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The low light and calm in the corridors of the Art Gallery of Ontario one recent afternoon — a typical school day, as this was, sees trains of students chugging merrily from one exhibition to the next — would tell you that it’s Monday, the one day each week the gallery is closed. Yoga paris 13eme But in the antechamber of Mystical Landscapes, the AGO’s out-there blockbuster of Gauguins, Monets, van Goghs and many others, a small crowd was building, however quietly, nonetheless. Baptiste yoga brookline “I’m going to ask you to remain silent for the next hour and a half, OK?” said Jacques Oulé, in the hushed purr of his continental French accent. Bikram yoga voorhees “Put your hand in mine and let us proceed.”Any other day, Mystical Landscapes would be packed with school groups, tourists and locals alike, eager for a gander at the marquee names. Restorative yoga poses It can make for a buffet-style art viewing experience of small bites and pressure to keep moving. Beginner yoga poses pictures One afternoon not long after it opened, my view of The Olive Trees (1889), the Van Gogh that awaits just inside the entrance, was cut short by an advancing tour group as likely to stop as a behind-schedule freight train. Sadhana yoga schedule Today, though, Oulé’s crew, less than 20 all told, stride slowly and silently through the empty galleries, coming to rest in a curl of chairs waiting in front of Van Gogh’s Starry Night at Arles. Artistic yoga postures The peace is exactly the point. Yoga for hair growth video Through December and January, the gallery has reserved Mondays for a view more in keeping with the spiritual frame within which Mystical Landscapes resides: Visio Divina, a type of prayer focused on visual association, for one, and Mindful Movement, a soothing yoga session. Yoga retreats 2015 uk Article Continued BelowToday, it’s a Buddhist sitting, a gently guided session of meditation and breath with Oulé at the lead. Yoga a luka republica An artist by trade and one of the gallery’s installation technicians by profession (“I have the best job in the world, always surrounded by these beautiful works,” he says), Oulé, a soothingly gravel-voiced Frenchman with some 30 years of Buddhist meditation behind him, settles into his chair and breathes deeply. Yougao He introduces himself by his Buddhist name and exhales slowly, pointedly. Ashtanga yoga poses pictures “What did Woody Allen say? Ninety per cent of life is showing up,” he says. Yoga styles for weight loss “Meditation is about showing up. Hot yoga workout at home We show up for each and every breath like it’s the first: fresh, clean, ready.” Oulé instructs the group to sit comfortably but not slouch — “Think of yourself as a mountain,” he says; “show you are not just sitting there, you are monumental, fully engaged” — and rings a tiny gong on the floor. Bihar school of yoga Five deep, slow breaths later, he asks the group to rise, silently, and find a painting. Yoga gratis bogota “But I want you to engage with it: be present,” he advises. Yoga teacher training dubai 2015 “People in an exhibition, I see all the time, they disconnect, they take pictures. Yoga types and benefits They put their experience in a memory stick, not in their hearts.”Oulé drifts into the gallery, stopping at Decorative Landscape, a dark lavender and gold forest scene by Canadian painter Lawren Harris. Hot yoga studios downtown edmonton He waits: one minute, two, longer. Yoga sri lanka colombo Each of the group similarly lingers with their choice. Yoga center of lawrence Unhurriedly, Oulé calls them back to their chairs and they drift slowly to the circle once more. Yoga poses not to do in pregnancy “It is a very big question: When we stand in front of a work of art, what do we do?” he says, softly but emphatically. Yoga hosers fathom events “We decide if we like something or not before we have a deeper relationship with it. Yoga symbols images It is the idea of being intimate with a work. Laughing lotus yoga teacher training Let go of your pattern of like and dislike, and just be with it.” Oulé instructs the group again to assume their mountainous posture and the breathing starts again: one, two, three, four, five. Corporate yoga vancouver The gong sounds, and Oulé embarks on further wisdom. Yoga workout for beginners “One time, I told our director here that we should sell tickets that allow two visits, not one, so you could see how your mind had changed,” he says. Yoga chicago free He recounts a story, of being alone in a room of portraits in the gallery by Flemish old master Anthony van Dyck, borrowed from Russia’s Hermitage museum and waiting to be installed. Yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy “I would sit with them for hours, and I realized: As I was looking at them, I could see them looking at van Dyck!” he says. Yoga wimbledon bikram “It was a combination of what the work could give to me, and what I could give back to it. Dahn yoga nyc Now go,” he says, as the group rises, “and place your majestic presence in front of these paintings. Yoga workshop berlin 2015 Fill yourself with gratitude to be with this work.” One by one, they all went back for another look. Yoga therapy wikipedia Mystical Landscapes: Experiencing art through meditation, mindfulness and Visio Divina exercisesEND continues Mondays at the AGO through December and January but is already sold out.