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Whatever the particular gifts, challenges, or circumstances that life has offered you, you have a unique role to play in this world–and the teachings of yoga can help you discover what that is. Yoga pants pics In this 100-hour, intimate mentorship program, you will be guided in the pursuit of mastery of those facets of yoga that speak most directly to you. Different types of yoga classes Whether your purpose is to teach yoga to groups of people, teach privately to individuals, or simply to commit yourself to live by the yoga teachings, you will receive support as you manifest your individual role. Yoga para iniciantes download Through a comprehensive study of yoga asana, philosophy, teaching skills, as well as self-reflection, participants in this program will gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and of their purpose in life, both on and off the mat. Yoga exercises for neck and chin Participants will also have the opportunity to integrate their distinctive perspective into their own teaching through practice teaching sessions, and those interested can assist their mentors in the classroom, and get hands-on experience and guidance in the real world!

The apprentice relationship was how yoga was traditionally passed down to growing teachers, and this program honors this powerful learning tradition in an intimate, safe, and supported setting. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga poses In this 9-month program, you will study and practice the following:



Program is limited to 14 yoga teachers who hold a 200-hour certification. Yoga for athletes nyc 100 hours of this program can be applied toward the Yoga Yoga RYT 500-hour training. Yoga poses for root chakra Program includes class time and public class assisting.

Introduced to yoga in 1995 as part of her dance training at University of Texas at Austin, Jessica Goulding (E-RYT 500) has been teaching Hatha Yoga since 2004. Yoga yoga northwest Her original certification was completed in New York City in the alignment-based Anusara™ method, where she began to learn about the therapeutic effects of yoga. Yoga shelter studio city Since then, she has studied with numerous master teachers in the physical, mental, spiritual, and philosophical aspects of yoga. Yoga diet for weight loss In 2015, she began her Yoga Therapy Training at Yoga Yoga, and, after clocking hundreds of hours in one-to-one yoga therapy sessions, she will graduate as a yoga therapist in the spring of 2017. Moksha yoga edmonton sherwood park Jessica excels at bringing the rich healing methods of yoga to such challenging aspects of life as stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, chronic disease, and injury. Bikram yoga montreal walker Her keen eye for body mechanics, quick wit, easy laugh, and depth of understanding of the yogic teachings make yoga therapy with Jessica both informative and enjoyable for her clients. Hatha yoga pradipika pranayama Outside of the studio, Jessica and her husband Nick own the popular South Austin restaurant CAFE MALTA. Down dog yoga app She also occasionally performs with the Austin-based aerial dance company Blue Lapis Light. Yoga vinyasa definition LEAD TEACHER: SHANTI KELLY

Born to hippie parents, Shanti was named after a cup with all the words for peace on it, and considers her given name to also be her spiritual name. Yoga stretches Shanti has been teaching for 16 years and practicing for over 20. 10 best yoga poses for anxiety She holds a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology, and E-RYT 500 certification in Annie Carpenter’s system of Smartflow™ (alignment-based vinyasa), which she credits as having the most influence on her current teaching style. Yoga asanas names information hindi She also completed two different 200-hour teacher trainings: with Yoga Works in Santa Monica, and in Elemental Yoga, a lineage of Indra Devi. Easy yoga for easing pain youtube Shanti is currently enrolled in the 3-year, 800-hour Yoga Therapy Training at Yoga Yoga, which inspires her deeply.

Shanti’s warm teaching style emphasizes alignment, though not in the pursuit of perfection, but as a way to create one-pointed focus for the mind, and open the body toward stability and ease. Santa monica yoga donation Her classes are challenging yet accessible, educational, and (hopefully!) inspiring. Nirvana yoga edmonton She hopes that all who practice will come to know the lightness of being that the deep teachings of classical yoga offers.