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I left my family in Germany and moved to Los Angeles on a dance Scholarship just before my eighteenth birthday. Yoga for the people I spent seven days a week in an academy of highly driven, highly caffeinated, young adults and was dancing 6-8 hours every day, hardly sleeping at all. Yoga sport and health It was a highly competitive environment and I was constantly concerned about my weight, having already gained six pounds since I moved, and if I gained one more I thought I would never get a job. Bikram yoga dallas lakewood I did graduate from the Debbie Reynolds Studio a year later, very happy, tired and skinny.

After four years working as a professional dancer I began to struggle with the lifestyle and emotional and physical toll. Yoga for surfers download As a twenty four year old, I was not sleeping well, drank coffee with every meal and the recovery from injuries lasted much longer than I thought it should.

Hatha yoga music youtube I knew that something was not right. Basic yoga positions and names My doctors told me, that my adrenal glands were drained and I had chronic fatigue syndrome. Therapeutic yoga seattle I finally decided to make a change. Kundalini yoga music radio And since I always enjoyed reading about nutrition and anatomy, I took a basic personal training certification course.

This changed my life forever. Bikram yoga london I dug into the shelves at the bookstore and read pretty much everything I could find on Food, Supplements, Meditation and Bodybuilding. Ryan giggs yoga I very quickly built my own personal training business. What is yoga The more my clientele grew, the more I was inspired to learn other methods of fitness and healing such as Hatha Yoga, Pantajali’s Philosophy and Pranayama. Bikram yoga vancouver I passed the exam with The American College of Sports Medicine, America’s highest tier and most challenging personal training certification. Yoga perth uk I also took a year long teacher training at Yogaworks and was blessed with countless hours in the classrooms of my world famous mentors Bryan Kest, Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter and Vinnie Marino. Yoga poses for back pain baba ramdev And I challenged myself by completing two marathons, even though I never considered myself a runner, and began a daily practice in Gracie Jui-Jitsu. Instagram yoga girl It reinforced my belief that some challenges are more a matter of thought than physical ability. Yoga north reading ma Knowing what you want, making a plan how to achieve it and following through even when it initially feels uncomfortable, is an essential asset of the athlete and is something each one of us can learn and practice inside and outside the gym.

Along with a list of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and her children, Charlie and Brooke Sheen and the JJ Abrams family, I have also had many clients with severe health issues, limitations and challenges.

I have been training with Kim for several years now. Yoga poses for runners hips After the first hour I spend with Kim, I know it would be a great experience. Y2 yoga nyc She genuinely cares about improving her clients physical well being while motivating them to reach their goals, plans interesting and varied word outs both inside the gym and outside, and makes training fun! I started training with a single goal of loosing weight. Quotes on yoga in english Not only have I reached my goal weight with Kim’s help, I have more energy, strength, and muscle definition. Yoga classes in leicester uk I have gone from being someone who dislikes working out, to looking forward to my sessions with Kim.

I have found Kim to be an extraordinary physical trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline. Postures de yoga pour dormir I train with her at my house, where there is plenty of gym equipment, or on set where she gets very creative. Sunstone yoga mckinney Her attitude is always inspiring and her knowledge is exceptional.

After the twins, it has really been tough to get my body back in shape. Moksha yoga edmonton 99 street Kim’s training is a lot of fun. Vinyasa yoga poses names She always motivates me to keep going and wont let me get away with being lazy.