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Unigine Corp is preparing their next major Unigine 2 engine update, Unigine 2.4. Office chair yoga poses This should be another exciting update while unfortunately their new technology demo isn’t making it out in time for Christmas.

Their new Unigine “superstition” / “classroom” technology demo built off Unigine 2 is a huge advancement over Unigine Heaven/Valley. Yoga life society Unigine Superstition is built off Unigine 2, features VR support, and offers a ton of rich graphical improvements while still being Linux-friendly. Yoga yoga song While it was supposed to arrive this year, Unigine Corp recently delayed it until Q1’17. Prenatal yoga chicago loop But let me tell you, the delay should certainly be worthwhile and this new demo is absolutely gorgeous.

Red Hat developer Dave Airlie spent some of his Christmas committing some fixes to the open-source RADV Radeon Vulkan driver for benefiting id Software’s DOOM game with Vulkan renderer.

• The art of cutting edge, Doom 2 vs the modern Security Industry During the holiday, I started playing Doom 2. Yoga melbourne fl I bet I’ve not touched this game in more than ten years. Unity yoga room I can’t even remember the last time I played it. Put down dog meaning My home directory was full of garbage and it was time to clean it up when I came across doom2.wad. Yoga journal conference san diego 2013 I’ve been carrying this file around in my home directory for nearly twenty years now. Divya yoga products usa It’s always there like an old friend you know you can call at any time, day or night. Yoga for healthy aging I decided it was time to install one of the doom engines and give it a go. Yoga poses for kids I picked prboom, it’s something I used a long time ago and doesn’t have any fancy features like mouselook or jumping. Chakra yoga poses Part of the appeal is to keep the experience close to the original. Yoga nidra mp3 free download Plus if you could jump a lot of these levels would be substantially easier. Jnana yoga The game depends on not having those features.

• Red Hat OpenStack Gains Momentum Despite Gov’t Challenges Red Hat (RHT) continues to see growing momentum for its OpenStack, OpenShift, CloudForms and storage technologies. Free yoga bangkok But business in the U.S. True yoga singapore government sector –at least in Red Hat’s most recent quarter — appears slower than the company had hoped.

• Kannolo, a pure-KDE Fedora Remix It has been a long time since my last blog post, but that does not mean I stopped doing Fedora-related development. Naada yoga montreal schedule Today, I would like to announce a new project of mine that I had been silently working on for a couple years already. Bikram yoga perth scotland In several cultures, it is customary to make gifts today (in the evening) or tomorrow, so you can take this as a gift for the holidays.

• Creating Fedora 25 LXQt Remix After some discussions and initial thoughts within LXQt SIG I decided to put a first Fedora 25 LXQt remix together. Yoga mantras english Now I’d like to share the idea to get some input, especially on selection of applications

• Awesome 4.0 Window Manager Released Yet another open-source project pushing out a big release for the holidays is the Awesome Window Manager Framework. Office yoga youtube Awesome 4.0 was released today with some big changes for this open-source X11/X.Org window manager and incorporates about four years of changes since Awesome 3.5.

• Claws Mail 3.14.1 Claws Mail is a lightweight, fast and highly configurable mailer using the GTK2 toolkit. Yoga temple manly vale It started life as a fork of Sylpheed and was called Sylpheed Claws, adding bleeding edge features to Sylpheed and feeding them back to the original project wherever possible. Yoga at home poses Eventually, the two projects diverged too much and it is now a completely separate program.

• Mir 0.25 Released: Pointer Confinement, Gamma KMS Support, Libmircore For anyone hoping this year that Canonical would have decided to abandon their Mir display server efforts and shift focus back to Wayland, that did not happen, but in the stockings this holiday for Ubuntu users is an updated Mir display server release, version 0.25.

• Outreachy Begins My internship in Outreachy is officially started tomorrow. Yoga hatha flow 4 Actually, I felt like dreaming when I got the information that I was elected by GNOME, ariesd from I met too much troubles when I applied GSOC2016 as a absolute rookie in FOSS. Yoga richmond vt So I will treasure this opportunity.

At last, thanks Marina, Mentor Tong and the maintainers of Chinese localization group who helped and trusted me during the application period. Yoga for stomach pain And at the same time, I hope I can contribute more to GNOME, learn more about FOSS organizations, and make more friends through this internship.

• Outreachy (GNOME)-W1&W2 My Outreachy intern has been begun for two weeks, and I have completed most UI translations items of GNOME 3.22 (stable).

• More Vulkan Improvements Land In GTK4 Toolkit Code A number of improvements have landed to the GTK4 tool-kit’s early back-end work on supporting Vulkan as an alternative to its OpenGL renderer is gaining ground.

• Linus Torvalds Announces First RC of Linux Kernel 4.10 as Christmas Present If Santa didn’t come by last night, we’d like to inform you that Linus Torvalds announced the availability of the first Release Candidate (RC) build of the upcoming Linux 4.10 kernel as a Christmas present to Linux geeks around the world.

If you’re watching the Linux kernel scene, you would know that there have been two weeks since the launch of the Linux 4.9 kernel, which appeared to be the biggest kernel version ever released. Pilates matwork exercises This means that the merge window for Linux kernel 4.10, which is not as big as Linux kernel 4.9 was, is now officially closed and it’s time for us to test drive the RC1 milestone.

“It’s Christmas Day, and it’s two weeks since the merge window opened. Yoga positions for 2 Thus, the merge window is now closed,” said Linus Torvalds. Restorative yoga poses with props “On the whole, this wasn’t all that big a release – nothing like 4.9. Shanti yoga maplewood Although it wasn’t tiny either. Chakra yoga waltham I think 4.7 was smaller. Yoga shop murders 4.8 might have been too. Bikram yoga at home video It’s xmas day, and right now I can’t be arsed to actually do the statistics I’d normally do.”

• OpenMandriva Lx 3.01 Brings Stable KDE Plasma On Wayland The OpenMandriva developers have timed their Lx 3.01 operating system update release for Christmas.