Human anatomy for the artist

I think one of the loveliest things about being an artist is simply experiencing life as a member of the art community. Yoga symbols and their meanings As part of this creative and diverse demographic, I’ve met hundreds of different artists, each with his or her own unique characteristics, both artistically and personally. Bikram yoga dubai tecom This year has been no exception, particularly after joining a few different social drawing groups and breathing new life into my personal drawing time. Yoga calgary ne Creating illustrations for clients is one thing— it earns that all important thing known as A Living.

Hyp yoga medfield But those drawings are for other people, and throughout 20 years or so of making art for other people, I had, to some extent, lost touch with the pleasure of drawing just to draw.

There are three major anterior neck muscles that are commonly visible on the surface. Yoga for piles video download One, the platysma muscle, can’t be seen here because it usually only makes itself known when its owner is under strain. Yoga nidra guided meditation script Kate pretty much didn’t have to strain at all to make it into these poses, so the platysma is not making an appearance. Gentle flow yoga poses We can, however, see other two prominent anterior neck muscles, the sternocleidomastoid muscle (1) and the sternohyoid muscle (28). Yoga studio design ideas Both muscles are named for their origins and insertions (sternocleidomastoid originates on the sternum ( sterno-) and the clavicle ( cleido-) and inserts on the mastoid process of the temporal bone (mastoid) tucked just behind the ear. Yoga brighton co The sternocleidomastoid muscles form sort of a V-shape on the anterior neck, while the thiner sternohyoid muscles between them run more parallel to one another down the center of the anterior neck. Santa cruz yoga We can also see the clavicle itself (2) and the acromion process of the scapula, with which the clavicle articulates laterally. Hot yoga brighton ma Most of the trapezius muscle stretches across the upper back, but one small portion of it can be seen from the anterior side of the shoulders, and a little bit of it is peeking out here (29).

The forearm is a beautiful, complex arrangement of multiple long, thin muscles, most of which twist gracefully down the arm and taper into long tendons that insert on the various wrist and hand bones. India yoga relaxing music meditation vocal And yes, it’s pretty crazy. Yoga a luka la florida But that’s what makes it so awesome. Yoga center On both of Kate’s arms, we have a good view of most of the extensor/supinators, which lie primarily on the dorsal surface of the forearm, and most of which originate on the lateral epicondyle of the humerus (9), a bony bump on the lateral elbow. Yoga shelter The three muscles in this group that we can see most clearly in this photo are the extensor carpi ulnaris muscle(37), the extensor digitorum muscle (36), the extensor digit mimimi muscle (8), and the anconeus muscle (38).

We can also see the tendons of both the peroneus longus and peroneus brevis muscles wrapping around the back of the lateral malleolus of the fibula (11). Yoga routine for beginners youtube The interesting thing here is that, while both tendons run around the back of the malleolus, that of the peroneus longus show superficially when proximal to the malleolus, but that of the peroneus brevis shows superficially when distal to it! The sort of change places as they run past the malleolous. Earth yoga village For more on this check out A Lateral Ankle Tendon: Peroneus Longus or Brevis?

This workshop will focus on anatomy of anterior torso, which includes rib cage, clavicular, and sternal features and well as muscles of the chest and abdomen. Weight loss yoga poses It will be held on February 23 from 9:30 a.m. Yoga austin north until 12:30 p.m. Learn yoga headstand (Again, coffee is available just a few doors down!) We will have a fantastic model with a very defined physique.

The Palette and Chisel is located at 1012 N. Shilpa yoga english Dearborn in Chicago. Hyp yoga studio wellesley ma It is easily accessible from either the red or brown el trains and from the CTA bus. Yoga stretches for hip flexors Parking within a few blocks is also fairly easy on Sunday mornings.

Each workshop is $40, which covers the instruction, the space, and the model. Class size is limited to 12, and a supply list will be emailed to you upon registration. Fertility yoga dc I would love to see you there! To register, go to the sign-up page here, or click on the image above.

Happy 2014, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely 2013 that included plenty of friends, family, fun, and, of course, figure drawing. Asanas de yoga para tiroides We Chicagoans are greeting the new year in bitter cold; we woke up to a soul-gripping (not to mention nostril-gripping) -9° this morning. Yoga at home vs studio I’m grateful to have a break from teaching for another few days. 10 best yoga poses But as tempting as it is to stay home and huddle over the warmth of my laptop, this time of year also makes me want to gather together with friends and colleagues more often. Yoga in daily life scandal Perhaps this is an instinct that we’re more likely to survive this weather in the warmth of a group?

In any case, I’m happy to say I will be hosting a series of Anatomical Figure Drawing Workshops at the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts here in lovely Chicago throughout this winter! There will be six workshops total, each focusing on a different area of the body. Yoga exercises for weight loss at home Each workshop is $40, which covers three hours of intensive figure drawing from a live model and a simultaneous lecture on the associated anatomy, including identification of bony and muscular surface landmarks, comparison of these to anatomical images, and discussion of each structure’s variations.

The first workshop will focus on the head and neck anatomy, and it is scheduled for January 26 from 9:30 a.m. How to yoga until 12:30 p.m. Yoga loft naples (Side note: Coffee is available a few doors down!) We will have a head model with no hair so we can see every bony and muscular landmark of the head, not to mention a gland or two and a few superficial veins. Yoga statues wholesale Now that, to me, is just as nice as a mug of hot chocolate and a warm fire!

Later workshops will include Anterior Torso (the chest and abdomen), Posterior Torso (the back), Shoulders and Arms, Hips and Legs, and Hands and Feet. Moksha yoga edmonton south They will fall approximately one month apart and their dates will be announced as they are scheduled.

The Palette and Chisel is located at 1012 N. Yoga paris 14eme Dearborn in Chicago’s lovely Gold Coast neighborhood. Yoga for runners boston It is easily accessible from either the red or brown el trains and from the CTA bus. Yoga in bristol ct Parking within a few blocks is also fairly easy on Sunday mornings. Yoga studio calgary And, as mentioned above, there is a little store a few doors down where you can get a fresh cup of coffee before class!

Class size is limited to 12, so sign up early! Go the Palette & Chisel’s “Class Schedule” tab to sign up, or just use this link. A supply list will be emailed to you upon sign up (it’s not much– just note-taking and gesture drawing materials and other rendering materials of your choice for longer poses.) I hope very much to see some of you there. I would love to meet some local fans of Human Anatomy for the Artist!

I have been a freelance medical illustrator since 1993, and I also teach anatomy and digital illustration at a private art college in Chicago. Yoga room lic I attended the Biomedical Visualization graduate program at UIC where I dissected cadavers, attended surgeries, stared into microscopes, and spent many late nights doing 2D and 3D renderings and animations of anatomy, cell structure, pathologies, and surgical procedures. Yin yoga sequence I’m still illustrating, but have recently fallen in love with teaching, in particular helping artists understand the structure of the human figure. Mantra yoga austin I’m glad you are here! View my complete profile