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Yoga accessibility is the core value at Om in the Office. Yoga relaxation video Our mission is to offer convenient, appropriately-paced classes where all are welcome and feel served. Yoga in reading ma Our hope is to be a key element in business and individual wellness programs, and that the tools learned in our classes are useful, practical, and easy to employ.

This philosophy runs deep in our business practices. Beginner yoga lesson Over the years, we have served people of all ages, physical abilities, and wellness goals. My yoga pro We have welcomed first timers, and encouraged them as they developed into regulars. Hot yoga pants pics tumblr We have donated many hours to organizations who could not pay but whose populations could obviously benefit from yoga.

This week, I want to share one such story. Yoga international sciatica Below is a press release I put together with my colleagues at the Department of Youth Services facility in Dorchester. Dhyana yoga philly You’ll find me there once a week, acting in a small way on my belief in yoga’s universal power to transform, and my passion to make yoga accessible to all.

Every Tuesday afternoon, a group of young men shuffle into the basketball gym at the Metro Youth Services Center in Dorchester, MA. Intermediate yoga videos youtube They choose yoga mats from a pile and unroll them to form a large circle at center court. Yoga works boston Katherine Bicer stands at one of the mats ready to lead the teens through exercises in breath awareness, yoga postures and stretching, and simple meditation. Yoga in indiana pa During the day, Bicer runs Om in the Office, a yoga-based corporate wellness company that serves businesses around the Boston and New York City areas. Teacher training uk ucas But this class is different. Yoga for thyroid baba ramdev in hindi There are no stressed out executives or software developers suffering from carpal tunnel. Purple yoga honolulu Instead, the students are males typically aged 12 to 18 who are being housed at the Department of Youth Services Pre-Trial Unit while they await judgment on charges against them. Pure yoga wien Some have been there for months, some may be there many months more. Yoga fit shawnee None of them knew much about yoga before Bicer’s class.

The Department of Youth Services utilizes Diaelectical Behavioral Therapy with the juveniles in its care. Barefoot yoga paddington DBT, as it is often called, is a set of techniques that teach emotion awareness and regulation, reality-testing, and appropriate coping skills for stress situations. Living yoga center schedule Mindfulness is a major component of DBT, and a technique the staff at DYS wanted more emphasis on. Yoga diet In late 2011, they put out a call for yoga teachers, hoping to develop yoga programs in many of their units as a way of offering more practice in mindfulness. Yoga nidra mp3 free download hindi Katherine Bicer was one of the first to respond, and now runs the only ongoing class at the Dorchester campus. Hatha yoga poses pictures Funding for classes has been made available through the generous donations of the patrons of Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Over the weeks of classes, the boys have become familiar with the exercises and now engage in conversations about the tenets of yoga, which one student describes as “relaxing and soothing for us.” On several occasions, a student has led the group in sun salutations. 10 best yoga poses for weight loss Following a recent break in classes, several participants reported they had done yoga on their own. Exercice yoga On the basketball court one day a new resident was overheard complaining that his back was hurting. Yoga en casa ramiro calle Another resident responded: “We do yoga on Tuesday and that makes your body feel good, it’s cool for your back and everything else when you’re tight.” On class evaluations, all responders said they found the breathing exercises “a great deal” useful. Bikram yoga hawaii kai Staff also see the benefit of the classes and often participate themselves. Bikram yoga langley coupon Sarah Young LICSW, Clinical Director, says “We look forward to this as a unit each week and although this is a time of distress for these kids and their famiilies—it is an experience/activity that these boys may have judged or been resistant to if they were in the community. Yoga district teacher training It is so wonderful to watch them learn a new coping skill and watch them respect it as much as they do any other organized sport .”

Bicer says “I wanted to teach this class because yoga has been transformative for me and I am always looking for opportunities to help others be transformed too. Antigravity yoga I have worked with substance abusers, homeless women, and inner city teens, but this was my first experience with an incarcerated population. Spirit rising yoga brighton michigan It has been challenging and rewarding.”

Word of the Pre-Trial Unit’s yoga classes has been spreading to the other DYS units and the staff has hopes of expanding the program. Yoga for diabetes baba ramdev video Certified yoga instructors who are interested in conducting classes with the DYS may contact Katherine Bicer for more information at