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We had been trying to make a baby, first pretty casually and then a bit more “trying” for a while. Yoga poses for abs Three years ago I “decided” it was time. Yoga asanas for beginners weight loss I went off the pill, had Mike meet me in Paris for the weekend while I was on the way home from a Moscow event, and decided we would get pregnant. Youtube yoga with adriene Ready to move into the family phase of our lives.

Hot box yoga west philly Easy right? Ha!

Turned out, my bright idea shockingly worked. Power yoga for weight loss in hindi It was our first time “trying,” and I proclaimed immediately I was pregnant. Yoga nidra text deutsch I acted as if I knew for sure, and a few weeks later, took a test and it turned out I was right! And then something horrible happened. Iyengar yoga berlin Mike and I were shooting some videos together on an all-day production, and I started to feel crazy tired. Ramdev yoga for weight loss after pregnancy I sat on the couch during breaks and fell asleep sitting up. Sivananda yoga centre toronto I knew something wasn’t right, and during one section of filming a full-length class, I rolled up for the closing breaths and felt the bleeding. Purple yoga fullerton class schedule I went to the bathroom and there was full-on blood, not spotting but blood. Yoga for surfers 1 We had filming left to do, and I hadn’t told anyone I was pregnant besides Mike, of course. Power yoga poses to lose weight fast So we finished the few hours of filming, gracefully ducked out of the celebratory dinner, and went home.

The Googling began. Wild lotus yoga new orleans I dove deep into message boards, blogs, and anything I could find on bleeding in the first trimester. Prenatal yoga video youtube Nothing looked that promising. Yoga baby Whatever I found that gave me a little hope, I knew was grasping. Bikram yoga dubai schedule My questions weren’t going to be solved by Google this time. Prenatal yoga exercises third trimester I made an appointment with my doctor, and she confirmed the miscarriage. Open doors yoga taunton I had a huge migraine a few days after but kept up my life as usual. Open door yoga studio I held a friend’s brand-new baby one day while I was still bleeding a ton. Yoga pictures It was hard. Absolute yoga amsterdam schedule I felt alone and didn’t share. Yoga one houston heights schedule I didn’t want the spotlight on me with this bad news when there was so much else to do, from celebrating friends’ babies, to leading classes and trainings and preparing for upcoming travel. Yin yoga definition I just wanted my body to feel better so we could get on with it, try again, and make it happen.

After almost a year, we mended slowly, then suddenly got back our original spark. Yoga hareketleri youtube We started having fun together, like when we had first met and had more free time. Yoga types list We started having even more fun because we had all this history now and everything we’ve built together with the Strala community. Yoga hatha youtube Fun became present in everything and the priority for our relationship. Open doors yoga duxbury We didn’t have to work on it because it was easy again. Yoga jobs boston Of course, like any couple, annoyances are there from time to time, but now they are funny and fleeting because the freedom and joy is back and strong.

So, we started trying again. Thai yoga Casually at first, and then a little more targeted. Yoga exercises to lose weight on thighs I got an app that tells you when to go for it. Yoga paducah ky My life was busy and hectic, but I felt fine. Yoga for diabetes pbs I felt energized, and I would admit there was stress, but nothing I couldn’t “handle.” And then after months of going about my usual round-the-clock nonstop schedule, getting at best six hours a sleep per night, it dawned on me that we both needed to make some space—not just for a pregnancy but for our new life, with an actual person in it. Bikram yoga edmonton south The change shouldn’t happen after I’m pregnant or the moment the baby arrives. Weight loss yoga bob harper The change needed to happen now.

So I did something radical. Amazing yoga poses I created space. Svaroopa yoga poses chart Not in the way I was used to, which was creating space so I could accomplish more. Yoga everyday for a month This time I was creating space so I could exist in that space and just be.

It scared the crap out of me to dive into this new concept, but it felt so necessary to achieve what I really wanted. Indian yoga music Even more holistically, it felt necessary to achieve the level of peace I craved, beyond any goal of a family. Bikram yoga flatiron schedule This new way of creating space to be would become the secret that took me to fantastic places, beyond anywhere I had been so far.

So, I slashed my schedule. Yoga funny images I mean I really slashed it. Gentle vinyasa flow sequence I started ditching my phone at the office every night. Yoga calgary marda loop I started doing less. Ashtanga yoga shala I indulged in regular shiatsu treatments from our good friend Sam Berlind. Benefits of bikram yoga poses He worked years of stuff out of my shoulders, hips, and back. Videos de yoga para principiantes en casa I started cooking more, not just for videos or social media pictures but for nourishment and enjoyment. Yoga with adriene youtube 30 days I started paying attention to how I felt. Jivamukti yoga schedule I started reducing activities in my life that didn’t bring me joy. Yoga facial exercises for wrinkles I changed my local business completely and created room for our bigger picture. Beginner yoga poses I disappointed people and left some totally pissed off. Yoga meditation quotes I had to change and it was up to me, only me, to pull the trigger.

So many people asked me over the years about when we were going to have kids. Sunstone yoga I know I’m not alone in feeling icky and somewhat attacked by these most personal questions, from people who don’t know you so well, along with the offer of baby advice flowing more freely than coffee in the local neighborhood shops. Yoga sutras of patanjali download These questions were at first annoying, then hurtful, then I finally took my power back. Anusara yoga poses photos When someone who I don’t know very well would ask me about my fertility, I would ask something equally invasive that was none of my business. Sivananda yoga basic level 01 practice How’s the relationship with your mother? Finances back in order? It usually worked. Dallas yoga center But it wasn’t just dodging questions that got my power back. Yoga west cinco ranch schedule I didn’t need to hide anymore. Office yoga poses I was on my own right track.

After the slashing, the reclaiming my power, I was left with this space. Yoga teacher pay per class Nothing was really happening, but I had space, and it started to feel good. History of yoga timeline Remember when you were a kid and you (hopefully) had this vast sense of space, time, and creativity from day to day? I was starting to get that back. Sadhana yoga pokhara nepal This new space became my most important goal. Pregnancy yoga video for normal delivery Space to be. Yoga funny picture I could close my eyes and see everything flowing from here.

So we started trying again with the app. Tula yoga studio software Then I was getting annoyed at the app, and my relationship to checking it and reading all its tips way too often, so I deleted it. Barefoot yoga We had just watched a Matt Damon movie, The Martian, and I love the line about how he figured out how to grow potatoes on Mars. Yoga in hindi app He said, “I science’d the shit out of it!” The modern world has lots of options to help things along with making a baby, and our first stop was the drugstore. Yoga space se We picked up an ovulation test that tells you “for real” without the guesswork of an app when is go time. Sangha yoga shala Measuring around that time became satisfying and felt proactive. Yoga vancouver washington You get a straight-up smiley face that says, yes your body is working. Yoga moves utrecht You have a surge in all the happy hormones now. Inhale yoga studio And if you want to try to make a baby this month, go time is NOW!

After a few smiley-face months, I was a few days late but not interested in taking a test and getting bummed out, so we waited. Hata yoga Every month I would think I had some “symptoms,” which is pretty funny since most of the symptoms of pregnancy are also symptoms of PMS, each happening in that same time window. Open door yoga north attleboro So I stopped trying to convince myself that I was peeing a lot, had sore boobs and shortness of breath, and just got on with my life as usual. Music for yoga We were getting ready to leave for Europe, Asia, and Australia for a month of Strala trainings and other events, and I figured I should take a test in case we need to set up a doctor visit for when we’re back. Yoga paris france It would be eight or nine weeks by that point, and my current OB didn’t do all the baby stuff. Hatha yoga poses chart So I took a test, and instantly it turned pregnant. Hatha yoga youtube I still think that means I was “really pregnant” and not just a little! We jumped up and down and scrambled to find a doctor that was taking new patients. Isha yoga nyc Not an easy thing to find in NYC, by the way. Asanas in yoga for flat stomach After dozens of calls, we finally had an appointment for when we were back, and I could finish packing and head to the airport. Open door yoga taunton Eeek! Planning went out the window on that one.

So this strong little girl survived a crazy trip to Europe, Asia, and Australia, filled with 20 flights, several trainings, workshops, events, retreats, signings, and a lot of morning/all-day-long sickness.

I hope you choose the second, so you can revel in your own creativity and see where that takes you. Yoga poses for solar plexus chakra Probably to unleash some pretty amazing stuff.