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Tyagi Christy Johnston Christy Johnston is an Ananda teacher and minister. Pilates ballard She and her husband, Rick (who co-manages East West Bookshop) came to Ananda Seattle in 2004 from the Ananda center in Santa Rosa. Yoga hong kong sheung wan Christy is the director of the Healing Prayer Ministry and coordinates resident activities at the Ananda Community in Lynnwood. Yoga exercises youtube She is a graduate of both Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation Teacher Training from Ananda and teaches classes in metaphysical healing, affirmations and related subjects.

Her past career focus and college degree has been in human development and some of her many interests and talents include working with pets, plants, inspiring others to rally around projects, and helping others be more organized.

Christy suggests that those new to meditation and yoga approach their practice with greater feeling, extending that into a deeper awareness in all daily activities. Mandala yoga budapest She suggests that “we use these practices to foster lifestyle transformation and to learn to see past the little things of daily life into the vastness that is your true self. Yoga richmond ky It’s about taking the time to notice your own joy, peace, and innate nature. Mysore ashtanga yoga shala Self-discipline reminds us that we can be our own best friend, giving ourselves good advice!”

Masha Reichert teaches meditation classes at the East West Bookstore in Seattle. Postnatal yoga Masha was formerly a Russian language instructor at university level and finds great inspiration in her meditation practice and in the commentary on the “Bhagavad Gita” by Swami Kriyananda!

Samara Spitzer is an Ananda Yoga Teacher with a keen interest in serving through teaching. Agni yoga She says that, on a personal level, teaching Ananda Yoga has supported her growth to live positively, go with the flow of how things happen naturally, listen inwardly, and live with gratitude for the grace within and all around her.

Born into the Jewish faith, Samara grew up in Washington, and speaks highly of her family life. Yoga studios vancouver bc She studied anthropology and Buddhist psychology, and has lived in places like Israel, Santa Fe NM, Boston, and Boulder, before finding that what she needed was right here in Washington! She has experience working with in different business is also a certified Nia and Zumba instructor and reports that both yoga and dancing, each in their own unique way, connect her to her spirit. 8 limbs yoga center Besides teaching yoga at Ananda Temple, she also finds joy in teaching at correctional facilities with Yoga Behind Bars. Power yoga for weight loss videos These days, Samara is instrumental in taking care of day to day administrative tasks and blends her nature of friendship to all, with things like office management, graphics, marketing and “whatever else is needed”.

Heidi MacBeth first started teaching yoga and now teaches meditation classes as well. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga for beginners She has a long history of practicing yoga and says she was ‘immediately hooked’. Yoga poses for lower back pain She says that being a teacher helps her dive deeper into the teachings of Yogananda and the yogic way of life, and that “… you always learn from the students!”

Her advice to people interested in yoga and meditation is to definitely give it a try, because, when you make a genuine effort, the practices have the ability to bring your life into balance on all levels, such as helping to bring physical and emotional healing, reducing stress, and giving a more harmonious look on life and the world. Patanjali yoga asanas for obesity “It can bring more happiness into your life!”

Heidi was born and raised in Finland, and moved to America after meeting her husband, Garth. Hot yoga tips for beginners Heidi enjoys reading, and with Garth, taking long walks while soaking in the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

When not teaching, you can find Heidi in the office at Ananda Temple, working with student registration for programs like Raja Yoga and Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga for asthma and wheezing She has also been a part of Ananda’s foreign rights book publishing work. Yoga exercises for flexibility She says she likes helping with the ‘behind the scenes’ tasks, and you can often find her designing our many flyers and mailings.