much sitting comfortably. Yoga blog deutsch I also appreciated that the majority of the dvd was not particularly spiritual in nature. Chair yoga exercises hip replacement I look to yoga for the wonderful physical benefits. Svaroopa yoga I have other means of spiritual development so I don’t enjoy it when instructors include a lot of that. Pure yoga hong kong locations There is some spiritual stuff at the very beginning and the very end so it was easy for me to skip those parts. Yoga symbols dictionary Finally, (on a side note) I liked that the instructor and mommas were all modestly dressed. Exhale yoga venice ca I don’t like watching barely dressed people.

Cons: It is an hr long so it made it challenging to get done with 3 other kids. Bikram yoga I am now back on amazon looking for a shorter dvd to continue practicing. Ananda yoga center nepal I haven’t used this one as much post partum simply because it is just too long to get done on a regular basis with a newborn. Triad yoga greensboro schedule Other reviewers have mentioned that the instructor talks non-stop and it is true. Sadhana yoga hudson Oh my! Truly. Shanti yoga Non. Exhale yoga venice Stop. Yoga in indianapolis I didn’t mind so much since I use yoga for exercise and not for quiet meditation but it did get annoying after a while. Yoga nidra meditation art of living If you are looking for quiet don’t choose this dvd.

Overall I gave it 4 stars because the cons were annoying but not major problems for me and I got so many wonderful physical benefits from it that I would most definitely use it again if I ever have another child.

I am in my first trimester, so I probably could have used a more intense yoga workout but it was a wonderful way to remind myself I need to slow down a little. Sahaja yoga centers in india I definitely enjoyed it.

Many of the exercises will be very helpful down the road and even during labor. Ananda yoga dunedin This is my 3rd pregnancy, so I can tell this DVD will be my best friend as time moves on. Yoga therapy seattle I wish I could give it a 4.5 out of 5 because it is a little slow for me right now (and I’m pretty out of shape) but it will be amazing for me the last 3-6 months of pregnancy, as well as my natural birth. Ejercicios de yoga para adelgazar I still enjoyed it and need the extra stretch, breathing and relaxation but if you are an experienced yogi this may not be useful until your last trimester. Yogamatters jersey (or 2nd at least)