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The 9th of 32 talks from “Invitation to Savitri” cycle by Prof. Acro yoga by equinox Mangesh V. Kundalini yoga poses pictures photos Nadkarni, recorded live in Pondicherry from February 23 to March 5, 1995.

We have so far devoted two sessions to Aswapati’s yoga, particularly the first part of Aswapati’s yoga.

Yoga sports science In the first talk I tried to trace, but for lack of time didn’t make much progress, of varies phases of Aswapati’s progress. Open space yoga One can do that through cantos three and five, these two cantos describe varies stages through which Aswapati progresses. Full yoga workout for weight loss Then, during the final hour, I referred to certain other kinds of passages, which give us what I would regard as quintessential spiritual attitude. Morning laughter yoga exercises Why is it the attitude of surrender is so important, why is it that one must always have an inner reference point in life, how if you look merely on the surface of life and try to make sense of events, that take place on the surface, there is hardly any coherence. The yoga room cleveland We get baffled and then we realise, that the outer happenings, outer events have their own logic but this is a logic in terms of the development of our inner being. Sumits yoga chandler So we are primarily here in this life not to grab what happiness we can or what unhappiness we have to go through, but primarily for the evolution of our inner being, and if you can see this, then everything in life falls into place.

Today I would like to draw your attention to the titles of Cantos 3, 4 and 5. Ashtanga yoga primary series chart Notice Canto 3 is called the Yoga of the King, Canto 5 is also called the Yoga of the King, but Canto 4 is called The Secret Knowledge. Yoga a luka manuel montt In other words, if the actual yoga of Aswapati is described in Cantos 3 and 5, what then is Canto 4? Canto 4, as the title suggests, is the secret knowledge Aswapati acquires as a result of his yogic progress. Yoga bodybuilding So what is the knowledge that he gets because of his advancement in yoga? This is a wonderful chapter in many ways, it’s a very brief summary of the Life Divine, and if you are asked to show a modern Upanishad, you can probably cite passages from this Canto.

The first passage I would like us to look at is on page 47. Yoga pictures for 1 This is a very well-known passage which describes the process of meditation — what exactly is meditation, how does meditation take place:

These two beautiful lines sum up the inner posture needed for meditation. Yoga for you Most of the time our inner lamps are switched off, we don’t even know there are inner lamps, and human consciousness has a tendency to run outward. Yoga house of charleston We find various excuses to occupy our outgoing consciousness. Jivamukti yoga There is no natural inclination to turn within. Beginning yoga moves Why do we have to turn within? Because when the din of the surface consciousness is silenced, then the inner being’s voice is heard, you realise there is someone there. Yoga classes london city He is all the time trying to talk to us, but there is this market place our mind has created, and that din is so boisterous, so noisy, that this voice is hardly heard. Absolute yoga schedule So meditations are sessions when one turns one’s consciousness within and tries to feel the presence of this inner being. Yoga software for pc What happens when the mind goes in, how do you slowly discover the inner being? And an inner being itself is described on page 49:

The Mundaka Upanishad describe it as Jyothisham jyothi, it’s the light of lights – Hiranmaye pare koshe virajam brahma nishkalam; Tachchhubhram jyotishaam jyotistadyadaatmavido viduh -that’s how it’s described. Yoga timer app One who knows the atman knows this flame; and this is the flame that is described here, the flame, the light, the presence that is inside us:

If you want to find out why you are here, what it is that you have to do in this life, it’s not enough to consult your mind, career guidance books etc. Asha yoganandan That may also be necessary, but your primary purpose of being here is to ask that guide, that witness, that burning flame, bring it to the front and make that the leader of your pilgrimage in this life. Pure yoga west prices That is the purpose of going within. Prenatal yoga sequence third trimester Sri Aurobindo says:

People say there is a soul, there is a being — where is it? No doctor has ever discovered it, they have cut the brain, they have cut the heart, they have cut the intestines, but they haven’t found it, where is it? So very often we are told:

The Earth Goddess is going round and round across the sands of time. Yoga styles The evolutionary movement is described here and you and I are a part of this Earth Goddess’s movement.

There is no rest and peace, the evolutionary impetus keeps moving. Bikram yoga wimbledon reviews Already it has come thus far, where is it headed, in which direction is it going?

It says that the most fanciful ideas that man will one day be immortal, that man will one day be able to get rid of all pain and suffering are Truth’s steeds in Heaven. Basic yoga exercises for weight loss They are in fact the horses that Truth rides in heaven, they are not fanciful ideas. Fitnessblender yoga stretch That is what people keep saying – Sri Aurobindo wants to make man ready such there will be no death, no sorrow, is it ever possible? That is why he says:

Anything that man hopes for, the human collectivity has hoped for, have behind it some truth, and it will materialise, it is only a question of time.

As I said earlier, Sri Aurobindo always talks about a sudden divine advent. Purple yoga schedule fullerton The divine intervention is very sudden, it doesn’t give notice, there is no fanfare, nothing at all. South boston yoga schedule So here he describes how the reality that is now the transcendent will come down and establish its kingdom here on earth:

This is beautiful, wonderful passage, there is so many of these. Yoga asanas for relaxation Another one of my favorite it is in fact the notion of Purusha and Prakriti, which comes in Sankhya, subsequently in Vedanta this whole notion is taken up. Tai chi Sri Aurobindo takes it up and adds further refinement to it. Lotus yoga pose So here for several pages he describes this creation as the play, lila, between Purusha and Prakriti. Yoga training programs india Except that there is this difference, lila is after all a game. Aerial yoga beginner So very often people say, if life is a game, does it matter how we play it? Why all this seriousness, and all this attempt, mind is not adequate, we must have a supermind, why is it? After all this a game, you just play and forget all about it? True, but take the game like football. Yogaworks 22 chaps chasing one ball, somebody will say it is a very pathetic sight, 22 fellows chasing one ball. Yoga wimbledon village Why don’t you give them half of dozen balls, let them chase six balls. Office yoga sf Suppose if you make football like this, six balls being kicked about, if these two teams play, do you think you will able to sell even one single ticket? I don’t think so. Prenatal yoga sequence first trimester Football is a game all right, but there are rules by which this game can be played, only then it is a game. Y2 yoga schedule charlotte nc Similarly cricket is a game. How to learn yoga inversions What makes these game so tantalizing, so exciting? Well, the rules have to be very strictly adhered to. Benefits of meditation mayo clinic Runs have to scored, wickets have to be taken and the game has to be played according to certain rules, only then the game becomes interesting.

Similarly, this is a game of becoming, this entire creation is a Lord’s becoming. Asha yoga teacher training It is not enough if the becoming is somehow becoming, this becoming has to be according to certain rules and there are certain objectives to be achieved. Yoga journal videos What is objective? Well, in the becoming the Lord decided that he will become the very opposite of spiritual glory, which is inconscient matter. Yoga tricks Out of inconscient matter, slowly, gradually, the One becomes Many, and we all play gods, we are all gods in the making. Yoga district schedule So these gods have to make further progress, we have come up to the mind, we have seen what a mess we have made of life with the mind. Yoga instructor salary per class Mind of course is a wonderful instrument, we have built civilisation, we have created poetry, we have created science, we have gone to the Moon! But we have also created a mess of this life, that is what mind is.

If you look at man you can see that God’s ‘becoming’ is not yet complete. Purple yoga And so, what Sri Aurobindo is saying, to bring this becoming to completion, to bring this becoming to perfection, we need another level of consciousness. Sunstone yoga plano And this becoming of God is not as if it has no aim, just as a game also has an aim. Daily yoga routine for weight loss If it is football you have to score goals, if it is cricket you have to take runs, wickets, similarly this creation is a being and it’s a becoming. Yoga mudra eugene This becoming therefore, is going towards, proceeding towards this goal of perfection. Nada yoga montreal So although it’s a play, a lila in which purusha and prakriti chase each other, it is a progressively manifesting game, a progressively unfolding miracle, that is the idea that Sri Aurobindo adds. Beloved yoga schedule It’s not just purusha and prakriti playing around, but purusha and prakrti are also interested in this perfection that is to happen to the becoming. Yoga nidra free download itunes And that idea is all over this particular canto, as you can see on page 60:

Everything here, in this world, is made of that one supreme reality. Youtube yoga for beginners part 1 Even this body, this so-called matter is made of that Supreme, there is nothing here except that One absolute reality. Yoga poses for runners But when it comes to creation:

The divine reality splits into two aspects — the purusha aspect which is the consciousness, and prakriti which is force, nature. Hatha yoga youtube videos And so there is this hide and seek between the purusha and the prakriti, they chase each other in several forms, and this whole canto from page 60 is a description of the play between the two. Fusion yoga brighton mi Take for example, line on page 63:

Why is it some lives are happy, some lives are miserable? And yet how is it that nobody wants to leave and go away? Because there is a delight in this dance. Again on page 66:

Then comes a very beautiful section which I would regard almost as a new Upanishad in its poetry, and charmed expression, and its revelation:

One who is divine can become the crocodile, the monkey, the horse, anything at all, everything here is the Divine. Yoga a luka concepcion When Charles Darwin pointed out to the Western world that man didn’t descend directly from God, but from the monkey, the ape, everybody felt shocked. Bikram yoga wien beatrixgasse Bibles were thrown away, churches were closed down. Yoga images with names in telugu You come to India and tell people that man has come down from the monkey, nobody will even look surprised. Maha yoga schedule They say, Hanuman we have always worshipped as God, we have worshipped the matsya avatar, kurma avatar. Yoga fitness benefits If God can create all these things, can’t He become them?

That is how this world began, this is the holocaust of the Supreme. Invoke yoga studio indianapolis The Divine took a plunge as it were into the very heart of the inconscient and became its exact opposite.

The Divine is transcendent, the Divine is universal, and yet the Divine is individual. Hatha yoga postures The same Divine who fills the entire universe, who transcends the universe, goes beyond the universe, He is also found in His entirety, in each one of us. Yoga manly power living That’s the logic of the Infinite. Yoga body fitness barcelona You might ask, if the whole Divine is found in each one of us, are there then as many Divines as there are people? No, there is only one Divine, for in the Divine’s case one plus one is one, one minus one is still one. Bikram yoga hawaii kaimuki That is the logic here, the Divine who is transcendental, the Divine who is universal, the whole of that Divine in its entirety is also present in the individual. Isha yoga center That’s what Sri Aurobindo says: