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If you have been diagnosed with cancer, no matter what kind or stage, you are probably not sure what to do now. Free yoga bangkok Or you may have been given treatment options but don’t like them.

When you have cancer, there are certain foods to avoid and certain foods to consume frequently. True yoga singapore And those foods will be different depending on the type of cancer you have.

If you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, you are probably feeling many emotions, including fear.

Naada yoga montreal schedule And no one can make educated decisions when they’re operating out of fear.

That’s where a cancer coach comes in. Bikram yoga perth scotland A cancer coach can help guide you and help ease any fear you have which can make a huge difference during your cancer treatment. Yoga mantras english To read more about what a cancer coach does, click here.

Making lifestyle changes is hard for anyone, that’s just the truth. Office yoga youtube It’s easier to take a pill everyday than it is to change your diet. Yoga temple manly vale It’s easier to get surgery than to exercise for months to get healthier.

Cancer is not a punishment or a death sentence. Yoga at home poses It’s a cry from your body for help. Yoga hatha flow 4 It’s something that has gone wrong, and continued to go wrong for years.

Most cancers are developed over time because of the poisons we put in and around our body – the fake food, the unhealthy water, the polluted air, the chemicals in our daily products, etc.

So even if you decide chemotherapy is the treatment you want to use, if you continue eating ice cream after each meal, drinking a soda every day, and not exercising, you aren’t going to see the changes you are hoping for. Yoga richmond vt And even if the cancer goes away for a time, it will most likely return if your lifestyle doesn’t change. Yoga for stomach pain 5) Eat Right

This goes along with the previous point, but it’s such a big part of stopping and reversing the growth of cancer. Pilates matwork exercises Here’s what you need to do now:

1. Yoga positions for 2 Cut out refined, artificial sugar. Restorative yoga poses with props Everyone has a sweet tooth (or most people I should say) so if you are craving something sweet, instead of reaching for an ice-cream cone, juice some fruit or make a smoothie. Shanti yoga maplewood I have recipes on my website; the links to them are provided in the next point.

2. Chakra yoga waltham Eat organic. Yoga shop murders It’s going to make a difference in your health. Bikram yoga at home video I’d like you to read this article, GMO-You have the Right to Know. Yoga retreat hawaii 2013 I also encourage you to take this quiz, Test your Knowledge on Organic Food; you may find out some interesting facts. Ejercicios de yoga para el estres And, for more information on the importance of eating healthy when you have cancer, read The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard an Oncologist Give.

Cutting out refined, artificial sugar means no more soda, milkshakes, etc. Yoga poses for two persons And while sugar makes up a large part of those drinks, there are many things in them that someone with cancer should avoid.

1. Be yoga studio Water – Drink alkaline water. Yoga for neck and shoulder pain You can find many alkaline pitchers and filters on Amazon. Yoga diet control chart for weight loss This is the one I use. Yoga room astoria Just make sure to check reviews to make sure it’s legitimate and test the alkaline levels of the water yourself. Sunstone yoga austin schedule And if water has become boring to you, you can add organic fruit to it to enhance the taste.

2. Yoga exercises for lower back pain Juicing – Read all about juicing, including the difference between juicing and blending, here. Kundalini yoga benefits weight loss And if you’d like some recipes, read my article, 10 Powerful Juicing Recipes that Fight Cancer.

3. Shilpa shetty yoga dvd download Smoothies – Smoothies are a great way to consume lots of vitamins and extra calories (which many cancer patients find they need – especially if they are using chemotherapy). Christian yoga studio I recommend you read my article, 5 Healthy Smoothies for Someone with Cancer. Asana yoga 7) Do your Research!!!!!

Please, please, please do your own research!!! Click here to read all about radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. Yoga center for healthy living brighton mi Get educated so you can make an informative decision about your treatments.

As I stated above, don’t just go along with whatever your doctor says. Yoga photoshoot ideas After you do some research on your own, question your doctor so you have a better picture of what procedures/drugs you feel comfortable agreeing to and which you want to refuse.

And if you don’t know which questions to ask, here are 25 very important ones (including a printable that you can take with you to the doctor.) 9) Take your time

But neither cancer nor a tumor suddenly appears overnight. Pure yoga east prices Many tumors take years to form and cancer itself can take years to even be detected.

Don’t be scared into thinking something drastic is going to happen if you don’t get the tumor removed in the next 7 hours. Yoga london city (*Disclaimer: This statement is generalized as some tumors can be life-threatening – such as if it is pressing on a blood vessel – and those should be removed quickly.) 10) Get rid of chemicals around your house

You’re surrounded by chemicals and carcinogens on a daily basis. Satyananda yoga nidra mp3 free download And you may not even be aware of it. Yoga ottawa st laurent Things like perfume, air fresheners, household cleaners, antiperspirants, cosmetics, nail polish, and bath products all pose serious health risks.

Now, am I saying you can’t use any of those things? Absolutely not; however, I HIGHLY recommend you purchase organic products to replace them.

You can find out lots of information about nail polish, including which companies sell organic nail polish, by clicking here. Yoga postures pictures for beginners 3. Bikram yoga london bridge Home Cleaners:

Shaklee® is a company I’ve had people recommend (I’ve personally never used their products though) for cleaning supplies and other home necessities that do a great job and are all natural! 4. Yoga beginner sequence Air Fresheners:

As far as air fresheners go, I recommend using essential oils (in a spray or diffuser) instead of the many air fresheners that are nothing but chemicals. Yoga practice at home youtube My favorite scents to diffuse are peppermint and orange. Yoga to the people nyc And this is the diffuser I use and recommend.

Speaking of essential oils, I also use toothpaste made by doTERRA. Yoga breathing techniques names I have been using it for several months now and can honestly say I love it! Each tube is about $11 but I feel it’s completely worth the money.

Here is what doTERRA says about it: “The On Guard blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils provides a first line of defense against germs and other pathogens that can infect the mouth and throat. Yoga teacher salary uk Additional essential oils of peppermint and wintergreen and the natural sweetener xylitol give On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste a refreshingly unique cinnamon-mint flavor leaving breath (and toothbrush) fresh and clean throughout the day.”

Also, you’re welcome to leave a prayer request in the comments (or message me). Lululemon see through yoga pants images And if there are any questions or suggestions you have, please leave a comment.