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Today was perfection! I watched the Gemini supermoon set this morning, went for a run, got some breakfast, lounged with my husband, watched an amazing sunset and then headed to a super delicious dinner with my love. Yoga routines for athletes We were supposed to go on a date back in July but my husband has been too sick. Yoga shakti irvine class schedule Today was an all day date to start making up for lost date time.

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Throwback to one of my favorite moments from 2016.

Ali macgraw yoga mind and body free download My husband thought we were going out of town for the weekend to visit some of our best friends but I surprised him by having all of our best friends come into town for the weekend to celebrate his 30th birthday. Good yoga poses for pictures We don’t get to see our people too often and the last time all our closest friends were together was probably 2007 when we got married. Bikram yoga perth myaree This August weekend was so much fun and just what my husband needed at the time when he was beginning to battle some serious health issues. Yoga hosers trailer We didn’t take many photos that weekend but in this one we captured two of our besties along with our two dogs and kitty. Yoga poses for weight loss images #tb #birthday #weekend #besties #love #mustlovedogs #springerspaniel #dog #cat #bobcat # crohns #friends #surprises #beachhairdontcare #hothusband #marriedlife 2 comments 27 Likes

Continued from previous post. Yoga poses for beginners at home chart 3. Gentle yoga description Just because I was spared the romantic intimate relationship heartache does not mean I am exempt from intimate relationship heartache. History of yoga pants I have experienced pain in intimate relationships when things weren’t going the way I wanted them to. Arhatic yoga retreat 2015 One of my biggest personal struggles this year was trying to find a balance of letting relationships unfold as they will while not becoming indifferent to them. Yoga ramdev baba hindi book download I was stuck in that dilemma for months and I could not find a balance. Yogasanas isha I was either dissatisfied or indifferent and indifference in a relationship will never work. Jivamukti yoga union square The answer to this dilemma was apparent to me through other close friendships. Ramdev yoga for stomach problems I had friendships where I didn’t have to question anything about them and I felt so loved and supported. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga calories burned The answer was that I don’t belong in relationships where I am not ok with how the relationship is. Yoga shala barcelona The thing with these relationships is no matter what, it hurts. Earth yoga felton Staying hurts, leaving hurts, but leaving will only hurt for so long and I cannot feel anything but gratitude for what I have learned about myself and how relationships should be. Yoga poses for beginners pinterest 4. North shore yoga During difficulty and struggle, toxic relationships become blatantly obvious. Shilpa shetty yoga dvd free download This year has presented me with some of my most difficult mental-emotional challenges (subject of a future post). Yoga tattoo designs and meanings During the time when I was most fragile I witnessed what I would call the “true colors” of some of the people. How to do yoga headstand I don’t know that “true colors” is a good descriptor because I don’t think people intended to be hurtful, I think they were so caught up in their own bull and relentlessly critical that it came off as hurtful for me. Yoga sydney broadway Also, I’m sure their lack of experience with deep suffering didn’t help. Yoga bristol ri Prior to this time, when I was my normal self, the actions of such people were more acceptable to me because I could deal with them better. Yoga fit I will never forget how I felt when I was barely hanging on and felt unsupported and scrutinized. Yoga beneficios fisicos The need to purge those people from my life was obvious. Amazing yoga shadyside There is always fear when letting things go, particularly people, but I have yet to regret it and the most overwhelming feeling is relief when they are gone.

I’ve learned A LOT regarding relationships this year. Sunstone yoga rockwall I have let go of relationships I never imagined I would, I’ve developed some of the very best relationships I could ever ask for, I’ve deepened existing relationships and I’ve found clarity in relationships I felt unsure. Yoga at home youtube This is what I have learned:

1. Hatha yoga flow youtube My husband and I have been together since we were babies (we were 13 & 14 when we started dating) and I’m realizing just how much bull and heartache I was spared by not living through a bunch of failed romantic relationships. Yoga nyc flatiron My husband has always been kind and gentle with my tough exterior but very sensitive and mushy heart. Gentle yoga flow sequence I have certainly changed over the years, I think for the better, and he has always loved and accepted me just as I am. Hot yoga poses for beginners I could see how a relationship like ours could be suffocating if growth was not accepted with open arms but that has not been an issue for us. Moksha yoga edmonton south ltd edmonton ab We were married when we were 20 and 21 and I know had I married anyone else I would not still be married to the same person 9 years later. Yoga styles wiki For all of this, I am eternally grateful.

2. Yoga shakti irvine ca Building intimate friendships as grown ups is soooo rare but one of the most beautiful things I can imagine. Yoga rope wall exercises I am pretty much an all or nothing kind of person so my relationships usually fall into the category of very close or nothing at all. Postnatal yoga seattle I struggle to relate or maintain interest in relationships that are surface level depth and I am absolutely horrible at faking relationships. Ejercicios de yoga para principiantes This makes the authentic intimate friendships that much more special.

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The doom and gloom of 2016 seems to be endless. Unity yoga pants This year has been full of challenges and seeming defeat at every turn. Face yoga for nose Beauty has not been absent but the hard parts have made much more noise. Anahata yoga clothing This past week seems like maybe (fingers crossed) a welcome turning point. Yoga hosers tour For the rest of 2016 I will be sharing a couple times a week some of the highlights, lowlights, challenges, insights, wisdom, life lessons and beauty from this past year.

Today’s wisdom is brought to you by surrender. Videos de yoga kundalini Much of what happens in our lives is out of our control and accepting our life cir stances through surrender is fundamental to our sanity. Yoga centreville va Surrender does not mean non action, pretending things don’t bother us or becoming a victim or indifferent to our life situation. Beginning yoga poses chart Surrender, in this sense, is solely an internal phenomenon and is rooted in acceptance of “what is” and the present moment. Basics of yoga philosophy After we make peace with “what is” through acceptance and surrender, then the most effective action will be obvious. Yoga center for healthy living Any action conceived from a place of resistance to what is will only add fuel to chaos and frustration. Baptiste yoga studios First, acceptance and surrender, then either nothing because there is nothing that can be done or effective action born out of a surrendered state. Yoga for runners dc To welcome surrender into your life, begin by bringing awareness to your internal resistance of what is. Yoga manly beach We must first be aware before we can accept anything.

I first learned this a few years ago via Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and it made sense intellectually but I didn’t really understand how to internalize the idea until working through my husband’s recent health issues.

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