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“Our evenings were spent reading, recounting the day’s best waves, and drinking Bintang on the deck. Kundalini yoga poses for beginners There were no thoughts of switching on the television and internet access was poor, so there was little choice but to unwind while listening to the mysterious sounds drifting from the jungle around us. Yoga routine for weight loss Surfing in Indonesia. Yoga workout videos on netflix Photo / 123RF

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“Best of all is having the time and encouragement to fully appreciate the glorious landscape. Images yoga poses On a lunch stop atop a hill high above the cove, surrounded by those majestic mountains, I looked down on the famous lake [Wakatipu]. Yoga district h street Bob’s Cove might have the deepest blues, but beauty is spread evenly across this canvas.”

“As far as first bushwalks go, it would be hard to top the Hollyford — though I did wonder aloud how I’d go on a self-catered tramp where I had to carry my bedding and food and possibly a tent on my back.

“If he’d heard me say that, Davey Gunn — a man who reportedly sewed upawound that ripped open his scrotum with a darning needle and fishing line — would have turned in his watery grave.”

“The aquamarine waters of Aitutaki’s lagoon lap the platinum white sand of palm-treed islets. Bikram yoga richmond uk Many reckon these are the world’s most beautiful beaches. Bikram yoga dublin 7 We’re not arguing.” A lagoon in Aitutaki. Sri sri yoga Photo / 123RF

– While composing her guide to the best short-haul stops in the Pacific, the normally reserved Leila George was pretty impressed with The Cook Islands’ famous lagoon location.

“If standing in a poo-filled paddock surrounded by a bunch of middle-aged Londoners having their annual MDMA weekend away from the kids as they try to recall their wild college days — back before before they became David Cameron-voting drones

– When we ran a feature on the most over-rated things in the world, perennial Grinch Winston Aldworth couldn’t resist taking a shot at the UK’s biggest music festival.

“The number of items on display at the Met is brain-fryingly huge. Yoga austin ranch To glance at each for a second would take more than a week. Yoga tree valencia You need to prioritise. Bikram yoga surrey scott road And don’t save your favourites until last — this is not a time to eat your brussels sprouts first.” New York City.

“The tales you end up telling the most are the ones where there was some kind of mishap. Pilates yoga youtube Often it’s the kindness of strangers that helps you through. Laughter yoga Like the time I smashed my bicycle into a motorbike while aimlessly searching for schoolbooks to deliver in rural Laos. Bikram yoga dallas mockingbird The girl I almost injured helped me find the schoolbooks. Divya yoga raspored Koh Rong Island fishing boats in Cambodia. Amazing yoga southside Photo / 123RF

“While travelling with friends in Cambodia, we were enticed into visiting the postcard-perfect Koh Rong Island — except we were duped into visiting the wrong Koh Rong. Pilates matwork esercizi video Violently seasick on the way back to the mainland, I could only marvel at how Koh Rong had gone so wrong.”

“The city of Berlin seems bent under the weight of memory. Yoga life quotes Made tired by the effort of remembering and forgetting. Yoga center columbia After any regime change there is a natural tension between the two.

One inclination is to try and keep harsh memories alive as a warning. Back bay yoga teacher training In his latest novel, The Infatuations, Javier Marias describes an opposite tendency. Moksha yoga winnipeg schedule Something that happened in Spain after Franco. Pregnancy yoga classes chicago An enforced social amnesia for the sake of reconciliation. Yoga classes in greenwood indiana To forget the dictatorship ever happened and endeavour not speak of it again.

“One thing Germans are not allowed to forget, something which may eventually overwhelm all otherrecollections of their 20th century, including the Stasi, is the totalitarian regime that came before.”

“Where better to stick two fingers to Trump than Mexico, the place he finds so offensive that he plans to put it behind a wall. Yoga camp day 7 Whatever the great orange one might think, Mexico is an exciting destination for travellers, with incredible beaches, fascinating history, and amazing food. Triyoga soho Best of all, it’s unlikely to be somewhere Trump visits for a holiday.” Mexico is an exciting destination for travellers. Qi yoga Photo / 123RF

“The bar was stacked above the sand like a woodpile. Benefits of meditation science It didn’t have a door and it didn’t have walls. Bipasha yoga dvd download It was open for dinner and belonged to the warm night air. Power yoga workout youtube There were tables and chairs on the wooden deck, and more on the sand. Prenatal yoga poses for back pain It was rough and ready and resolutely charming, with eight barstools propped up against the bar, and all manners of signs tacked up on the walls and hanging from the ceiling — one claimed, MAUI VISITOR AND INFORMATION CENTRE.

You could fall off a barstool, and roll down the sand to the lagoon. Bikram yoga west philly Above, the coconut trees dropped their cargo: THWUMP, laterraked intoapile with household rubbish and burned. Yoga district There were crackling little bonfires all around the island, points of light in the dark.”