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01- TaeBo Amped: Jump Start Cardio (41 min.) + Stretch Max: Resistance Band segment (17:30 min.). Yoga hosers trailer JSC was good, not too hard, but I still got to sweat some, I felt a little burn in my shoulder, definitely the bar make some move a bit more challenging, I used my Pilates (3lb) bar and it worked well for the most part, I may sub a dumbbell next time for the triceps extensions, that was the only move that felt a little awkward with my bar. Yoga poses for weight loss images Forgot to mention: almost at the end, Billy said, ready to get Amped? Then the slow music kicked in and he said oh sorry, next time… Yoga poses for beginners at home chart I laughed, I thought it was a joke, well… Gentle yoga description It was not! I was so disappointed, I was so ready to get AMPED plus he was just doing 2 set of 8s for the Amped segments during the whole workout, it wouldn’t have take that much time at all, oh well… History of yoga pants He did some sculpting exercises for the biceps and triceps after and cooled it down.

02- TaeBo: Get Celebrity Fit Sculpt (43:30 min.) + FéFit: Stretch Flow 1 (20 min.). Arhatic yoga retreat 2015 Wow… Yoga ramdev baba hindi book download GCFS was AWESOME!! What a fun workout it was and total body! I can’t wait to do it again!

03- Martine Dancebody (60 min.). Yogasanas isha Great workout (oldie but goodie -2005-), I was bit sore, so I decided to give this one a try, it is from UK and I got it used for £0.01 from Amazon UK! Well… Jivamukti yoga union square I loved it! It has a nice 5 mobility warm up, followed by 10 min. Ramdev yoga for stomach problems fun cardio, then 6 min. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga calories burned of upper body toning (unweighted), followed by 9 min. Yoga shala barcelona upper body stretches, then 11 min. Earth yoga felton lower body toning (floor toning, pilates, left lifts, bridges, etc.), followed by lower body stretches it was so awesome I forgot to check how long it was, then few minutes of abs (mostly dif. Yoga poses for beginners pinterest variation of crunches) and a cool down. North shore yoga So half of the workout was toning and half flexibility, it doesn’t rep you to death, but you do feel a nice little burn, loved it!

04- TaeBo: Get Celebrity Fit Cardio (42:16 min.) + Cream Ibiza Dance Workout: Cool Down Stretch (10 min.). Shilpa shetty yoga dvd free download GCFC was another fun workout, with some new combos. Yoga tattoo designs and meanings Billy made me LOL when he said “Amped it” then he laughed like “ooops this is not an amped workout” (same studio, though), then he said “energize it up” with a big smile, ha ha!

08- Bodystrikes Vol. How to do yoga headstand 1 (45 min.) + Stretch Max: Stability ball segment (17 min.). Yoga sydney broadway I wondered how is Ilaria doing with her treatment while doing my workout today, she is a great trainer and I love that workout, hope she will recover soon. Yoga bristol ri My 3yo joined in for Stretch Max with her beach ball she modified the moves she couldn’t do lying on the ball.

12- Billy’s Bootcamp Elite: Mission Spot Training Lower Body (27 min.) + Cathe’s Lean Legs & Abs: Core & Stretch segments (16 min.). Yoga fit MSTLB was pretty good! Moves included lunges, curtsy lunges, classic side kick to squat combo, front and back kick combo, standing leg circles, etc. Yoga beneficios fisicos At the 20 minutes mark there is a short floor work, I loved it! And it doesn’t use the Billy Bands (which I don’t have yet), nice little workout.

14- TaeBo Amped: Fat Burn Accelerator (50 min.) + Pump It Up -Vol. Amazing yoga shadyside 1-: Chill Cool Down (14 min.). Sunstone yoga rockwall Nice workout, definitely a bit more challenging than JSC. Yoga at home youtube I did notice Viveca Jensen (Piloxing) as one of the background exerciser.

17- Leslie’s TTEZW: Fast Walk (20 min.) + Billy’s Bootcamp Ab Bootcamp (35 min.) + Quick stretch (my own). Hatha yoga flow youtube I was starting to get “warm” when the fast walk was over. Yoga nyc flatiron AB was nice, there were some exercises I didn’t see before, and the workout was dread free, I liked it!

19- Fitness with the Pros: Low Impact workout (27:30 min.) + Billy’s Bootcamp Elite: Mission Spot Training Lower Body (27 min.) + Cathe’s Lean Legs & Abs: LIW started kinda slow with Waltz (a dance I’ve never tried before), but a bit tricky at times, I still liked and the first segment served as a nice warm up, then cha cha and jive which were fun and a great cardio, the whole thing was a nice workout for the legs. Gentle yoga flow sequence The Low Impact workout is supposed to be the beginner workout, which didn’t feel that beginner to me at all, I can’t wait to see what the other two workouts are all about, nice it has 3 levels on the DVD at around 30 min. Hot yoga poses for beginners each.

20- WS6WTTS: Cardio Party (30 min.). Moksha yoga edmonton south ltd edmonton ab Wow, I loved it! This is the first time I walked with Jessica, and I really enjoyed it, it was fun and fresh, and I even broke a little sweat, more than I do with Leslie.

21- TaeBo Extreme (55:30 min.) + Quick stretch (my own)… Yoga styles wiki it! What a fun and challenging workout it is, def. Yoga shakti irvine ca an oldie but goodie and new to me, the combos using the step were great, I used my weighted gloves for the whole thing and an additional pair of 1s for the sculpting section, I also used a figure 8 tubing for the legs toning on the floor, and a pair of risers for the step, it felt well balanced. Yoga rope wall exercises Billy told one of the exercisers to wake up! lol and at the end Shellie and Jillian were that sweaty that it looked like they peed their pants

22- Hip Hop Body (66:30 min.). Postnatal yoga seattle Nice! It was like a dance walk, the cardio with the warm up was about 45 min. Ejercicios de yoga para principiantes long plus toning for the arms, legs and abs at about 5 min. Yoga house piermont each and a cool down, it was fun and higher in intensity than a Leslie walk (which I also love).

23- Total Body Slimdown: Body Target 60 (70 min. Unity yoga pants aprox.). Face yoga for nose Fun, sweaty workout, I liked all the balance challenge and the functional moves, Stephanie is a new to me instructor, and she is very pleasant, I can’t wait to try her other workout in the set.

24- WS6WTTS: Cardio Party (30 min.) + Billy’s Bootcamp Ab Bootcamp (35 min.) + Stretch & Joint Mobility Therapy: Static Stretches (10 min.). Anahata yoga clothing Nice!

25- Billy’s Bootcamp Basic Training Bootcamp (53 min.) + Foam Roll Stretch -my own- (10:30 min.). Yoga hosers tour I used a pair of 2s dumbbells and leg resistance (kinetic like) bands and it was great! Those bands are no joke! I loved it!

28- TaeBo Extreme (55:30 min.) + Foam Roll Stretch -my own- (9:30 min.). Videos de yoga kundalini I used the leg resistance bands for the floor work and all the rest, it was great!

29- WOMMB (30DP): Pyramid Power Walk (30 min.) + 7 Minute Core Work (my own) + Bonus 20-Minute Chair Stretch (from the same DVD). Yoga centreville va PPW was good, it started great, but the intensity dropped and it didn’t came up again, and I was a bit disappointed about that, I added few minutes of core work as I felt I didn’t sweat enough. Beginning yoga poses chart The chair stretch was ok, I liked it fine.

30- TheRack: Into the Zone (22 min.) + EBE1: Single Leg Burnout (20 min.) + 4-Minute Plank Variations + FéFit Essentials: Stretch Flow (11 min.). Basics of yoga philosophy ITZ was as challenging as I remembered, but less grueling, I really enjoyed it! I used my super leg resistance bands for the floor work with SLB and it was perfect! I didn’t need to adjust the bands at all, with these bands it is easy to go from one exercise to the next without problem… Yoga center for healthy living And what a burn! My glutes were on fire!

2. Baptiste yoga studios BEAST Bulk Chest (Super Set, Force Set), Bulk Back (Super Set, Progressive Set), Bulk Shoulders (Progressive Set*Reverse Fly, Super Set*Superman Stretch, PlankTwist- Twist). Yoga for runners dc Another awesome workout, total time about 35mins. Yoga manly beach It’s a minor annoyance to switch out the dvds but no way around that.

Easy yoga poses for 2 My DVD player can fast forward at warp speed so no worries there.

5. Morning yoga stretch routine Core de Force MMA Shred (37 mins) + Leslie Burn to the Beat Mile 2. Pilates plus studio budapest I enjoyed MMA Shred. Yoga nidra meditation sleep Warm-up is about 2 minutes so I will definitely be doing a longer warm-up. Yoga for fertility chicago 9 rounds, 3 minutes each, 1 minute of a combo, a 30 second boost, repeat the combo. Yoga lessons youtube The modifier is awesome. Yoga for life charlotte She looks like she is having a great time. Thai yoga therapy I’m looking forward to trying the other workouts.

6. Yoga cd 990 ICE Metabolic Total Body Premix #4 (warm-up + Main Workout + Blizzard Blast + Stretch). Yoga asanas for weight loss in hindi This was my 2nd time doing the Blizzard Blast; I had forgotten the many variations of burpees and mountain climbers in the blizzard blast. Yoga toronto east I’m one of the oddballs that love mountain climbers/burpees. Yogasana Very nice workout. Jivamukti yoga london schedule P.M. Yoga games for adults 3 Leslie Walk Blasters.

8. Yoga teacher training plano tx Active Rest day. Pranayama video free download 1 Mile RT walk to and from the voting place.. Plus size yoga instructor It was mostly downhill going so the trek back was more challenging. Prenatal yoga second trimester Rock the vote!

9. Down dog yoga lafayette la BEAST Bulk Legs. Yoga routine for flexibility Only did the pyramid down Progressive Sets in order to shorten the workout, it took abut 7 minutes off the total time. Running and yoga training plan Saw Doctor Strange last night. Bikram yoga nyc flatiron Enjoyable.

10. Art of living yoga center CORE DE FORCE MMA Speed. Yoga house schedule Solid intermediate but very good. Yoga statues garden Easy to switch sides if you don’t like just working your dominant side. Artistic yoga photos Definitely core focused. Morning yoga for beginners weight loss I always thought Jericho was awesome and she has good chemistry with Joel. Yoga exercises for weight loss dailymotion Too bad she couldn’t do the workout with Josef. Yoga types hatha I would love to see something from him eventually.

11. Easy yoga poses for stress BEAST Total Body + CORE DE FORCE 5 Minutes Core on the Floor + Leslie Light Walk Walk Blaster. Yoga exercises at home First time doing Total Body, thumbs up. Pilates ballet fusion Core on the floor was plank variations, 2 sets of side planks (which I hate ’cause they are so hard). Yoga for piles problem Finished up with Leslie to loosen up a little. City yoga los angeles Happy Veterans Day!!! (former United States Air Force here). Yoga poses and their sanskrit names Very proud of my brothers and sisters that have served and continue to serve!

12. Baba ramdev yoga for weight loss after pregnancy Ripped with HiiT One Premix 2 (Extreme HiiT One and Two Combined) + CORE DE FORCE Relief. Mantra yoga stamford Wonderful! HiiT felt much easier than it did 2 weeks ago. Yoga games sweden Relief is a 5 minute stretch. Ashtanga yoga poses for beginners Nothing exciting but good to add after one of the newer Beach Body workouts or after a Leslie walk. Yoga stretches for lower back pain in pregnancy I like that the stretch and core are an individual workout on the main menu. Yoga source palo alto yelp Mid-Morning: 4 Leslie Walk Blasters + 10 Minute Solution Pilates Stretch with Susan Bowen. Yoga gold coast broadbeach So, was looking through my DVDs and had forgotten I had so many 10 Solution DVDs. Videos de joga bonito My goal is to do an add-on every other day and work my core more, trying to be like some of you ladies here. Benefits of meditation harvard I also wanted to get the majority of my steps out of the way before I started running around today and I had to make up for not reaching my daily step goal for the last 2 days.

13. Viniyoga seattle Mike Donavanik Extreme Burn Diesel. Ejercicios de yoga para relajarse Very intense 60 minute workout but surprisingly it was over before I knew it. Bikram yoga locations melbourne Finished with 8 minutes of ab work and I did it all. Yoga forum Just Mike and one other person. Bikram yoga richmond hill I have all of Mike’s other workouts but I think this is the first time that I have actually done one of his workouts so I don’t know how this compares to Mike’s other workouts. Power yoga poses to lose weight There are lots of squats, low squats, plyo squats, mountain climbers, burpees, donkey kicks, push ups, static holds, side planks, high knees, heismans, and a lunge move that just burns the thighs. Easy yoga poses for back pain Mike included a handwritten thank you note with the DVDs. Yoga practice quotes I thought that was so sweet. Prana power yoga cambridge schedule The note was written on a postcard sized paper that has a picture of him shirtless, looking fine as heck. Yoga near reading ma P.M.: Purple & Red Miles of Leslie 5 Day Ultimate Walk.

14. What is meditation used for BEAST Build Back & Biceps. Yoga today free class Good, good, good. Iyengar yoga asanas beginners P.M.: Cathe’s Cardio Kicks. Yoga in daily life the system I kept this low impact, my favorite section is the punching combos at the end of the workout, especially when Cathe brings the men up front.

17. Hot box yoga schedule XTrain All Out Low Impact HiiT. Yoga vinyasa flow beginner Awesome sauce. Yoga tropics pacific beach I had forgotten how much the cameraman loved focusing on Amanda’s body parts that has nothing to do with the workout. Yoga for runners hips Good thing I was busy wiping sweat off my face. Yoga freehold nj I’m hoping I missed a lot of the slow pans over Amanda’s chest.

19. Yoga haven clapham Amy Dixon’s Breathless Body. Yoga stretches for lower back pain relief A tabata workout that actually has a 1 minute rest after the eight drills are done. Nidra yoga youtube Why couldn’t Cathe do this with Tabatacise? Oh, no, Cathe had to make it harder by putting a step recovery between the circuits. Unity yoga vancouver This workout used to feel so grueling to me because during the first circuit, Amy did 9 cycles of jumping jacks/plyo jacks/flying jacks instead of 8. Yoga dance nyc It made me dread the rest of the workout. All about yoga brunswick Today, didn’t feel as hard but overall still just a get in there and get it done workout. Yoga core workout youtube Of course, I can, and do, alternate the level 1, 2 and 3 modifications shown but it would have been better if Amy chose 2 or 4 different exercises for each cycle instead of the one exercise done 8 times.

20. Moksha yoga winnipeg classes P.M.: 2 Leslie Walk Blasters + BEAST Bulk Chest (Progressive Set*Incline Press/Combo Set*Close Grip Press to Fly), Bulk Back (Progressive Set*Reverse Grip Row/Force Set*One Arm Row), Bulk Shoulders (Super Set*Alt Front Raise/Plate Twist-Twist/Progressive Set*Reverse Fly/Super Set*Superman Stretch/Plank Twist-Twist).

P.M.: BEAST Build Biceps (Seated Bicep Curl/1,1,2 Hammer Curl/Neutral Ez Bar Curl) + Build Triceps (Tricep Extension/Single Arm Kickback/Tricep Push-Up/Dips).

P.M.: Hardcore Kickbox Circuit w/Janice & Guillermo (warm-up, circuits 1 & 2, cool-down, 35mins). Yoga baby names This was better than I remembered but it has been years and years since I last did this workout. Balance yoga So many new workouts in between, I’m sure all of you can relate. Yoga room schedule The music is a good match and sounds really good. Yoga edinburgh stockbridge I was trying to figure out which Cathe DVD used some of the same music in one of her workouts. Yoga blog names Listening to the music while trying to picture myself in the Cathe workout that has the same music was slowing down my workout. Bikram yoga dublin 15 Will figure it out later.

26. Mantra yoga magazine ICE Metabolic Total Body + Leslie’s Burn to Beat Miles 1, 2 & 3. Yoga source richmond va I felt strong this morning, everything working like a machine. Yoga postures with names in hindi Love that feeling. Yoga nidra baba ramdev videos Felt energized so decided to tack on some Leslie to boost my step count.

27. Yoga tree bay and dundas X10 warm-up + BEAST Total Body. Roxy run sup yoga barcelona Throughout the day I did 5 Leslie Walk Blasters. Yoga walla walla Did a Leslie Walk Blaster between my many trips to the basement to bring up Christmas decorations.

28. Yoga bristol pa RWH Legs warm-up + BEAST Build Legs. Bikram yoga vancouver groupon Build Legs is intense, had to keep stopping to wipe the sweat off my face (and catch my breath). Yoga asanas for weight loss ramdev Increased my weights for all the exercises, killin’ it!

30. Yoga vancouver bc RWH UBC warm-up + BEAST Bulk Legs + Leslie’s Light Walk + Cathe’s Total Body Stretching #1. Laughter yoga videos youtube I still reach failure during the side to side squats, which are the last exercise before the calf work. Beginning yoga poses My legs are spent by then. Ejercicios yoga embarazadas Bulk Legs feels easier than Build Legs to me. Hatha yoga pradipika bihar school of yoga Both are tough stuff though.