How we structure our days as a remote team for optimal creativity

We’ve found that the ideal routine doesn’t come about instantly, but with intention, you can find the best balance for you. Sup yoga denver Morning routines: Starting the day right

I feel that waking up early sets the tone of “making a choice” for my day. Music for yoga and other joys If I leave it to fate as to when I roll out of bed, then I feel like that’s the outlook I’m taking in general. Yoga poses for third eye chakra On the other hand, if I choose to get up early and do amazing things in those quiet hours, that’s when I feel like I’m grabbing hold of my life and controlling where I go. Yoga tips for belly fat That’s the choice I want to make.

When I started Buffer whilst working 5 days per week, it was the choice to work an hour first thing in the morning each day when I was freshest that made a huge difference.

Mine has evolved quite a bit over the past several months—and will likely keep evolving.

Chair yoga poses for elderly It feels like I’ve settled into a pretty good rhythm with this schedule:

I know I’m more of an early bird and I need at least about 7 hours of sleep every night. Yoga tips and tricks Hence, I always try to go to bed by 10pm so that I can wake up by 6am the next day and have a good 8 hours of sleep. Basic breathing beginner yoga with tara stiles Also, I tend to get sleepy in the afternoon so I have been taking a 25-minute power nap after my lunch.

I feel like I’m constantly re-considering my strategies, and always up for new methods! I have to start my day with a yoga session or at the very least a walk outside to clear my head before everything gets underway.

Starting the day with some yoga and body weight exercises is my go to, recently I’ve been experimenting with going for a walk early to get fresh air.

I’m an early riser (usually getting up at 5 am to plan my day and do my personal work and tasks like learning new things and reading, adding posts to my personal Buffer queue.) I’ve found it to be really helpful to then take a break from the computer screen by doing yoga before popping in the Buffer inbox. Bikram yoga ballsbridge Establish priorities first thing

As a developer, I find that if I do two things before the day starts I am most productive 1) Decide where I will work from that day and 2) Know what I will be working/focusing on.

I also try and tackle my biggest task for the day first. Absolute yoga groupon I find that with the most intimidating things, it’s good to just jump in first thing to get going, to get over the intimidation hump!

Spending time at the start of my day prioritizing tasks has also been really helpful! Lately, I feel like starting the day with a quick mental check-in about my energy levels also helps in terms of figuring out whether I can power through things today, or if I have to change up the pace as I move through the day.

Currently, I keep track of all of my tasks in Todoist and start my day focusing in on whichever one is biggest. Happy face yoga youtube I try to have 3 – 5 priorities for the week and only 3 – 5 tasks for the day to make sure I can accomplish all of them. Ashtanga yoga primary series poster download The power of Mondays

I’ve found that having meetings for the week on Monday for planning stuff and then having mostly heads down time the rest of the week really helps set focus and get motivated for the week!

I also have found keeping a Paper doc of all the things I want to accomplish for the week to be super valuable. Yoga ottawa south Helps me keep priorities in mind and reduces the amount of work I need to do to figure out what to do next! It can also be a great tool to stay in check with what my productivity looks like week to week. Facial yoga exercises youtube I also really like using Self Control to block distracting websites during the day.

For planning I create a note in Evernote with a list of everything I want to do in the week, and then before each day I try and grab three things from the list to achieve in that day (the goal to have one big thing, and two small things). Yoga perth scotland I’m not 100% sold on Evernote though, I think I spend too much time flicking back and forth between notes on there. Hot yoga at home youtube Might try the ‘analog’ notebook option! Carving out focus time and meeting time

I found when I was on the West Coast, all of my calls were in the morning then I could do focused work in the afternoons, and it was the opposite in Europe with calls afternoons and focus in the mornings. Yoga daily routine beginners Being back on the East Coast now I find most of my calls are right in the middle of the day.

I structure my days based on what my ongoing projects are and which teammates I’m working closely with – that really helps with timezoning and figuring out when the key collaborative hours are for me during each week (This also helps for giving a sense of whether I have blocks of time where I can do quiet work or take a guilt-free break. Yoga exercises for back pain pictures Also a huge fan of having an ‘extended mind’ approach and putting everything down in notes/to-dos in my Asana account ahead of time.

I tend to schedule my meetings around nap times (I’m so fortunate to work from home with my toddler and also take care of him!) and fill in shorter tasks in between. Yoga rope wall poses I try to keep one day open for a coffee-shop workday where I have a babysitter look after the little one and I can really dig into the bigger tasks for the week. Yoga adelaide hills Ideally, this being on a Monday sets the week off with a really productive feeling! Reminders and to-do lists

I have a simple .txt file called “buffer notes” where I have all my to-dos for today, tomorrow and the week. Baptiste yoga nyc So every day at the end of my working day I fill in my to-do tasks for tomorrow! So far it works great!

For my personal tasks I use Todoist. Kundalini yoga poses for root chakra I try to keep my list under 5 tasks for a day otherwise I never end up completing them all. Prenatal yoga 2nd trimester In terms of the calls I try to have them in the afternoon since I feel I’m very productive in the mornings.

I’m a huge reminders person now for scheduling things. Yoga source santa fe I’m normally a person who usually wings it, I try to keep things in my head. City yoga indy I’m trying to get better at blocking time out in my calendar for tasks and I keep a Trello board of my current responsibilities and things I have upcoming, in progress and complete.

Instead of planning on a daily basis, I try to plan a week ahead, usually on a Sunday. Yoga room I will schedule the major activities in my calendar and also leave room for last minute tasks or events. Prenatal yoga chicago I found that this keeps me productive and allows me to take a slightly longer term view of things instead of only focusing on each day.

I’ve tried many methods and this one has been working really well for the past couple of years. Bikram yoga wimbledon raj I add tasks into Taskwarrior as soon as they come to my mind. Santa cruz yoga santa cruz ca I’ve also have it linked with a personal Trello board to keep track of everything in a visual way. Yoga today magazine This workflow has a very low friction (just opening a terminal) and allows me to explore with different methodologies and flows. What is yoga aroma Going old school: Paper planners and journals

I find myself most productive when I have my notebook and physically write down my tasks. Divya yoga For me, I haven’t found that the rest of the day’s structure makes much of an impact.

I’m a huge fan of the bullet journal. Purple yoga tustin Been using it for ~3 years now. Yoga brighton qld Aside from using that as my main todo list, I wrote a post a few months back about how I’m staying productive and planning my days.

I’ve experimented quite a bit over the past, oh, 15 years with various planners, to-do lists, apps and more. Yoga sri lanka tripadvisor (I still have almost all of my day planners from high school and college!) I’ve found having a paper planner and a notebook of to-dos is essential for me.

The one I’ve used for the longest consecutive amount of time is the Passion Planner. Yoga poses pictures and names This one is great for daily detail and also monthly reflection and longer-term planning. Bikram yoga chicago andersonville (Though I confess my planners are not quite this colorful and cute:)

How do you structure your work day and work week? Do you batch tasks, use a specific tool or method that is essential to your workflow? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!