Only traces remain of a once-active arya samaj organisation in karachi

In the Kyamarri area of Karachi, an angry mob that could not find a temple to tear down headed for the Christian missionary-administered Sacred Heart School.

“ Da Kristaan baanday, Hinduan na dey. Yoga exercises to lose weight at home O Babri Jama’at Hinduan hamla karrey da.” (These are Christians, not Hindus, and the Babri Masjid was attacked by Hindus.)

My journalist friend Anwar Khan was the one who narrated this incident to me. Yoga poses images and names One day, I asked him, “I’ve heard there was an Arya Samaj Organisation active in Karachi and it had its own temples as well.”

Anwar told me there was a building in his area Kyamarri, which had an inscription in Urdu that said “Arya Samaj Compound”. Yoga hosers premiere I asked him to take me there.

Two weeks later, on a Sunday afternoon, Anwar, my photojournalist friends Majid Butt and Akhtar Soomro, and I went to the place. Yoga babylon Walking in and out of various streets, we finally reached an old building.

A friend of Anwar’s, Muhammad Ali Soomro, who was a local of Kyamarri, pointed in the direction of a kindergarten school, saying, “Here’s the place where once there was a temple.”

Anwar and Muhammad Ali Soomro took us to another old building nearby, which could easily have been mistaken for a temple if not for the plaque announcing that it was yet another kindergarten school.

We needed someone to translate the Hindi plaques for us now. Yoga moves In fact, even before that, we had to know that if the Arya Samaj did indeed exist in Karachi and elsewhere in Sindh, what exactly were its activities? The founder of Arya Samaj

“A few Hindu extremists were of the mind that the Aryans ruled the whole world in ancient times, and thus they should take back what was theirs. Best yoga for weight loss youtube And since they are the greatest nation, therefore a sense of superiority should also be encouraged among Hindus; followers of other religious should either be exiled, or torched as dry wood is for fuel.

“Arya Samaj is an old Hindu organisation which came into being even before the Hindu Maha Sabha. Bali yoga kirkland Its founder was a fanatic Hindu named Munshi Ram. Yoga in daily life new york He was an educated man and had also remained an employee of the Punjab Police. Yoga breathing poses Later, he quit the police job and became a lawyer. Bikram yoga dallas texas A few years later, according to his claims, he left everything as it was and adopted a life of meditation.

“Finally, from Munshi Ram he became Shradhanand. Uptown yoga This organisation had backdoor connections with the British government. Yoga teachers of colorado It was with their help that the organisation established branches in various parts of India in order to end the interfaith harmony among Hindus and Muslims.”

Swami Shradhanand Jee was assassinated in 1926. Google images yoga poses Diwan Singh Maftoon, who was a renowned journalist of his day and published a newspaper by the name of Riyasat, wrote of how and why Swami Jee was murdered in his book Naaqaabil-e-Faraamosh.

He says it was one of Swami Jee’s employees, who had previously shown signs of religious extremism, who killed Swami Jee on religious grounds. Yoga shelter grosse pointe Arya Samaj in Sindh

In his book Uhay Ddeenh Uhay Sheenh, Pir Ali Muhammad Shah Rashidi writes that after the 1920 reforms, three Hindu organisations emerged in India almost simultaneously; the Shudhi Sangathan, the Arya Samaj and the Hindu Maha Sabha.

He claims that the organisations were spearheaded by the old Congress – the party that otherwise claimed to be a representative of both Hindu and Muslim interests in India.

“On March 29, 1928, Hindu-Muslim communal riots erupted first in Larkana because of a matter related to a Muslim woman. Yoga exercices The woman, Kariman, a wife and mother of three, was from a village near the city. Hyp yoga wellesley She eloped with a Hindu man and came to Larkana, where she forced her children to convert to Hinduism along with her. Kundalini yoga music free It was the Arya Samaj people (who were running the Shudhi – literally meaning ‘purity’ – movement) who took care of the conversion and accommodated the woman and her children.

“Muslim elders of the city approached the courts to bring the children back home, but the case never proceeded. Dahn yoga gaithersburg They then approached the district administration for the children’s custody. Good yoga routine for beginners Meanwhile, Hindus had hidden Kariman and the children somewhere unknown. Yoga arts san diego The collector, whom the delegation had approached for a solution, did not respond positively. Bikram yoga melbourne south east The delegation, which by now had turned into an overwhelming mob, then went to Late Haji Ameer Ali Khan but again, to no avail.

“On its way back, a few members of the mob looted a few Hindu shops and roughed up a couple of Hindu young men. Ashtanga yoga info Later, riots erupted on a larger scale. Yoga journal com Hindu shops were burnt and as a result, their businesses suffered. Iyengar yoga poses sequence Although the riots were religiously fuelled, no Hindu was killed or injured badly.

“That the shops were looted was also proved a lie, in the courts. Bihar school of yoga scandal The Hindus themselves could not prove that the Muslims had attacked their shops. Yogasource los gatos British judges disregarded all Hindu witnesses as liars.

“Hindus would not let the episode be forgotten. Videos de yoga para hacer en casa They then filed baseless police cases against the Muslims. Yoga benefits Muslim activists were being targeted specifically. Balance yoga barre Khan Bahadur Ayub Khoro, who was an elected member of the Bombay Council, was also named in police cases only because he was elected by Muslims.”

Its only remnants are the plaques in Hindi that can be seen at the Arya Samaj Compound in Kyamarri. Yoga hatha flow My friends Hassan Mansoor, Hafeez Chachar and Ajmal Kamal helped me read the plaques. Downward dog They said: Arya Samaj Kyamarri

Both the Kyamarri temples now host kindergarten schools. Yoga for meniscus tear As far my knowledge goes, the Arya Samaj, too, was interested in engaging with the Hindu youth, introducing them in detail to the greatness that lies in the ancient Hindu history. Yoga dance studio They considered it as a means of redemption.

You will only see Muslims in Arya Samaj Compound now. Kula yoga center The schools in the temples are imparting modern knowledge to children. Benefits of meditation reddit I wonder if the Arya Samaj had not disappeared, would these academies still be open for Muslims? And, if there was no Arya Samaj building, who would take time out to build schools in Kyamarri?

At that time, the school was surrounded by a boundary wall only four feet high. Pilates ballston The wall is now almost twice the height of the tallest man in that mob.

In the mid-80s, the Indian government launched a program to identify and provide free boarding & schooling to the talented children from the rural areas. Yoga for beginners weight loss The idea was that while the IITs and IIMs had developed as world-class institutions of higher education, they were often dominated by students from relatively privileged backgrounds. Dahn yoga center union square Similarly, elite government and corporate jobs were restricted to those from the cities. What is meditation mean This change, pioneered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. Basic yoga poses images of India, came in the form of the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, which began the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs), a system of alternate schools for gifted students in India from VI to XII standard. Yoga forum australia By many standards, the experiment has been a success.

The JNV program was a major innovation with significant resources deployed – it is estimated that the MHRD spends Rs 85,000 annually on every student at JNV. Yoga for surfers manly The schools have produced many bright students and many of these return to their villages and are able to impact their villages positively. Yoga for your eyes Examples include an ex JNV student who is now researching a cure for cancer in Malaysia.

The academically elite schools for the poor were, in their time, a big idea and now are being transformed by technology. Be yoga milano porta romana The goal is to not only make sure students from these schools have skills on par with the best private schools but also that they have a better understanding of concepts through new ways of seeing and learning.

In 2013, the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti partnered with Samsung to start the Smart Class initiative with the latest audio-visual tools for learning. Yoga international magazine promo code Today the initiative is present in 398 JNVs across rural India and over 2 lakh students use the system. Free yoga videos intermediate Tablets have been supplied to these classes along with interactive Smartboards, printers and other devices. Yoga journal videos youtube The pedagogic methods have also changed as classrooms have become more interactive. Yoga during pregnancy first trimester video Learning apps for Computer Science, Mathematics, English and Science have been created, and students are taught through interactive modules like videos, animation and presentations that enable them to learn in a quicker, deeper and more fulfilling manner.

In the first three years, the initiative has seen some early successes. Yoga poses and names The story of Sadanand Ugale is one. Yoga freedom Sadanand was a bright student studying in a remote village, Chinchada, in Maharashtra. Yoga for concentration and memory video His village teacher told his father to enrol him in a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Kannad, Aurangabad district. Yoga journal conference san diego With exposure to new-age education tools and modern pedagogical techniques, he was able to explore his potential. Yoga poses for abs and thighs with pictures His research on seasonal diseases was selected to be presented at the National School Congress in Bangalore. Pregnancy yoga poses second trimester He then went on to get chosen by the International Science School (ISS), Sydney to present the research paper in Australia and was even awarded a scholarship. Yoga postures yoga pictures Today he is preparing for his SSC exams and dreams of becoming a doctor and returning to his village to make it a better place. Yoga moves for beginners His parents feel immense pride in his achievement and his desire to strive further and contribute to the community he came from. Yoga poses intermediate Another inspiring story is that of Ritwik Kumar from Bijnore who was afflicted with vision impairment. Yoga chair pose variations He studied in the Samsung Smart Class and through his grit and brilliance, got into an IIT. Maha yoga center bridgewater Similarly, Adesh Vaidya got selected by the HRD ministry to participate in a study tour in Japan. Yoga teacher salary These are only a few of the children impacted by the use of technology and connectivity in the classroom. Sadhana yoga boston With greater penetration, this can bring significant change to the state of education as well as the lives of people. Yoga and weight loss before and after See Sadanand’s journey in this short film below.

The digital revolution shows the potential to be a great enabler for the change in this regard. Bihar school of yoga yoga nidra The number of internet users in India grew by 49% in 2015, according to the IAMAI. Bikram yoga benefits for skin Mobile internet users grew by over 65% in urban India in 2015, and by over 99% in rural India. Nada yoga training While digital tools of education like iPads or video conferencing are gaining traction in middle to high-income groups in urban India, they are yet to penetrate rural India. Bikram yoga san jose groupon But this is changing slowly, by the efforts of the government and some private players.

Providing quality education to everyone regardless of where they come from is one of the biggest challenges India is facing today. Yoga pants on the street This is a particularly large problem in rural areas that need to deal with challenges as varied as a lack of teaching facilities, unavailability of teachers and the financial inability of many parents to put their children through school. Face yoga exercises for double chin As a consequence, many students in rural India tend to experience disenchantment with education leading to high drop-out rates. Advanced yoga poses youtube In what becomes a vicious cycle, these children then go on to take up unskilled or semi-skilled jobs if they are boys or get married at a young age if they are girls. Pilates ball ab exercises Many of them find it difficult to break out of the poverty trap.

Perhaps the most significant and preventable problem here is that the process of learning in rural schools itself is not interesting. Basic yoga poses and their names In the NFHS III Survey, “lack of interest” was cited as the main reason for dropping out of school for around 36% of boys and 21% of girls. Yoga poses for sleep and relaxation So, digital teaching tools can not only change the way teachers instruct children – making learning more fun, interactive and interesting, but they also have the potential to bring children into the classroom and keep them from dropping out mid-way. Anti gravity yoga ri Along with this, digital tools of learning like video conferencing and Wi-Fi enabled tablets can also provide children greater exposure and access to the world outside their physical reach and enable them to create wider networks, giving them opportunities they could never imagine before. Yoga tv shows inhale yoga In doing so, they can enable bright Indian children to showcase their abilities on a global platform. Yoga chair pose flow Like they did for Sadanand.

Dreams only get bigger when people and technology meet. What is meditation like Samsung is showcasing a few of the biggest success stories of the initiative through its “Sapne hue Bade, Jab Technology se Jude” campaign. Bikram yoga dubai marina For more information on Samsung’s Smart Class initiative, see here.