Pilates, reflexology and yoga in hertfordshire

I am Wendy Collings, a Qualified Body Control Pilates Instructor and Director and owner of Woo Pilates Studio in the heart of Bishops Stortford Town. Yoga dance I started practicing Pilates in 2010 after my first daughter was born. Yoga west After suffering for many years with terrible posture, debilitating spinal issues

along with being genetically hyper-mobile, I realised that Pilates is something I needed to continue with on a regular basis for the rest of my life.

Hatha yoga dvd download Gone are the painkillers and most of my discomfort – my strong core now protects my back and I have learnt how to keep my hyper-mobile joints within normal range of movement, to help prevent injuries. Importance of yoga and meditation in life At the end of 2012, I knew that if I could help myself, then I could also help other people through experience from my own journey. Sangha yoga studio I left my sales career in London behind and trained for 12 months (although the training will continue to be life-long) with The Body Control Pilates Association to become a level 3 Pilates Teacher. Meditation music It was the best move I ever made!

I run all my classes from my beautiful new studio in the heart of Bishops Stortford Town Centre. Yin yoga poses My classes are a max of 12 per class. Kripalu yoga I also hold Private classes. Yoga and weight loss research Pilates classes are payable in advance in half-term blocks and I like to encourage and help my clients to improve their body awareness and alignment and enjoy creating personalised programs to help each client reach their full potential in the class and then carry over those skills to everyday activities and sports.

Since qualifying, I have completed, amongst others, the following workshops with Body Control Pilates – Pregnancy Ante & Postnatal Pilates, various small equipment workshops, Intermediate Pilates,Movement, Adaptions, Childrens Foundation Course, Teaching Children 5-11 years, Pilates for the Older Person, Pilates for Scoliosis, Pilates for Bone Health (Osteoporosis), Basic – Intermediate Reformer and am looking forward to completing the Pilates for Runners course in December after receiving a ballot place myself for next years London Marathon!

I wanted to be able to offer clients complete tranquility from my own studio – lighting, temperature, atmosphere and all the equipment I would ever need to help a variety of people with different conditions and needs.

I opened my studio in North Street 8 weeks ago and we already offer Iyengar Yoga to complement Body Control Pilates and will have a Reflexologist and Accupuncturist in house from next month.

I first started practicing Pilates in 2009 after it was recommended to me following a hip opera on to repair a labral tear. Bikram yoga houston heights Training, weight lifting and cardio-vascular work has always been a huge part of my day-to-day life as a professional footballer, but this was my first major injury, and I was open to exploring anything that would facilitate my swift return to the pitch fitter and stronger than I was before.

Since stepping into my first Pilates class I haven’t looked back, and the results it’s helped me achieve have been phenomenal. Yoga school brooklyn Following my hip injury, I unfortunately ruptured my Achilles tendon in 2013. Yoga for back pain beginners It was the worst injury I’ve sustained over the course of my near 15 year career in the game, but I was able to make a full recovery and play my first game only 22 weeks a er opera on. Pure yoga hong kong membership fee Without the support of a bespoke Pilates programme, this wouldn’t have been possible.

While initially using Pilates to ease the recovery process following injury, I have since incorporated it within my regular training routine to the stage that it is perhaps the most important component. Baptiste yoga cambridge It has not only helped me overcome injuries, but also prevented them, improved my performances and without a doubt given me a better quality of living off the field.

Pilates has most definitely prolonged my career in football and played a significant role in the success that I’ve achieved. Yoga readings gratitude After my initial injury I won back-to-back promotions with Stevenage FC, was named their Player of the Year and became club captain; milestones in my career that were facilitated by the impact Pilates had on my ability to perform on and o the pitch.

I have increased the flexibility of my muscles, improved the mobility of my joints and overall my body is stronger and more able to move in the way that I want it to. Pilates yoga My only wish that I had discovered it sooner, which is why I have established Ashton Pilates to help athletes and people from all sectors and backgrounds

I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Charlie and I’m a Mum to three children, one at uni the other two at Windhill21 primary in Bishops Stortford. Pure yoga austin I trained in reflexology whilst my first son was starting school, he was my first ever case study and even now begs me to “do” his feet.

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Prenatal yoga poses second trimester Stimulating reflex points on the feet can have an effect on the corresponding body system or a specific organ.

I cannot, nor would I claim to, diagnose or heal conditions, but by re balancing the body to a state of homoeostasis the body is in the best position to heal itself and maintain the delicate balance providing good health for the client.

A comprehensive health review including questions about lifestyle and medical conditions (all of which are strictly cofidential) is taken at the beginning of the session providing a holistic overview of the clients’ well being-this helps highlight any areas where there may be imbalance.

The session involves gentle movements over all the reflex points on the feet and ankles stimulating energy flow and promoting well being. Morning yoga routine for beginners video Any tenderness may correspond to an imbalance within the body, but there should be no discomfort and the whole process leaves clients feeling deeply relaxed – some even drop off during the session! The session ends with a lovely foot massage.

I will be partaking in the open day at Woo Pilates studio on November 12th where I’ll be offering free taster sessions of foot and hand reflexology. Ejercicios de yoga para principiantes en casa looking forward to meeting lots of new people and seeing old friends

Having studied and practised yoga for over 17 years. Yoga poses for lower back pain during pregnancy Adrienne’s understanding, dedication and friendly approach brings a special element to her teaching. Bikram yoga boston groupon With a background in competitive gymnastics and gymnastic’s coaching Adrienne’s exploration through body movement, led her to yoga, which she found incredibly beneficial on both the physical body and on a much deeper subtle level. Bikram yoga locations nyc Having previously studied other forms of yoga, finding Iyengar yoga was a revelation as she fell in love with the integrity of the Iyengar teachers and their incredible precision and knowledge of the poses and the subject. Dahn yoga center albuquerque As well as having a dedicated daily self-practice she studies weekly under the guidance of senior Iyengar teachers. Best online yoga videos free Adrienne relishes the opportunity yoga provides to work deeply on the body and the mind which leads to an improved experience of life. Amazing yoga shadyside schedule It is her great pleasure to pass on her knowledge of yoga to others and to help them become more mindful and more comfortable in their own bodies.

Adrienne teaches yoga throughout Hertfordshire, runs regular yoga workshops and also teaches a form of adaptive yoga called ‘Positive Movement’ to members of the community who are disabled, older, or less mobile. North shore yoga studio She is also a massage therapist and reiki healer.

My interest in acupuncture and natural health developed several years ago and from it came my appreciation of the philosophy behind Traditional Chinese Medicine which guides so much of the work of today’s acupuncture practitioners.

After 3 years of training at the City College of Acupuncture in London I set up my own practice in the summer of 2016 based in Bishop’s Stortford and I also do some work in Broxbourne.

During my training my specialism became digestive disorders and complaints and I went on to write my dissertation on IBS and the role acupuncture can play in treating this complex syndrome.

I also have a keen interest in the role acupuncture can play in assisting fertility/ IVF treatments and have recently completed further training to provide more focused support in this area.