Namaste in nepal

Election fever has been causing tensions to rise over the last few weeks in Nepal, Maoist terrorists have been causing all number of troubles including calling a ten day transport ban, not so ideal when we were relying on cars. Yoga loft Plans to cruise our way through the Kathmandu Valley were put to an end as it wasn’t safe for us to travel to more remote villages.

After a few days in Kathmandu- including a fantastic cooking class learning how to make momo’s (dumplings) we headed to the hill-top village of Nagarkot, complete with picturesque sunsets over the Himalayas and fresh watermelon. Yoga stretches for relaxation From there we headed to Chitwan National Park which shares its boarders with India, unfortunately to get there involved rather rough 7 hour bus ride which included highlights such as a bomb being thrown at at water tanker in front of us and mum vomiting spectacularly out the window from car sickness.

Best yoga poses for concentration We arrived at the sleepy town of Sahura ready to relax.

The activities here where some of the highlights of my trip, we started with an dawn canoe ride, following languid crocodiles and birds of all description down river, we then embarked on a jungle walk.

I didn’t realise how spooky it would be until the guide kindly mentioned that if we saw an elephant or a tiger there was no point in hiding are they were way to smart for that and would get us regardless.

The afternoon brought a bone jarring safari jeep ride deep into the national park where we were treated to up close and personal encounters with amazing, huge bull rhino, deer, crocs and wild boar.

Early the next morning we hiked to the elephant breeding center, and were able to join in with elephant bath time, Scrubbing the back of a massive elephant as it lies contentedly in the river was a very special experience (they were pretty happy with the bananas I fed them as well)

From Chitwan it was another blissful 6 hour bus ride to Pokhara – after walking for a month and a half in total I thought I couldn’t leave without a few more days trekking.

We were the only tourists, and were treated to panoramic views of mountains and lakes, each night we stayed in home-stay accommodation with local family’s so it felt like a very authentic experience.

It’s almost the end of my three months in Nepal, hard to believe that its finally coming to a close. Face yoga Nepal has challenged me and pushed me far outside my comfort zone, more importantly every day has made me smile, the people are kind, honest and friendly and for a small landlocked country it sure offers a diverse land of exploration.

Its been a bit of a culinary adventure since coming to Nepal, I did wonder before I left how easy it would be to stay vegan? The answer is..real easy. What is yoga fusion Apart from and interesting encounter with Tibetan tea -think strong tea mixed with very salty butter- most of the food here is vegan. Yoga loft woodbridge I have been loving the momos especially, little dumplings stuffed with grated veges and spices. Yoga chicago magazine Although while trekking the food gets a bit repetitive it gives you the energy to hike all day long.

My next trek started with my lovely mum flying into Kathmandu, Its been great to see everything through her eyes as I had already grown accustomed to the general madness and squalor.

We set off on the 7 hour jeep ride to the start of the Langtang Valley trek, 14 days, 170km and top altitude of 4700m. Aerial yoga classes indianapolis The jeep ride was interesting to say the least, navigating massive landslides over steep valleys got the heart rate going.

The walk up to the top of the valley takes about 4 days, starting of in dense jungle complete with monkeys and raging rivers and the gradual gets up above the treeline.

From day one I could already tell this trek would far outshine the Annapurna. Yoga and pregnancy poses Less people, amazing Tibetan heritage and people and a sense of being right in the mountains.

At top of the valley is a small group of tea houses, at the height of 3900m its freezing but surrounded my snow covered peaks, glaciers and yak grazing pastures.

We timed it perfectly to see a huge avalanche rip off one of the nearby peaks. Yoga teacher salary per class Mum was feeling a bit woozy from the altitude although luckily I had the advantage of being acclimatized from the last trek.

We branched off this trail and headed up again towards Gossikunda Lakes, a holy pilgrimage sight perched high in the mountains. How to do yoga nidra The views are spectacular, deep blue lakes, snow and huge boulders. Yoga edinburgh leith After a freezing night we headed for the larabina pass 4600m. Yoga teacher jobs chicago a steady grind up through the snow was reward with stunning views and celebratory cashew nuts (no drinking at altitude allowed).

Now began the unrelenting and bone crunching downhill, usually quickly followed by a steep grind uphill as we wound our way down the valleys for the next week. Importance of yoga and meditation in all round development We were blessed with good weather every day and eventually waled our way back to an hour from Kathmandu.

Our guide and porter were fabulous and this company- Nepal social trekking even managed to far outshine the last company I went with. Sup yoga near me Trekking with my mum has been awesome, she was a total legend and ran circles around much younger and stronger looking trekkers.

Relaxing Pokhara seemed a thousand miles away from the Annapurna circuit, The lakeside town is Nepal’s version of Queenstown. Sun yoga dortmund I spent the first few days relaxing by the lake, drinking smoothies, lying in the sun and shopping. Yin yoga hip opening sequence After my calf muscles had recovered from walking I ventured up a local hill to the Buddhist Peace Pagoda and Tibetan refugee settlement and also spent a day on a hired canoe paddling with friends to the end of the lake, swimming in waterfalls and sampling the local brew Chang- which will probably make you go blind if consumed in large quantities.

The next adventure was white water rafting on the Kali Gandaki, 3 days of adrenaline packed (grade 4++) Rapids. Yoga asanas for upper back pain We set off for the 3 hour bus ride to the put in, I chose to go with a slightly more expensive company (Paddle Nepal) but from the word go it was worth it, safety focused and skilled guides. Isha yoga usa Although our guide seemed to enjoy steering towards the largest holes and waves he could find, which on day two resulted in our raft flipping in the middle of a section that you really didn’t want to swim in due to the huge boulders and waves. Kula yoga shala jupiter florida Luckily safety kayakers were close by to pull us out of the gnarly stuff.

Each night was spent camping at gorgeous beach side locations, under the stars, with amazing food, firefly’s and being lulled to sleep by the water. Meditation music sleep Some enterprising locals also appeared on our second night with baskets of beer and rum for sale. Yoga sydney ns The river way beautiful, running high from monsoon waters through a deep valley surrounded by lush jungles and no road access once on the water. Prana yoga The only bad point was the 6 hour bus trip back to Pokhara at the end.

After the last month or so I felt I was time to recharge to I headed to the near by Sadhana Yoga Retreat, Perched out of town overlooking Phewa Lake it was the perfect place. Earth yoga redondo beach The daily program started at 5.30 each morning and consisted of 2 yoga classes, 3 meditation sessions, walking, mud baths, steam baths, Nasal cleaning (squirting warm salty water into your sinuses), chanting and eating amazing Ayurvedic food.

There was always great people to talk to and all classes where optional – some things like the chanting sessions which I found harder to engage with. Yoga poses for back pain relief There was the option of doing a 4 day fast which involved eating apples for two days, one day of just honey water followed by drinking 26 mugs of warm salter water until there was nothing left but ‘air’ in your intestines. History of yoga in america After watching numerous people suffer their way through this I decide to stick with eating normal food.

On my tenth and last day there a few of us woke at 4am and walked to the lakeside and caught a boat out to an island temple where we were taught how to give offerings (coconut, which we then opened and consumed) and sat watching one of the most amazing sunrises of my life over the Himalayas.

I was a little unsure what to expect after randomly picking trekking agency off the internet for my 21 day Annapurna Circuit Trek- 300km and a top altitude of 5416m at the Throng La pass, Turns out I picked a great one- phew.

We started our journey (Myself and the older, typical pom-Sandy) in Kathmandu with a fantastic tour of the city’s highlights- From the lofty views of the monkey temple (yes there was lots of monkeys) to the riverside cremation grounds where Hindu people say there final farewells.

The next day I had the delight of the most near death experience of a bus ride that I have ever had, the driver seemed to think that tooting the horn while overtaking a truck on a blind corner while going over 100kms was safe driving practice. Hatha yoga youtube intermediate Even our guide, Deepak was visibly uncomfortable. Yoga poses for back pain strength building Seeing as this 9 hour drive was preferable to walking I decide the best thing was to close my eyes and go to sleep.

I can honestly say that the Annapurna Circuit has some of the most diverse and captivating scenery I have ever seen. Svaroopa yoga youtube The trek started in the hot humid jungle, 30 degrees and filled with lush vegetation, rice paddies and beautiful butterfly’s.

As the days progressed we gradually gained height and the temperatures were slightly more bearable. Power yoga The thing I really struggled with was the imploring eyes of the porter who seemed to be getting slower and sicker (and my bag didn’t seem that heavy) I was a bit of a relief when one morning he was replaced with porter model 2.0- the small but ridiculously strong Bishnu.

After about 6 days walking we reached the small village of Manang (3500m), here was where we would have our rest day to acclimatize, my thoughts of sleep ins and partaking in apple pie was dashed, as the ‘walk high, sleep low’ motto was in place meaning our rest day involved climbing up to 4000m beside the stunning peaks of the Annapurnas and the Gnagapurna glacier.

Some enterprising locals in Manang cottoned on to the idea of entertaining all the trekkers who where killing time for a day and have set up a projector in a mud brick room. Prenatal yoga reading ma A group of us were treated to watching seven years in Tibet on yak hide seats complete with half time popcorn and tea.

From Manang the path climbs steadily upwards surround by huge peaks until we reach the high camp at 4800m, I was very lucky not to be feeling any altitude problems apart from the inability to sleep- when you do manage to drop off you body sometimes decides its a good idea to stop breathing for a while which is bizare to listen to. Yoga teacher training goa 2015 There were constant choppers coming in to pick up those fairing less well from the altitude.

We woke (at 3.30am) for an alpine start to cross the path and were greeted with heavily falling snow, luckily the fantastic guide knew the path otherwise there would be no way we would have made it across.

5416m was reached after 2 hours, complete with blizzard and a foot of snow, a quick hand shake (and headstand) at the top and we were down down down to Muktinath.

The rest of the trek was mixed, there has been a road built over much of the path which detracts from the experience, but highlights included the picturesque town of Marpha (Home brew apple cider and apple pie)

We then had a couple of brutal uphill days (amid stunning rhododendron forests) to Ghorepani with hopes of climbing Poon Hill to watch the sunrise over the mountain panorama, unfortunately due to unseasonable weather it rained the whole time so it was back down the hill to our final destination- Pokhara.

Sitting in Pokhara now and drinking smoothies by the lake and resting tired muscles the heights of the Throng La pass seem very distant, but feel very happy to have completed the challenge.If your looking for a trekking company in Nepal I would heartly endorse Advanced adventures they are fantastic.

After arriving into the sheer madness of Kathmandu, I spent a few days exploring the downtown ‘tourist’ area. Yoga practice youtube This involved lots of touts and shop keepers trying to sell me everything from prayer flags to treks and some of the most ‘authentic’ knock off outdoor gear I have ever seen.

It was then time to negotiate the joys of domestic airline travel. Yoga one From Kathmandu to Jumla there is two flights- I am told that some people wait for two weeks to get out of there at times due to the notorious mountain weather. Sivananda yoga centre delhi You always know you have something to look forward to in a flight when even the locals on the plane are praying in the tiny plane before take off.

This place in very very remote Nepal, it was quite a few days before I chatted with another Westerner. Gentle yoga sequence youtube The School here has been set up so that children can have a chance to have a better future as the life in the villages that they are from is very hard.

My hosts Tashi and Tenzin run the school and are the some of the most kind, dedicated and inspring people I have had the honour to meet. Yoga exercises for lower back They are truly committed to providing a better life for these kids.

Most of the classrooms are crammed, have very little lighting, mud floors and a very small ammount of resources and still these kids are being amazingly educated.

I spent my days in Jumla helping in the school, teaching English, games and showing documentaries, while I was there we ran an essay competition with the theme of ‘My Aim in Life’. Pilates ballard The title of this blog is from one of the students essays, I had the hard task of judging the competition and I was so touched by the responses given- they all want to be doctors, nurses, social workers etc.

The only bad part of my stay there was getting some pretty gnarly food poisoning- lucky it only lasted 24 hours as there is very little in the way of medical facilities there.

One day I had the pleasure of traveling by motor bike- there are no cars here and only dirt roads- to a local village where I was a guest of honour for the local schools parents day. Yoga hong kong sheung wan Picture gorgeous Nepalese girls doing traditional Tibetan and Nepalese dancing.

My hosts where so kind to me, cooking me amazing tradition food like Momos (vege dumplings) Dahl, roasted barley soup and roti. Yoga exercises youtube On the last night I was let loose on the gas burner and managed to produce a pretty passable apple crumble.

The thing that stands out from my time there is the happiness of the people, most are living well below the poverty line but they are constantly smiling and laughing.

The flight out was just as entertaining as the flight in- sceduled to depart at 12, we were processed into the waiting room and then locked in there for the next 3.5 hours with no food or bathrooms.

Eventually the plane arrived and after a stopover in Nepalgunj (complete with 40 degree heat) I arrived back to Katmandu and the oasis that is the Scechen Monastary Guesthouse.

This is near the amaizng buddist Stupa called Bodha. Mandala yoga budapest I have spent the last few days visiting another school and wandering the alleyways, eating amazing food, and have just returned from a massage- life is tough.

From here I travel to Pokhara to begin the next challenge- trekking the Annapurna Circuit, time to see how I deal with altitude, one of the passes is 5400m high