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And even though I’m back on the recovery wagon and driving it all the way to sanity, I still can’t seem to just lie back and enjoy the ride. Corepower yoga highland park Maybe activity, even most frantic, is what’s keeping my wagon on track; maybe I’m just scared of what my thoughts will do if left alone with me. Yoga loft san diego Whatever the cause, the effect is an adventurer who can’t take a break, or even just a fracture.

The Glasgow Theosophical Society in the west end is the heart of soul-searching in the city.

Real yoga singapore schedule Descended from the New York foundation, which was established in the 19th century, the Glasgow branch continues the organisation’s traditions of studying science and religion, with a philosophical apéritif. Easy yoga exercises for weight loss As an eye into the spiritual, it definitely comes third. Yoga paris english classes My first viewing of the society’s rooms came this week when I visited Gordon Rainey and his Tuesday evening meditation group, whose welcome was warmer than even the outside chill could temper.

In the first floor lecture hall, well below the corniced ceiling, a four-bar fire tried its best to at least defrost the gathering cockles. Pure yoga upper east side The setting could easily have hosted a rousing session of pass the parcel, with a ring of chairs perfect from which to gradually unwrap a manhandled box of Jelly Tots.

Instead of party music though, there was low lighting, soft chatter, and wall hangings that spoke equally of peace and Reiki. Yoga exercises for neck and shoulders After a hug with Gordon, the group’s coach and facilitator, each of we 10 arrivals took a seat and a moment, gathering thoughts or scarves to cushion the way.

While mindfulness and its brethren have gathered popularity like a stationary stone, the practices are so far beyond my ken that my Barbie needs to commute. Santa monica yoga But where meditation is concerned, hands no safer than Gordon’s can be found. Yoga teacher training abroad 2014 I’m told his elbows are as risky as they come though. Moksha yoga edmonton His nine years’ experience in the field, both personally and professionally, developing his own approach to conscious living, allows him to draw a weekly gathering of students into his calming presence.

The session set off with an exercise in mindfulness breathing; drawing our attention to the fundamental workings of the respiratory system: its continuous bellowing in our honour.

With eyes closed and mind open, I focused intermittently on the inhale, with brief interruptions of the ex, and allowed time and tension to drift, if not away then at least outwith the limits of current reach. Yoga asanas for healthy brain It seemed almost redundant afterwards to take up introductions, given that shared space of new-found familiarity, but hearing of the journeys that had brought each of us to the rest gave me great context for the trip to come.

Around that circle was experience and none, faith and doubt, reason and uncertainty; all to our own ends with somewhat the same beginning. Sadhana yoga pokhara We discussed energies, the awareness of thought, and our misplaced comfort in self-criticism, all the while with Gordon’s input guiding the chat ever inwards. Simple yoga asanas for weight loss Even adventure found voice and, as is my wont, if not anyone’s desire, I spoke of the need to take out into the world that which we want to find there.

At a time later than the evening began – if you subscribe to such linear progressions – the conversation ebbed and Gordon brought the meditation into full flow. Yoga shakti studio irvine As we settled back into our selves, the coach led us gently from our minds into our minds’ eyes.

If thoughts arose, we were encouraged to acknowledge their existence but let them flutter past, not grab their tails and wrestle them to our inner monologue, as was my own instinct.

But Gordon assured us afterwards that, with practice, such inclinations could indeed be ushered into decline. Absolute yoga He spoke in mantras throughout the process; phrases that connected with his own insight.

Avoiding the temptation to hunt them down and gather them for my collection, I allowed them to wander free, but will ever have stuffed in my memory that I am not my thoughts.

The meditation drew quietly to a close with a wiggle of toes, to both bring us back and fend off the jetlag. Yoga brighton By then, confused had followed dazed to dampen my already sodden wits so that when asked to share the one word that might sum up my inaugural meditation, that which fell from my mouth was “relieved”.