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This is a rare project. Restorative yoga lab.yrinth beat collection was brewed during my excursion in a chaotic environment where shelling of bombs and Antonov warplanes buzzed above my head as part of the Sudan Relief & Rehabilitation Agency (SRRA) team. Basic yoga poses for beginners video On evenings and weekends, sitting by my home studio became a ritual. Yoga loft schedule Each beat was anchored on how I felt at the moment. Face yoga before and after While I kept writing poems, sound also became a vent through which I could channel my thoughts and emotions.

In the meantime I kept in touch with Ochuka, a prolific poet who’s battling cancer and at times I felt like life didn’t make sense at all. Shanti yoga nyc Here I was, watching the killing of children in a war the world knows little about and one of my best friends, at 23, trying to live in a body that is in constant war with the itself.

Anyway, upon the release of lab.yrinth, Ochuka texted saying how the whole beat collection evoked his writing muse and vowed to write a poem after each beat. Yoga for menopause That was unheard of. Yoga for lower back pain and hips Something so profound I didn’t know what to say. Yoga workout plan for beginner He e-mailed the collection within 24 hours!

Kindly remember to donate to Ochuka’s medical bill via M-PESA Pay Bill: 825155 to Acc. Pranayama No. Lotus yoga omaha WYCLIF OMONDI OCHUKA; Co-Op Bank Acc.: 01108235521900; or directly to M-PESA No.: 0726649526/0727648853

“How can time heal, if time is wounded of itself? These clocks have gathered moss, look at their souls, aren’t we all all paradise lost? Feathers growing through stretchmarks of graves, reminded that to rise, to rise we must remain subtle in imagination but dare-odds stuck against the unruly hero moments of life? But what’s time separated of itself? I still, I still break a piece of my soul and throw the pellet into my bloodstream full of sharks, making even the dangers of derangement, the audacity to defy clarity, the thick posthumous satires of old forests rotting on the walls of home! I still walk to flower shops with a burial overdue.

Ashtanga yoga poses names I still, love like God’s menses are in the morning dew. Sup yoga denver Eroded, peeled off wrinkled raisins and black-eyed pea. Music for yoga and other joys And with a backcross test, I still self-preserve, self-destruct, shelve these bars, gravy batch, I still drip… drops, moon-clots of a widow’s sorrow. Yoga poses for third eye chakra There’s no tomorrow. Yoga tips for belly fat Today is infinitesimal. Chair yoga poses for elderly Round the clover like a sad butterfly parking for its funeral. Yoga tips and tricks Yesterday is gone. Basic breathing beginner yoga with tara stiles Body of salt and a life wide of wounds. Bikram yoga ballsbridge These questions. Absolute yoga groupon Each petal, pedals an arm of god. Happy face yoga youtube An army crawls, rebels turn these manifolds. Ashtanga yoga primary series poster download Manifestos. Yoga ottawa south Money, payroll. Facial yoga exercises youtube Unchain the Django. Yoga perth scotland Totems & Guns, land and votes. Hot yoga at home youtube Redeem your soul without the cadaver on the cross. Yoga daily routine beginners But see I have been loud about the silent nights, lonely. Yoga exercises for back pain pictures Drowning, deep. Yoga rope wall poses Dying to have known. Yoga adelaide hills This is Mike written on woods. Baptiste yoga nyc I am. Kundalini yoga poses for root chakra Because I am.”

Don’t understand why writers feel special like a proper noun. Prenatal yoga 2nd trimester Like a Top Secret envelop. Yoga source santa fe Like secrets of the White House. City yoga indy Like Big Foot. Yoga room Like Osama’s death. Prenatal yoga chicago Like aliens. Bikram yoga wimbledon raj Like Obama’s birth certificate and his alien body guard. Santa cruz yoga santa cruz ca Like conspiracy theory. Yoga today magazine Like Icke. What is yoga aroma Like YouTube traffic and us. Divya yoga Like success is a temporary thing. Purple yoga tustin Like a one-hour radio interview. Yoga brighton qld And you feel like a fucking star. Yoga sri lanka tripadvisor Like reading your poem on The Washington Post or to jazz saxophonists at Pittsburgh, City of Asylum. Yoga poses pictures and names Like a girl saying yes. Bikram yoga chicago andersonville Like shooting a creamy load. Fertility yoga nyc Like instant gratification. Bikram yoga richmond tx Like every rapper and poet I know masks some pain. Yoga for diabetes ramdev Like a dead dream buried in their words. Prana yoga center Like an incurable disease. Yoga camp day 8 Like a dead parent. Hot yoga boston ma Like a broken home or a husband who never comes home. Vinyasa yoga school rishikesh reviews Like waking up to the stench of slum sewers. Power living australia yoga manly Like a boyfriend who never calls except when he wants to fuck.

Meditation and herbal tea do not change bad neighbours into smiley friends. Printable yoga cards for preschoolers Then how do you change the world? You don’t. Yoga workout Crucify the ego. Pregnancy yoga dvd jb hi fi Yoga is for middle-class women lost in pseudepigrapha.

The truth is ugly. Yoga hawaii honolulu hi Lies are beautiful; lies wear make-up, go to work/church, and promise you forever and flowers – as long as you give them money. Sunyoga dortmund Lies want you to open car doors for them, pull chairs in coffee shops, remember all their birthdays, wed them, love them until they cum in multiples, they want you to go out and work hard, they want you home to cuddle, they want you for life, they want you dead. Antigravity yoga poses They want. Yoga center for healthy living groupon Want, want, want! Your job is to give. Nirvana yoga easthampton All these lists of insane, inhuman, childish, torturous demands just because they have a vagina. Yoga omega symbol And they can give you a baby as a gift. Yoga travelers rest sc Another mouth to feed. Reflections yoga The cycle of wants continues. Yoga poses for beginners weight loss And the suicide and drinking rate amongst men skyrockets.

Indigo child, I feel. Yoga dance fusion Crystalline blood flow. Yoga ballsbridge One candle and three circles. Indian yoga poses According to poetry, everything is wrong with everything. Yoga west chester pa There are words that I hate. Yoga breathing exercises Feel-important labels like CEO of Pranic Healing Center. Qi yoga edgewater CEO means money and suits. Baba ramdev yoga for weight loss in english Spirituality shouldn’t be for sale. Yoga download roku 30 silvers?Judases of the last brunch. Yoga poses for sleep deprivation They gambling over my body. Yoga hawaii big island Crystal stones on Amazon. Jnana yoga poses Like, WTF? Like de javu and telekinesis don’t make one psychic. Yoga youtube Love is the ultimate chakra. Dhyana yoga sadhana center Open it. Baba ramdev pranayam video free download Horoscopes are dead stars. Moksha yoga edmonton south schedule The sky is a graveyard. Yoga paris tx My feet in salt water. Yoga dancer pose Grounded for real. Hotbox yoga west philly The ultimate alchemy is turning fear into love; wine into water. Yoga poses for tight hip flexors Starseed footprints. Yoga for hair growth youtube I think people with autism and bipolar are very special. Yoga shakti Normal people are a curse. Yoga bristol nh They invest in stimulants. Yoga in daily life whitestone ny Like psychedelics and sports. Yoga moves nyon Amusement parks and shit. Yoga district dupont They die, thus.

They die. Yoga nyc chelsea Humanity will die. Namaste yoga farm gokarna review Even robots ain’t shit without us. Yoga calgary sw Even heaven and hell are vacant rooms without us. Sup yoga houston Books and food and love are meaningless without us. Information about yoga and its types We die still. Bikram yoga richmond facebook All we own. Yoga body naturals If I was the last man on earth I will still enjoy life. Anusara yoga denver Talk to stones, breathe and eat fruits.

*Zack: a friend, brother, hustler, student at JKUAT died in a road accident a few days ago. Yoga music video download We used to bond at their village shop in Friends’ Silungai School, Western Kenya. Yoga retreats uk 2014 Young shadows remain in his path. Yoga source santa fe schedule Rest in bond, my niggur! The earth is a genetic vehicle. City yoga st augustine We ride, we don’t die.

When you read widely as I have, and I’m proud of my insatiable hunger for the written word, labels such as my favorite writer cease to exist because favorite means a personal god born of comparisons and competition – a limited edition perception on variety and discovery, you realise that everyone is a writer including toes that draw a cupid heart in the sand, and the sun’s trail across the sky is a cosmic signature and clouds are nothing but water stains. Lotus yoga loft And labels such as a good and bad writer only exist by comparison and competition – a limited edition perception on variety and discovery; you realise that,

if you truly love music like I do, and I’m proud of my music taste that sometimes I listen and dance to silence, then nothing like favorite jazz musician or rapper exists in your taste. Yoga asana sanskrit names You realize that every voice is a unique note. Earth yoga palma That the footsteps of a marching band is a regular rhyme in itself. Yoga manly vale That it will take you at least three lifetimes to listen to every piece music ever recorded, including the cry of a newborn or the sound of a kiss in a wedding. Easy yoga exercises for losing weight That is why you should switch off your radio and buy a poetry book because music is a shape of words and not drums and a mouse on a studio pad compressing recorded waves, or hollow strumming distortions of a guitar, you realise that,

if you love women the way I have loved, and I’m proud of the women in and out of my life, labels such as my favorite woman will slip through the fingers of your mind like a big wet soap because you can’t possibly love only one woman in your lifetime or measure the seismographic scales of your heartbeats when in love. Lotus yoga retreat goa india You realize that the best girlfriend in the world is your mom. Yoga hareketleri resimli The best girlfriend in the world is your first love. Yoga hareketleri isimleri The best girlfriend in the world is your ex. Yoga montreal west The best girlfriend in the world is your current girlfriend, your next girlfriend, your wife, your crush, your sister, cousin, the waitress, Mama Mboga, your woman friend, your daughter and Mother Nature. Yoga for you dedham You realise that,

if you live life the way I have lived, there is no such thing as the best or worst moments of my life. Surya yoga venice That ‘worse moment’ simply means not in harmony with the spirit, the present. Yoga teacher training dubai 2013 That such dark moments are whet stones for the edges of the swords of your soul. Yoga poses for neck shoulder pain That each moment is divine. Sahaja yoga That a birthday party and a requiem mass are moments of celebration of a life well lived. Yoga instructor jobs nj That a first date coffee steam and a divorce case are moments of freedom. Christian yoga youtube That a smile and a tear are the Morse codes of the soul to the world,