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Vitabiotics Perfectil, the pioneers of beauty supplements and the first supplement proven to work after ground-breaking clinical trials (published in Clinical Interventions in Ageing- Nov 2013) have announced Nicole Scherzinger as the new (flawless!) face of Perfectil!

Thank you! I’m not gonna lie, I was blessed with good genetics so I never really suffered as a teenager but as I’ve gotten older my skin has become more sensitive so I am very aware of what I put into my body and the effect it might have on my skin.

My first skincare routine was kind of basic, I used Mary Kay, Oil of Olay but then I was really fortunate because my Aunt worked at La Prairie so I jumped to that at quite a young age.

I totally believe that what we put in our bodies is shown externally in our skin, hair and nails. Santa cruz yoga How did you look after yourself on gruelling Pussycat Doll tours?

Oh my gosh, it was tough! Water is essential, it is so important, I probably didn’t drink as much as I needed but I definitely made a conscious effort to drink as much water as possible. Hot yoga brighton ma Sleep is also really important and I love anything hydrating or moisturising on the skin.

No! I do dance cardio workouts though which are probably more intense than the Dolls dance routines! I like to do a variety of things otherwise I can get bored after a while – I go to spinning classes, hot yoga classes, I run, I really like to try new things and keep the body guessing. India yoga relaxing music meditation vocal It’s important to change it up so your body doesn’t get too used to one thing, I like circuit training too.

You need to take care of your voice like you would take care of your body and again, lots of sleep and water is important. Yoga a luka la florida I always do vocal warm ups when I’m singing. Yoga center With my training and classical training- learning how to breathe correctly is just innate now so it comes naturally but being fit definitely helps me because I am never just standing still on stage, you need stamina so a lot of cardio helps too.

There hasn’t seemed to be any major bugs in the XF camp this year! Are you taking any special measures to keep yourself and your contestants healthy and looking your best this year during X Factor?

Knock on wood! The X factor team is amazing, they look after the contestants really well and take good care of them but I’m super protective of them too! Matt and I went to Winter Wonderland the other day and I was like “why aren’t you dressed warmer!” I had to borrow somebody’s scarf to put on him! Rest is essential too.

You don’t seem to let the media scrutiny to look good on XF get to you each week, and consequently you look stunning on every show! Do you plan your outfits well in advance or do you dress depending how you feel that day?

We style my outfits around the theme- the themes have been great this year, we’ve had disco theme, diva theme, Christmas theme…. Yoga shelter It’s not something we put together last minute, we put a lot of time and effort into the styling and finding the right outfit and tailoring it- I probably do several fittings just for one dress or jumpsuit. Yoga routine for beginners youtube I have a great team, we all collectively talk about ‘what is the look’ we always start with the outfit (before hair and makeup), which has to be right for television but I also like it to have a fashion edge. Earth yoga village I try to keep it classic and chic always.

Well, my Perfectil plus hair really helps and makes a difference to my hair. Weight loss yoga poses Genetics comes into play again- with my Hawaiian and Filipino background but I have seen a big difference in my hair since I’ve been taking these supplements. Yoga austin north Styling your hair as often as I need to can really take its toll on your hair which is why it’s so great that these products exist. Learn yoga headstand The Perfectil Collagen Shots are amazing!

I’m going home to Hawaii and I cannot wait! I miss home! I don’t think I’ve been home this year and my family are all eager for me to come home. Shilpa yoga english My sister, her husband and all my nieces are flying out to Hawaii too so everybody can be together and have- not a white Christmas- but be together! I do typically like a white Christmas but this year I’ll be surfing on Christmas Day!