Meet sunitha, educating the poor of abbigirihosahalli since the age of 10

Most 10-year-olds worry about school homework, the latest toys and gadgets they want, etc. Sahaja yoga hindi bhajan mp3 download Meet a young lady who decided to take charge of the education of the poor children in her village at the tender age of 10.

Often, we all seem to be stuck in time, like flies in amber, unable to move or act because of the circumstances around us. Yoga exercises to lose weight at home Then occasionally, there rises among us one such spirited human who has the energy and initiative to pull us out. Yoga poses images and names Sunitha, from Abbigirihosahalli, Bangarpet, is such a girl who is helping her community come out of the time-trap they are stuck in.

10-year-old Sunitha felt the merriness, joy, and cheer at the village festival. Yoga hosers premiere A time for rejoicing, a time away from school – that’s what most children would think. Yoga babylon But for Sunitha, something was amiss. Yoga moves She saw the village head discriminating between the rich and the poor children.

Best yoga for weight loss youtube How you were clothed mattered to him. Bali yoga kirkland “This isn’t right,” she thought, “First you are poor, and then you are loved less. Yoga in daily life new york Shouldn’t important people like the village head be the first to treat poor nicely? How is it a child’s fault that she or he is poor? What can I do to love the poor children in the village? I go to school and they don’t. Yoga breathing poses I can share what I learn at school with them.”

An intelligent and sharp child, Sunitha started teaching poor children in her community when she was 10 years old. Bikram yoga dallas texas A child herself, she still had the maturity needed to engage the children. Uptown yoga Sunitha taught her students how to respect others and how to lead a meaningful life. Yoga teachers of colorado Soon, the children in the community started attending Sunitha’s classes regularly.

Ten years down the road, Sunitha had 150 students at her community education center. Google images yoga poses The programs were run at the local government school. Yoga shelter grosse pointe Sunitha now also had support in the running of the center. Yoga exercices She says, “My friends Mani, Murli, Shoba, and Praveen helped me set up the center. Hyp yoga wellesley Stephen used to come and talk ­­­­­­­­­with our students and get us teachers. Kundalini yoga music free Whenever possible, dance teachers and others came and taught our children.” Mani is responsible for activities and assignments at the center, while Murli teaches the children morals, neatness, discipline and respect. Dahn yoga gaithersburg Shobha teaches the Grade 1 to 5 children, and Praveen teaches mathematics at the center. Good yoga routine for beginners Stephen is the pillar of the center. Yoga arts san diego He focuses on facilities and provisions for the handicapped in the community, and also raises funds for the group and vets their activities.

Speaking about her centre Sunitha says, “There are very few people who are educated in my village. Bikram yoga melbourne south east My parents helped me to study further, but that was not the case with most children. Ashtanga yoga info Most don’t have enough money to go to school. Yoga journal com I don’t want a single uneducated person in my village.” Working in a striking and original way, Sunitha took the initiative of cleaning her village, and even organised Cultural Nights for the aged.

Casteism, the age-old malaise, persisted in varying degrees in Abbigirihosahalli. Iyengar yoga poses sequence Sunitha, a firm advocate of equality, used the occasion of Rakshabandhan to get people from different castes to tie rakhis to each other. Bihar school of yoga scandal She even arranged for rations and undertook clothing distribution drives. Yogasource los gatos Once, after attending a yoga camp by the NGO Shade, she encouraged everyone in the community to take up the practice. Videos de yoga para hacer en casa She adds, “We set up a biweekly forum for people to come together and express whatever they want to talk about, be it worries, happiness, or anything that matters.”

So many initiatives by a young girl! Her path was laden with scorn, discouragement, and obstacles, but she remained undaunted. Yoga benefits Through sheer determination, she has articulated and achieved what many would call impossible. Balance yoga barre Sunitha’s intent also met with good friends, support from the village leaders, and help from some organisations. Yoga hatha flow Sunitha’s family was also supportive. Downward dog She says, “My family consists of five members. Yoga for meniscus tear My father is the village secretary and my mother takes care of cattle.” “They gave me the freedom which most parents don’t. Yoga dance studio They taught me to stand on my own two feet.”